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NDI ScanConverter for Linux

Par : livepad
New from Sienna:

NDI® ScanConverter for Linux. Supports Ubuntu, CentOS and more.
- Deliver NDI Monitoring output from Davinci Resolve, AutoDesk Flame and more
- Works On-Prem or in the Cloud for remote edit workflows using SiennaLink.

More info:

Pricing and Demonstrations from Approved Sienna Systems Integrators

NDI Integration with Reaper DAW via Reastream

Par : livepad
Sienna NDI Processing Engine now has a pair of new modules which provide bidirectional, low latency integration between NDI and the Reaper DAW, using the Reastream protocol. A bit like DANTE or AES67, but much simpler, Sienna's NDI/Reastream support allows blocks of up to 8 channels of audio to travel between the NDI world and the Reaper DAW (and back again). On-prem this is a great, simple alternative to the complexity of Dante / AES67, but the real win is for Cloud based production, where DANTE and AES67 can't pass between instances because they are generally multicast. Reastream breaks down the barrier and allows NDI Based cloud production with NDI to offload the audio mixing role to another dedicated audio - specific machine, then merge the mixed audio back with the video.

NDI HX2 - First Desktop/Server Software using HX2

Par : livepad
Sienna ND Processing Engine now has an HX2 Distribution Amp module.
Feed in Full bandwidth NDI and it sends out NDI HX2 instead. Reduced network bandwidth and optional multicast.
A new tool in the box for distributing streams throughout your NDI Infrastructure.

Sienna Presents NDI Access Manager for Linux

Par : livepad
Sienna Presents NDI v4.0 Access Manager for Linux
Translated into 11 languages, with pop up help for each field.
Most likely will be a free download.

Coming soon....

New NDI 4.0 version of NDI Monitor for iOS now available.

Par : livepad
Sienna released a new version of the NDI Monitor for iOS today.

The new app adds support for NDI4 sources (the previous version did not support NDI4 sources), NDI 4.0 discovery server, enhanced support for NDI Routing.

The biggest news is performance - the new version has much better performance, and now adds the option to enable full resolution NDI display - provided your device and your network connection can deliver that.

Its a great refresh for a unique and really useful app.

Currently still at the existing v1.0 price - but it will probably increase shortly - so if you don't already have it - there is a heads up.

It's Here !! NDI Monitor for iPhone / iPad !!!

Par : livepad
You heard it right - another world's first from Sienna - an NDI Monitor for iOS - iPhone or iPad.
Now shipping and available in the Apple App Store for iOS.
Make sure you have really decent WIFI, or a wired lightning to ethernet connection for best results.
Plays full NDI proxy stream with audio, does not currently support HX.

*special introductory price, for a LIMITED period*

Now Shipping : Native NDI Intercom for iPhone

Par : livepad
For those of you who always thought NDI would be a great way to do intercom, the wait is over.
Last week, Sienna shipped their new Intercom app for iPhone, which is 100% NDI Native.

This app can listen to any NDI source on your network (not just another intercom handset), and it sends another NDI stream with push-to-talk. Works on WIFI, Wired, and many VPNs over 4G.

The app can be used point to point, one to many and in other ways without requiring any special server. Its available to purchase in the iOS App Store today.

However, If you want something even more flexible, Sienna now has an intercom party-line server module for the NDI Processing Engine which supports the iPhone app (and other sources including DANTE beltpacks).

New Sienna Infrastructure Tools for NDI - Modular Glue Rack and Facility Router

Par : livepad
New Sienna Infrastructure Tools for NDI - Now Shipping for macOS and Ubuntu Linux

Sienna NDI Router:
Your Central Video Router for next generation IP based Facilities
Control NDI Routing with unlimited sources and destinations, using Probel or BlackMagic Compatible Control Systems and Panels, or a Web Interface. Software engine.
Already installed at some of the world's leading Sports and News Facilities.

Sienna NDI Processing Engine:
Modular 'Glue Rack' - the missing link for NDI migration from baseband Facilities.
All those small but essential tasks you used to buy a glue box or a card frame to solve. Powerful, flexible and scalable. Web based control of software engine.
Already installed at some of the world's leading Sports and News Facilities.

Demo Video of the NDI Processing Engine:

More information at

Source Multi for NDI - New Options for Multi Platform, Multi Channel SDI to NDI

Par : livepad
Sienna's macOS based NDI Source Multi has just been ported to work on Ubuntu Linux and also Windows.

This powerful new software provides SDI to NDI conversion Natively on macOS, Linux or Windows, with a remote Web user interface to control and monitor sources. 4, 8, 16 or more channels can be accommodated using multiple BlackMagic Design cards such as Duo2 and Quad2.

Broadcasters interested in building NDI based server infrastructure with reliable Linux based servers now have more of the tools they have been asking for. For everyone else - macOS or Windows to taste.

More Info