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An Interview with Motion Design Entrepreneur Ian Frederick

Par : Mike Maher

An interview with Motion Designer and 3D Artist Ian Frederick on making animated concert visuals for EDM artist Wooli.  Ian Frederick is a motion designer and 3D …

24 Hidden Premiere Pro Power-Ups Every Video Editor Should Know

Par : Mike Maher

Discover twenty-four hidden features, shortcuts, and hacks that every Premiere Pro editor needs to know about.

The New iMac: Enough Power for Filmmakers, Designers, and 3D Artists

Par : Mike Maher

Apple announced a colorful new line of iMac computers that can finally use highspeed GPU render engines once exclusive to PCs.

Canon Announces New Mirrorless Flagship EOS R3

Par : Mike Maher

Canon continues to go all-in on developing and growing of their mirrorless camera line. See what the new EOS R3 has in store for us.

Why Zach Snyder’s Justice League Never Had to be Good

Par : Mike Maher

A look at why the movie never had to be better than its predecessor. The real winner here is AT&T and HBO Max.

Breakdown: The Making of Big Game Commercials

Par : Mike Maher

Take a look behind-the-scenes of the big commercials from Reddit, Frito-Lay, Amazon, and Paramount that premiered at Super Bowl LV.

How the NFL is Bringing the Madden-Style Look to Live Broadcasts

Par : Mike Maher

The NFL is changing the game with the NFL Playoffs and Super Bowl LIV. Fox Sports and CBS Sports add Sony mirrorless cameras to broadcasts.

DJI Levels Up the Stabilizer Game Again with the RS 2 and RSC 2

Par : Mike Maher

Two new camera stabilizers for you to drool over as you debate on which one to get. Let’s take a look. DJI has released two new camera ...

Mandalorian Miniatures: How ILM Combined Classic Special Effects, 3D Printing, and Modern VFX

Par : Mike Maher

The Mandalorian turns to a tried-and-true special effect — hand-crafted miniature models. Here’s how they did it. While you’ve likely seen the hundreds of articles on how ...