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Canon Announces Firmware Updates for High-End Cameras

Canon’s R5, R6, and 1D X Mark III are all getting firmware updates—Canon software will also receive updates. Canon announced the immediate release of firmware updates on …

Here’s Why “Ya No Estoy Aquí” Is an Important Film About Mexico

Ya No Estoy Aquí offers an honest look into an unknown part of Mexico, exploring the impact of culture on identity and the Mexican diaspora.

Why LumaFusion Is the Best Video Editing App for iPads

Learn why LumaFusion's intuitive interface, optimized performance, and superb mobility make it the best editing app on iPad.

Gimbals: The Ultimate Smartphone Filmmaking Accessory

Discover why smartphone gimbals are the top relatively low-cost phone accessory that can help you capture smooth, professional shots.

Why Luminar AI Will Change Photo Editing for the Better

Luminar AI is the photo editing software for all—accessible, affordable, and effective at making professionals out of amateurs.

5 Small, Budget-Friendly Lights for Any Camera Setup

Proper lighting can vastly improve the quality of your video. Upgrade your kit with these affordable diffused LED lights.

Why You Should Drop Everything and Calibrate Your Monitors Now

Calibrating your monitors using your computer's built-in tools is a cheap and easy way to improve color accuracy. So, why wait?

6 Modern TV Shows and Movies that Mix Genres

Shows and movies that mix different genres often produce captivating content that feels fresh, pushing the envelope on how stories can be told. Here are some notable ...