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Battery Technology: Is This the End of Lithium-Ion?

Buying a battery for your camera on a budget is a hassle. So, is it worth waiting for more efficient types of batteries to arrive?

4 Essential Furniture Pieces for Your Studio Workspace

Tour through the building blocks of your personal studio and increase your workflow and comfort level with these furniture choices.

The 7 Best Audio Interfaces of 2021 + Bonus Video

When choosing an audio interface, you can choose by what's new or price point, but the best way is to refine why you want such an interface.

How COVID Has Changed the Filmmaking Industry

Strict protocols, remote working, and virtualization of production—we pick the good bits on the hard road back from the COVID catastrophe.

High-End Audio in Budget-Friendly Field Recorders

Here’s a round-up of some of the better field recorders for budget conscious creators, along with their supplied lavalier microphones. Usually, audio recorders and the term “small …

LUMIX BS1H/Sony FX6: Pros and Cons of a Camera in a Box

The LUMIX BS1H and Sony's FX6 retain existing sensors in new "boxy" form factors. Does this offer a better shooting experience? Let's see . . .

Classic Cinema Cameras at Bargain Basement Prices

These cameras were once cutting edge, but if you bought one now, could you live with their foibles, even at the price of a mid-level DSLR?

Why Hollywood DP Greig Fraser Is Nearly Right about the New iPhone 13

DPs are pumped about the iPhone 13's cinematic camera. Are they truly excited about the device? Or is it more about the possibilities it represents?

The Rise, Fall, and Rise Again of the Illustrious GoPro

it’s time to look back at the rollercoaster ride of their last twenty years.