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It’s the End of the Road for the EF Mount—Or Is It?

Canon's increase in discontinued EF Mounts seems alarming. So, how will this affect you, the market, and the future of Canon?

A Quick Guide to Steadicams

Once mastered, Steadicam is a handy way to get professional stabilized footage. In this post, pick up a few tips for Steadicam success.

The New Dynamic Cine Camera: Sony Introduces the FX3

Sony has officially released the specifications of the FX3. By format and spec sheet, could this be Sony's official counteroffer to the C70?

BREAKING: Sony Announces the Alpha 1 With 8K Video

Capable of 8K footage and so much more, check out the details and specs of Sony's newly-announced upcoming release, the Alpha 1.

The Pitfalls of Making A No-Budget Short Film During COVID

While Hollywood and TV have been able to navigate the waters of the pandemic to get productions running again, is it wise for no-budget filmmakers to do …

Create a Cyberpunk 2077-Inspired Boot-up Display in After Effects

Find yourself gawking at some of the elements in the latest video game from CD Projekt RED? Replicate a similar effect in After Effects.

Five Photography Books to Inspire Raw Cinematography

It can be hard to find the right place to look for cinematography inspiration. Let us narrow your gaze to five exceptional photobooks.

Filmmaking Gear Highlights of 2020 – Indie Edition

Like most industries, the video gear market was inundated with new gear this year. Here are some select highlights to consider.

Software Timelapses: A Therapeutic and Viable Way to Learn

From the sixty-second quick tip to the ten-minute deep dive, here are five videos to dip your toes into learning via time-lapse software.

How and Why to Cycle Through Video and Camera Gear

Shifting from camera to camera. Brand to brand. Is it a nauseating curse or simply enjoyment of the technology? Let's find out how to choose video gear.

Exploring Panasonic’s Holy Trinity: Is It Fit for Video?

Lumix made the headlines with the introduction of a new camera and lens ecosystem. But, are their L-mount lenses a good choice for filmmakers?