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Latentscape – Franz Rosati

Latentscape – Franz Rosati
Created by Franz Rosati, 'Latentscape' depicts exploration of virtual landscapes and territories, supported by music generated by machine learning tools trained on traditional, folk and pop music with no temporal and cultural limitations.

‘Back to the Future’ The Musical arrives at the West End with disguise driving VFX-filled video set design

When pop culture movie phenomenon ‘Back to the Future’ arrived in the West End, it was a time-traveling dream come true for the many fans of the original movie. Following its world premiere at the Opera House in Manchester in February 2020, the VFX-filled show set up its residency at London’s Adelphi Theatre in August ...

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APTN Selects Polygon Labs’ Data and Visualization Solutions for Canadian Election News Coverage

Par : Jump

Polygon Labs, an innovative studio pushing the boundaries of interactive data applications and visual branding, has announced that one of its long-standing customers, APTN is using Polygon solutions for its news coverage of the Canadian Election. Based in Winnipeg, Canada, APTN is the world’s first national Indigenous broadcaster and connects with its audiences through genuine, ...

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Rising Sun Pictures Deliver 300 VFX for Disney’s much anticipated “Jungle Cruise”

Studio applies its skill in photo-real environments producing stunning recreations of the Amazon rainforest. Adelaide, South Australia—Rising Sun Pictures (RSP) recreated huge swaths of Amazon rainforest with photo-real accuracy for Disney’s rollicking adventure film Jungle Cruise. The breathtaking jungle environments are used in several scenes in the film, which follows wisecracking skipper Frank Wolff (Dwayne ...

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EY Announces John Trautman, CEO of Visual Data Media Services as an Entrepreneur Of The Year® 2021 Greater Los Angeles Award Winner

Ernst & Young LLP (EY US) announced that John Trautman, CEO of Visual Data Media Services was named an Entrepreneur Of The Year® 2021 Greater Los Angeles Award winner. The Entrepreneur Of The Year Awards program is one of the preeminent competitive awards for entrepreneurs and leaders of high-growth companies. The award recognizes those who ...

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DGene Opens Volumetric Capture Stage

AI specialist’s new Louisiana facility features technology for creating 3D holograms of people and objects.   LOS ANGELES—DGene, a Silicon Valley and Shanghai-based developer of AI technology and solutions, has opened a research and development and production facility in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The centerpiece of the new site is a 900-square-foot volumetric capture stage that ...

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Rising Sun Pictures Weaves Invisible Magic for Marvel Studios Blockbuster “Black Widow”

Studio kicks into overdrive to deliver 100+ shots for super hero saga. Adelaide, South Australia—The first film in Phase Four of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Black Widow stars Scarlett Johansson as former Russian spy turned super hero Natasha Romanoff. Set before the events portrayed in Avengers: Endgame, the film follows Natasha as she reunites with ...

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2021 HPA Awards Gala Set for November 18th at the Iconic Hollywood Legion

The 2021 Hollywood Professional Association (HPA®) Awards, the pre-eminent celebration of creative and technical accomplishments of the media and entertainment community from around the world, is returning to an in-person event this year. This year’s gala will take place November 18 at the Hollywood Legion Theater in Hollywood, California. Since 2006, the HPA Awards have honored ...

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Par : kame31
Machine drawn digital artworks based on nature itself. Originally created for the 1st Antarctic Biennale “Levitate” is an artwork visualising and interpreting natural phenomenons and systems, capturing the beauty and complexity of nature. Visual data captured around the globe forms the inspiration and foundation of each unique artwork. “Levitate” is a symbiosis between computer and…

@martinastellatelier Reminiscenze delle linee di luce che...

@martinastellatelier Reminiscenze delle linee di luce che disegnano lo spazio. Scenografia digitale realizzata usando @millumin2
#projectionmapping #videomapping #womenartist #contemporaryart #lines #graphic #audiovisual #av #installation #digitalart #art #architecture #music #france #drawing #artist #illustration #paris #planespotting #graphicdesign #aircraft #projection #lightart #artwork #exhibition #design #electronic #digitalscenography #show #videoart

@pierremegos ODYSSEY -Live Cinema- one actor integrated in a...

@pierremegos ODYSSEY -Live Cinema- one actor integrated in a original movie.

 @blackmagicnewsofficial @millumin2

Director- Writer : Pierre Megos  
Stage Actors : Pierre Megos, Uiko Watanabe  
With the participation on movie of Selma Alaoui, Geoffrey Boissy, Lucie Debay, Fabien Dehasseler, Alessandro de Pascale, Adrien Desbons, Emilie Flamant, Amandine Laval, Julia Le Faou, Estelle Marion, Florence Minder, Séverine Porzio, Judith Ribardière, Audrey Riesen, Achille Ridolfi, Nathalie Rozanes, Tristan Schotte, Eline Schumacher, Sophie Senecaut, Martine Wijckaert  
Assistant : Alessandro de Pascale  
Composition : Thomas Turine   
Stage Lighting : Florence Richard  
Stage Video : Tonin Bruneton  
Director of Photography :  PalomaSermon-Daï  
Scale model Designer : Mathilde Roman  
Film Lighting : Maxime Dambly  
Sound recording : Marc Doutrepont   
VFX Editors :  Abdel El Asri, Pierre Megos, Zoilly Molnar  
Costumes and make-up : Emilie Jonet, Ansofie d’elft
Scenography : Christine Grégoire 
Production Stardust asbl, Coproduction Théâtre Varia, Théâtre de Liège, La Coop asbl et Shelter Prod With the support of Interreg V Euregio Meuse Rhin & Wallonia,, INg, tax-shelter du gouvernement fédéral de Belgique, Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles / Service Théatre

. #art#artist
#filmmaker #filmmaking #film #cinematography #director #cinema #photography #movie #cinematographer #actor #movies #filmmakers #video #films #hollywood#videography #behindthescenes #producer #videographer #photographer #filmphotography #insta #videoproduction #filming #filmfestival #bhfyp #visualart

FORMS – String Quartet

FORMS – String Quartet
Created by Playmodes, 'FORMS – String Quartet' is a live multimedia performance for a string quartet, electronic music and panoramic visuals, in the field of visual sonification. The project originates from a real-time visual music score generator created by Playmodes, that is designed with a set of rules using graphic generation, driven by randomness and probability.

@adlibcreations Digital Spaces. Célébration des 10 ans du centre...

@adlibcreations Digital Spaces. Célébration des 10 ans du centre de recherche INRIA Bordeaux Sud Ouest, le 22 septembre 2018. Carte blanche à Ad Lib Creations pour la scénographie de l'édifice. #inria #adlibcreations #mapping #3dmapping #motiondesigner #digitalart #barco #millumin #sharpy #christiangimat #motionfx #modelisation #building #bordeaux #talence #nouvelleaquitaine #visualart #inriabordeaux

@u.machine digitalart #dance #mapping #videoprojection #art ...

@u.machine digitalart #dance #mapping #videoprojection #art #picoftheday #instadance #audiovisual #installation #umachine #artist #audiovisualperformance #show #interactiveart #generativeart #madewithsmode #millumin #realtimevideo

@almoghamdi פרוייקט משותף עם האחד והיחיד @dordro ! כחלק...

@almoghamdi פרוייקט משותף עם האחד והיחיד @dordro !
כחלק מפרוייקט בקורס ברודקאסט ושיתוף פעולה עם עיריית חיפה - יצרנו סרטון אנימציה בטכניקת video mapping שמשודר על מייצג אותיות היושב במושבה הגרמנית.
תודה מיוחד ל @guydavidov על הסאונד המטורף !

עיצוב ואנימציה :
הפקה מוזיקלית :

#framebyframe #2danimation #digitalanimation #animationart #roughanimator #roughanimation #roughanimatorapp #motionart #celanimation #motionmate #motionmass #projectionmapping #projection #new_media_art #projectionart #mappingprojection #mapping #sculpturemapping #haifa #ilovehaifa #typemapping #lettermapping #millumin #installationart #visualart #phormatik #newmedia #monumentalmapping #livevisuals *#projection_mapping_world

Finally, VISUALIST documentary on Amazon Prime

Par : volatil

Amazon Prime platform broadcasts all over the world a pioneering documentary that addresses the reality of video creation and video jockeys.

Directed by Pedro Pantaleón and Manuel Cid, “Visualist, Those Who See Beyond” is the first film that, under the Visualist concept, brings the past, present and future of AV or Audiovisual Art closer to the general public. Conceived like a journey through a selection of works and in documentary terms, it gives voice to 30 of the most representative figures of this Artistic Movement at an international level.

After premiering at different festivals in different countries such as Madrid (Casabanchel and Madrid Design Festival), Peru (Visiones Art Festival), Helsinki (Lux Festival), Valladolid (Seminci), Barcelona (Mira Festival), Bilbao (BIME) and the great world premiere in Prague (Signal Festival), the documentary is finally available in streaming through Amazon Prime platform.

Filmed for 2 years in cities such as Madrid, Paris, Berlin, New York or San Francisco, Visualist, Those Who See Beyond could be seen in several cities around the world until the team, led by Oscar Testón, decided to start the distribution process, with the intention to place it on streaming platforms in order to obtain the widest possible dissemination. This process coincided with the beginning of the pandemic, which delayed negotiations a bit until an agreement finally was reached.

A round of contacts began and, although the majority of streaming platforms showed interest in the product, only Amazon Prime decided to get hold of it, understanding that it is a “niche documentary”, which enters a new field and for an specialized audience.

Visualist, Those Who See Beyond ”, claims the role of figures such as video jockey and brings us closer to artists such as Merrill Aldighieri, the first video jockey on record; Matt Black, creator of the legendary British multimedia pop group and DJ duo Coldcut; Daito Manabe, show designer for renowned musicians such as Björk, Ryuichi Sakamoto or OK Go, among many others; or 1024 Architecture, pioneers in creating structures for electronic culture or in making architectural mappings.

Herman Kolgen, who with the preciousness of his live cinema, his impressive productions and his futuristic pieces, has dimensioned the public’s relationship with the concept of AV show; as has been done, by surpassing audiovisual limits with the advancement of technology, by artists like ZachLieberman; or Myriam Bleau, one of the experimenters who works with light through objects, making it almost tangible, more relevant. Joanie Lemercier, one of the first vjs to experiment and create new creative concepts never seen before, in her early days with the Antivj visual label.

Robert Henke, Pfadfinderei, Gmunk, Alba G. Corral, Alex Augier, Daniel Canogar, Adam Smith, Angel Molina (Dj), ItaruYasuda, Light Surgeon, Martin Posta, Playmodes, Skullmapping, Mr. Beam, Ali M. Demirel, Hamill Industries , Marta Verde and Steve Giralt, complete with their testimonies and their works the wide spectrum that Visual Art can generate.

«Visualist, Those Who See Beyond» presents and lays the foundations of what it claims as the new audiovisual language, proposing Visual Art as the artistic format of the future.

Music is the other great common thread, since, to a large extent, all this audiovisual artistic movement was conceived in electronic music clubs. The OST was composed by Rubén Kielmannsegge. And Sergio Testón was in charge of mixing and sound design.

La entrada Finally, VISUALIST documentary on Amazon Prime aparece primero en Vjspain Comunidad Audiovisual, Mapping, Vj, Diseño Interactivo.

Por fin el documental VISUALIST en Amazon Prime

Par : volatil

La plataforma Amazon Prime emite en todo el mundo un documental pionero que aborda la realidad de la videocreación y los videojockeys.

Dirigida por Pedro Pantaleón y Manuel Cid“Visualist, Those Who See Beyond” es la primera película que bajo el concepto de Visualist acerca al gran público el pasado, presente y futuro del AV o Arte Audiovisual. Hilado como un viaje a través de una selección de obras y en clave de documental, da voz a 30 de las figuras más representativas de este Movimiento Artístico a nivel internacional. 


Tras estrenarse en diferentes festivales de diferentes países como Madrid (Casabanchel y Madrid Design Festival), Perú (Visiones Art Festival), Helsinki (Festival Lux), Valladolid (Seminci), Barcelona (Mira Festival), Bilbao (BIME) y el gran estreno mundial en Praga (Signal Festival), por fin el documental está disponible en streaming a través de la plataforma Amazon Prime.

Rodado durante 2 años en ciudades como Madrid, París, Berlín, Nueva York o San FranciscoVisualist, Those Who See Beyond  pudo verse en varias ciudades del mundo hasta que el equipo liderado por Oscar Testón, decidió empezar el proceso de distribución, con la intención de colocarlo en las plataformas de streaming para así obtener la mayor difusión posible. Este proceso coincidió con el inicio de la pandemia, lo cual ha dilatado un poco las negociaciones hasta que finalmente se ha logrado un acuerdo.

Se inició una ronda de contactos y, si bien la mayoría de las plataformas mostraron interés en el producto, solo Amazon Prime se decidió a hacerse con él al entender que es “documental nicho”, que se adentra en un terreno nuevo y para un público especializado.

Visualist, Those Who See Beyond”, reivindica el papel de figuras como la del videojockey y nos acerca a artistas como Merrill Aldighieri, la primera videojockey de la que hay constancia; Matt Black, creador del legendario dúo de djs y grupo de pop multimedia británico Coldcut; Daito Manabe, diseñador de espectáculos para músicos de gran renombre como Björk, Ryuichi Sakamoto o OK Go, entre muchos otros; o 1024 Architecture, pioneros en crear estructuras para la cultura electrónica o en realizar mappings arquitectónicos.

Herman Kolgen quién con el preciosismo de sus live cinema, sus impactantes producciones y sus piezas futuristas, ha dimensionado la relación del público con el concepto de show AV, como lo han hecho sobrepasando los límites audiovisuales con el avance de la tecnología,  artistas Zach Lieberman o Myriam Bleauuna de las experimentadoras que trabaja la luz a través de objetos, haciéndola casi tangible, más relevantes. Joanie Lemercier,  uno de los primeros vj en experimentar y crear conceptos creativos nuevos nunca antes vistos, en sus inicios con el sello visual Antivj.

Robert Henke, Pfadfinderei, Gmunk, Alba G. Corral, Alex Augier, Daniel CanogarAdam SmithAngel Molina (Dj), Itaru YasudaLight Surgeon, Martin Posta, Playmodes, Skullmapping, Mr. BeamAli M. DemirelHamill Industries, Marta Verde y  Steve Giralt, completan con sus testimonios y sus obras, el amplio espectro que el Visual Art puede generar.

“Visualist, Those Who See Beyond” expone y sienta las bases de lo que reivindica como el nuevo lenguaje audiovisual, proponiendo el Visual Art como el formato artístico del futuro.  

La música es el otro gran hilo conductor, ya que en gran medida, todo este movimiento artístico audiovisual se gestó en los clubs de música electrónica. La  BSO ha sido compuesta por Rubén Kielmannsegge. El diseño de sonido y mezcla corre de la mano de Sergio Testón.


La entrada Por fin el documental VISUALIST en Amazon Prime aparece primero en Vjspain Comunidad Audiovisual, Mapping, Vj, Diseño Interactivo.

Reposted from @paolo.morvan: “Detail de la scénographie...

Reposted from @paolo.morvan: “Detail de la scénographie réalisée pour le musicien @romain__muller
Construction et création lumière avec @julesbouit
@zikamine @bliiida @laregiongrandest

#scenographie #scenography #show #concert #singer #wood #structure #light #lightray #designproject #design #eventdesign #stagedesign #stage #musicperformance #music #audiovisual #liveav #filter #3m #millumin #led #ledlights #lightart #digitalart #installation”

⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣#repost @desilence_⁣ ⁣__________________⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣🚀🚀🚀...

⁣#repost @desilence_⁣
⁣🚀🚀🚀 @john_talabot 🚀🚀🚀⁣
⁣@sonarfestival @sonarplusd ⁣
⁣Tonight at 18:55 (UTC+2) ⁣
⁣@idealbarcelona @betevecat ⁣
⁣#sonardcccb #sonar #relatime #madewithnotch & #vdmx & #millumin & #madmapper & #smode #visuals #livevisuals #new_media_art #newmediaart

Interview to Paco Gramaje

This is our interview to Paco Gramaje, art director of the Paco Gramaje Studio in Barcelona.

The studio creates immersive multidisciplinary AV shows, especially focusing on the fusion between projection mapping and dance performance.

We asked Paco a few questions about his background and creative career and also about the new projects he has been cooking up during the quarantine period.

1. When did you start working on the interaction between audiovisual and dance performance, and how did you get involved? What are the aspects that are more appealing to you about working in this interdisciplinary field?

It all begun in 2009. After quitting my job as an engineer I moved to Madrid to study a Master in Motion Graphics while making my first experiences in the world of video art. 

In 2010 I started up several collaborations with art organizations in Madrid and they proposed to me to shoot a dance performance by the choreographer Iratche Ansa.

The performance was going to be held at the Matadero in Madrid. From that recording I put together my first video dance “Comunicación Interpretación Automática” which had a very good reception.

I had discovered the potential of dance from an audiovisual perspective and the inner revelation of what I wanted to do in the next few years.

A few months later I made my first dance pieces with live visuals with choreographer Barbara Fritsche.

Thanks to those projects I was able to work on the musical “Hoy No Me Puedo Levantar” in 2013. In 2014 I directed my first proper theatre show: “Girasomnis”.

Interview to Paco Gramaje
2. You are the creator of “Girasomnis”, an itinerant project that has been traveling around the world. Can you tell us about the creative process behind the inception of this innovative project?

I try to “connect” the visuals with the dancers. Sometimes I encourage the dancers to “connect” or follow my visuals.

In this project I also composed the music. This is very useful as I have better control of the creative process. With this project I tried to evoke feelings in the audience without words: just images, dance and instrumental music.

Paco Gramaje - Audiovisual artist
3. Paco Gramaje Studio recently launched the “Dance Mapping Virtual Tour 2020” which it’s fundraising on Gumroad. This is in preparation for a new cutting-edge AV dance project in 2021 involving a 360 immersive environment . Can you give us some insights about the whole project?

This quarantine caused an abrupt stop in my job, but also gave me time to start imagining something new.

The idea was born during the first week of confinement. At the start, It was simple: I just wanted to publish some of our best projects and make them public. But I also felt a need for a change.

The last 3 years I was quite disconnected from my artistic side due to working mostly on commercial projects. 

I was just focusing on making money to pay my bills and trying to have a stable team for audiovisual production. The outbreak of the Covid-19  has been an absolute shift in our work. We started questioning the possibility of doing our shows as we did before.

Therefore I needed to devise another type of format for the new normal awaiting us: a fully immersive virtual Dance Mapping Show.

As my previous theatre production, without the pressure of a client and using the Girasomnis music.

So, in April I started to visualize and write a synopsis of this new project. I then decided to publish “Dance Mapping Virtual Tour 2020” as a memorandum of all these years of physical shows. 

Now it’s time to go further. I want to gather all the knowledge I gained during the last 10 years and apply it to a virtual reality show, where I can break the limits and make an immersive 360º visual performance with dancers.

This new production is planned to be released in VR and physical 360 projection format in late 2021.

4. When working on a project how do you pick your collaborators? What are the main roles you look for in your team? 

When I have the budget I can work with some powerful audiovisual freelancers from my network of collaborators. Failing that I work alone.

I also work with very talented dancers/choreographers from Barcelona. During the years they started to understand my ideas and transform them in beautiful choreographies. 

5. Can you describe your general creative approach when starting on a new project?

I have mostly 2 ways of work. I compose a music draft and then I work on the visuals and choreography or vice versa: I make a draft of visual content with a draft choreography and I try to match the sounds and music.

Sometimes I give leeway to the dancer, so they can create their own choreography and then I create the visual content following their movements.

In the last few years I also worked with some talented musicians for a faster audiovisual production.

6. In 2015, Paco Gramaje Studio won an award at the International Mapping Festival in Girona for the Micro-mapping category. Could you share with us your thoughts about the concept of “Micro-mapping”? 

This was a concept from Roman Torre. In 2015 I shared a space with him and we collaborated together on a video mapping of a rotating stone. It was a nice project called Liquid Series.

In the video mapping area I also tried to develop innovative concepts, differing from the typical big projection on a building facade. 2 Years ago I started to develop the concept of “Holomapping”. I am planning to finish it next year as well.

7. We are aware you regularly teach courses and masterclasses of video mapping applied to performing arts, in Spain and Latin America.

What specific training would you recommend for digital artists who have just started their career and why? Which are the countries with more opportunities for audiovisual arts, in your opinion?

Nowadays, it is possible to learn a lot following digital online courses, but it is always better if somebody guides you. As with everything in life the best way to learn is practice, making mistakes and improving. 

Spain is not the best country for arts, I would say. As far as I know French artists or from other European countries have more grants and support from their governments, but everything is possible if you are passionate about your work.


Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Vimeo | YouTube

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⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣#repost @geraldinekwikmusic⁣ ⁣__________________⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣I’m...

⁣#repost @geraldinekwikmusic⁣
⁣I’m so proud of being part of this new mapping with my original music written for the casino Viage in Bruxelles played by night during full december. ( Boulevard Anspach 1000 Bruxelles )⁣
⁣Visual Artist : Simon Lebon ⁣
⁣Music and sound design : Geraldine Kwik ⁣
⁣Place : Grand Casino Brussels Viage⁣
⁣ ⁣
⁣#bruxelles ##brussels #casino #viage #casinonight #videomapping #loomprod  #originalsountrack #musicforpaintings  #mapping #composer #frenchcomposer #musicscore #ambient #composingmusic #sound #sounddesign #art #visual #millumin #madmapper #motiondesign #aftereffects #design #architecturalmapping #projectionmapping #movingimage #digitalartist #night (at Brussels, Belgium)

⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣#repost @vag1323⁣ ⁣__________________⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣VAG ju...

⁣#repost @vag1323⁣
⁣VAG ju mirëpret edhe sot e në vazhdim te Sheshi “Skënderbej” ora 21:00 në datat 5-6-7 Gusht 👩‍🎨 @dardanstudio @raelvashabanaj @gentprizreni @gimpocari @bashkiatirane @julia.dhame @eurokontakt⁣
⁣#artwork #event #tirana #visual #art #gallery #dardanstudio #vag (at Sheshi SKENDERBEJ)

⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣#repost @nvs_av⁣ ⁣__________________⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣Amazing...

⁣#repost @nvs_av⁣
⁣Amazing Experience at @fotonicafestival ⁣
⁣Thanks to all⚡️⁣
⁣@videosolid @nick_n__ck @fotonicafestival .⁣
⁣#techno #experimentalmusic #experimental #video #visualart #visual #vj #liveset #eurorack #conceptstore #concept #videooftheday #postoftheday #fotonica #festival #cinema #audio #electronicmusic #electronic #modularsynth #drum #nvs #performance #performanceart #color #cinema #vdmx #millumin #

⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣#repost @u.machine⁣ ⁣__________________⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣Deformation...

⁣#repost @u.machine⁣
⁣Deformation #Umachine #digitalart #dance #mapping #videoprojection #art #picoftheday #instadance #audiovisual #installation #umachine #artist #audiovisualperformance #show #interactiveart #generativeart #madewithsmode #millumin #realtimevideo

SHAPE 2021 – Open Call

Par : Marco Savo


SHAPE is a platform for audiovisual culture and innovative music from Europe.

It’s a three-year initiative co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union. The platform was formed by members of ICAS (International Cities of Advanced Sound) and involves 16 audiovisual events and cultural centres.

Each year they choose 48 audiovisual artists and musicians to participate in performances, workshops and residencies across the network.

Due the pandemic crisis we are living we are in need of a an internationally coordinated support to the new media arts, often slipping through the cracks of cultural funding due to their hybrid nature.

Of course every open call or artist residency is welcome, no matter where it comes from. But more coordination among venues and events will bring more opportunities and visibility for young and recognized artists.

Europe has the advantage (still, let’s see for how long) of a long-lasting infrastructure that connects different cultural scenarios across a myriad of different languages and beliefs.

SHAPE: Sound, Heterogeneous Art and Performance in Europe is the result of this network in action. By fostering audiovisual artists in showcasing their work internationally and audiences in experiencing a very diverse cultural offer.

Open call

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Onomatopoeia Club

Audiovisual art doesn’t just have to be about performing, in fact, this year in light of the global pandemic, we’ve begun to see progressively more innovative and creative ways of the culture of sound and image begin to trickle into new realms and industries.

An AV Webzine

Presenting Onomatopoeia Club. As audiovisual culture vultures, way back in 2011, we saw a need to document, curate and to explore audiovisual culture as a whole as we saw it begin to unravel into its very own discipline.

Onomatopoeia Club have done something much in the same vain. They’ve created an online creative space where sound and visual artists can come together to collaborate on a short 30 second project. The project is a collaboration between Coda to Coda and Rosie Lee.

The most curious thing about this from a visual artist’s point of view is the fact that they have turned traditional VJ and music video culture on its head – rather than the visual artist creating content based on sound, they’ve taken a more soundtrack approach to the project.

How the artist collaboration works

The visual artist creates a 10 second loop, which the Onomatopoeia team turn into 30 seconds and THEN pass them on to a sound artist for the mini projects to be completed. The result? A quarterly webzine of 10-15 audiovisual collaborations and a lot of fun and inspiration.

They’e just launched their first edition (6th July) with a great mix of 12 artists’ collaborations. It’s really curious way to discover new visual and sound artists, and warning, it’s quite addictive. Maybe it’s just me, but I certainly can see and hear the difference of the sound being created after the visual… can you?

Top 3 Audiovisual Collaborations

Here are my faves from this month’s edition:

Cumi Na Gatandu: By Emily Evans (Visuals) & Auclair (Sounds)

This Place: By Catherine Repko (Visuals) & Luisa Gerstein (Sounds)

I cannot fly but I will not hit the floor: by Sophie Clements (Visuals) & Suitman Jungle (Sounds)

Check out the first edition and let us know your thoughts, and get in touch with them if you’d like to participate and have some fun, whilst meeting new artists!



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⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣#repost @joan_____giner⁣ ⁣__________________⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣Abstract...

⁣#repost @joan_____giner⁣
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