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Finding Content For the Instagram Creator

Money isn't everything in content creation. Here's how one photographer found creative fulfillment on the racetrack.

How Virtual Production is Evolving

Explore what the future may hold for virtual production as new players and tech developments enter the field.

How DJI Won Over the Film Industry

DJI of ten years ago wasn't the electronics powerhouse it is today. Here's how the company disrupted the drone and stabilization industry.

How Technology Will Kill the Focus Puller

Even though professionals have largely shunned it, for the rest of us, video autofocus is in a golden age of innovation.

The Best Camera for a New Content Creator

Of course, there's no such thing, but we look at a combination of features and prices of cameras that we think will get you closer to it.

A Filmmaker’s Guide to Creating Holograms

With Stereoscopy's demise, are Holograms the way forward to true 3D? If so, how can you get involved? Let's find out.

Are Holograms Here to Stay?

olograms in films, advertising, and promotions are mostly used as an effect, but how long before they become mainstream narrative devices?

NAB 2022: CORE SWX Customizes Battery Power for ATOMOS Devices

Battery and charging specialist CORE SWX announced that they were designing power units customized for ATOMOS products. Let's take a look.

NAB 2022: Skyglass App for Virtual Production

Skyglass’ App uses iPhone’s LiDAR sensor for real-time virtual production. Let’s get into the nuts and bolts of this new filmmaking prospect. NAB is so big that …

NAB 2022: Can Bosma Succeed with Their New 8K Cameras?

US home security company Bosma launched three new 8K cameras for content creation and broadcast markets at NAB 2022. Let's take a look.

NAB 2022: ATOMOS Launches Their Cloud Studio

Exciting news from ATOMOS with their launch of the Cloud Studio. Let's take a look at some of these details and specs now.

The Best Mirrorless Cameras Under $5000: A Complete Guide

In this guide, we look at which mirrorless cameras are available under $5000, and why you should consider them.

Frontier Man: Cinematographer Greig Fraser

Greig Fraser doesn't see problems, just opportunities. We track his rise to the top and his journey on the frontier of cinematography.

Filming in the Metaverse

Let's dive into the Metaverse and learn how in the whole wide virtual world you go about harnessing its potential.

Virtual Production: How It Will Affect You

The pandemic has supercharged virtual production. But, is this new technology for everyone or just Hollywood-budgeted movies?