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How to Create Real 3D Terrain in Blender (Without Plugins)

Use real world map data to create stunning 3D terrain. Here's a step-by-step tutorial to get you started. Video included.

10 Underrated After Effects Plugins, Scripts, and Presets

In this video, we’ll look at ten underrated After Effects plugins, scripts, and presets. Includes FREE After Effects presets!

Halloween Tutorial Roundup: Your Horror Film Survival Kit

Learn everything you need to know about creating a horror film from start to finish with these helpful tutorials.

FREE Video Overlays and Templates for Video Editors and Filmmakers

Another five days of freebies . . . another collection of five must-download video element and template packs to keep in your editing tool box.

5 Tips for Organizing Your Compositions in After Effects

Tidy up your AE workflow! Let's take a look at five simple ways to keep your After Effects compositions organized. Bonus tips included!