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László “Taki” Takács Captures Pristine Sound for Hungarian TV Music Show, Turnébusz

DPA Microphones’ 4099 CORE Instrument Mics and  2028 Vocal Mics Take Center Stage for Veteran Sound Engineer BUDAPEST, JANUARY 13, 2022―As one of Hungary’s leading veteran sound engineers, László “Taki” Takács prides himself on capturing and delivering crystal clear, pristine audio quaility for his clients’ various music projects. For the music-based television show, Turnébusz, Taki ...

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Colormatrics – Sonification-driven audiovisual works

Par : uforange
Colormatrics – Sonification-driven audiovisual works
Colormatrics is a set of three sonification-driven audiovisual works specially designed for the Cube at the Moss Arts Center. Based on my line-by-line image scanning method and additive synthesis techniques. Colormatrics converts generative visual patterns into sound and visualizes the sonification process in real time. Colormatrics_01 creates ambient- or pad-like sounds fitting in with the immersive atmosphere…

The Beatport Plan: a $10/mo subscription to DJ from your browser with full track playback

Beatport has launched a new subscription offering that will allow users to more fully utilize their browser-based DJ web app – a $9.99/month tier called The Beatport Plan. 10 bucks a month – not a bad price to pay to be able to explore Beatport’s library in its entirety without the frustration of short samples. The Beatport […]

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Une comédie musicale ArtFX qui va vous emballer !

Par : Shadows

Samuel Besseau, Noëlina Faury, Maurine Fauvert, Benjamin Gachot, Thomas Langlois, Benjamin Makki, Jordan Placé, Marjorie Sautel dévoilent The Burning Life of Barney, leur court de fin d’études à ArtFX (promotion 2021). L’équipe était épaulée par les élèves spécialistes : Claire Auvin, Auriane Bertil, Lucas Dziura, Lola Neuville, Sarah Testardo.
The Burning Life of Barney est un film atypique à plus d’un titre : il s’agit d’une comédie musicale, un genre très rare dans les courts de fin d’études, et son personnage principal est… Un sac plastique !

Barney, un sac plastique désireux d’obtenir une nouvelle vie, se met à la poursuite d’un camion à recycler, mais les rues de la ville vont être impitoyables à son égard.

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A 2021 Gift Guide For DJs

Par : Dan White
2021 Gift Guide for DJs

Ahead of the intense holiday season that is sure to be a bit stranger than usual due to shipping and supply chain insanity, I thought it might be a good idea to revisit an old favorite: the holiday gift guide for DJs. As in the past, we’ve taken a closer look at not only the […]

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Beatport LINK Pro now lets you download 1,000 offline tracks

The latest update to Beatport LINK‘s Pro subscription – which runs at $30 USD per month – comes with a new feature that may be the appeal it needs to draw more users to the service. The Offline Locker storage feature, which previously allowed its subscribers to download 50 tracks for offline play, has increased its […]

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@domes_studio @catach_culture + @domes_studio Part 3 :...

@domes_studio @catach_culture + @domes_studio

Part 3 : @bixente2000 @edredonsensible

Photos : @catach_culture / @mathiasbracho

#music #house #video #millumin #saxophone #party #saintmartindeseignanx

Pioneer DJ’s DM-50D desktop monitors aim to be the all-in-one choice for production + DJing

There’s no doubt that one of the key elements in any at-home artist setup – whether it’s your production studio or your DJ booth – is the monitors. This can become a costly endeavor if you are both producing and DJing, as you likely have different pairs for your separate spaces. Pioneer DJ has decided to tackle […]

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Indie Artists: Here’s how to make your new release stand out

Par : Angel Bali

Releasing music is forever enchanting and brings about joy, excitement, and deep satisfaction. But it does come with price and efforts, often planned out a year in advance if not longer (for example, Frank Wiedemann as part of Howling took 5 years to work with his partner to make an album).  It goes without saying […]

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A love letter to Rosie, the first mixer made just for DJs

There was a time, pre-1971, when all mixers were mono, and the thought of wearing headphones during a nightclub gig was laughable. Dance club DJing came into its own as an art form in the 1960s, but DJs back then were still stuck with mixers designed for radio broadcasting. Sound systems were custom installed at […]

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Behind the Scenes With PremiumBeat: Cuban Music with David Lizmi

Producer David Lizmi discusses the soul of Cuban music, its influences, and the relations built based on this illustrious industry.

Beatsource + Mixcloud team up so you can record & share DJ sets online sans takedowns

It’s a well-known fact in the music industry that Mixcloud offers its own streaming platform, Mixcloud Live (first announced back in April 2020), that allows artists to legally livestream music and video without dealing with copyright take-downs. Just this week, Beatsource LINK announced a new partnership in conjunction with Mixcloud to utilize this capability – offering […]

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25 years of Tidy: the Hard House evolution, and how it’s engaging the next generation

Outlandish with colour and hedonism, Hard House as a genre rose to prominence in 1998 as it enjoyed almost a decade of bliss under the bright lights of the dance music skyline. Despite not experiencing the popular heights of its glory years, the legacy of the genre is still being written today by such respected […]

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DJ gear: prices going up, supply low – here’s why + what every DJ should do right now.

Par : Dan White

If you’re in the market for DJ or production gear, you might have noticed two big trends right now in 2021. It’s really hard to get gear right now (many, many products are out of stock) and prices seem to be increasing. With DJTT’s unique footing (in addition to the blog, we also make our […]

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Clockwise (2021) – Exploring the subdivision of space and time

Clockwise (2021) – Exploring the subdivision of space and time
Clockwise (2021) is a generative and experimental audiovisual piece that explores the concept of space-time, Zeno's paradoxes related to the infinite subdivision of the units of measurement of space and time, and their experimental abstract audiovisual representations.

@geraldinekwikmusic Watch the new mapping from the Etam brand on...

@geraldinekwikmusic Watch the new mapping from the Etam brand on their office with my original music + visual by @_aurelien.w and eloifevrier // LoomProd.
#etam #videomapping #mapping  #motiondesign #animation #animation2d #millumin #aftereffects #photoshop #noel #streetart #originalmusic #frenchcomposer #abletonlive #musicforpaintings #movingimage #digitalartist #night

@martinastellatelier Reminiscenze delle linee di luce che...

@martinastellatelier Reminiscenze delle linee di luce che disegnano lo spazio. Scenografia digitale realizzata usando @millumin2
#projectionmapping #videomapping #womenartist #contemporaryart #lines #graphic #audiovisual #av #installation #digitalart #art #architecture #music #france #drawing #artist #illustration #paris #planespotting #graphicdesign #aircraft #projection #lightart #artwork #exhibition #design #electronic #digitalscenography #show #videoart

Traktor Pro 3.5: CDJ-3000 HID mode, Beatsource / Beatport LINK

Par : Dan White
Traktor Pro 3.5 with streaming and CDJ-3000 HID integration

We’ve known it was coming for a bit, but today the updated Traktor Pro 3.5 has released. The fresh version of Traktor Pro boasts two new features that are likely to be well-received: the new streaming library features for Traktor (via Beatport and Beatsource LINK) and advanced HID integration with Pioneer DJ’s flagship CDJ-3000 players. […]

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Non, Apple n’envoie pas l’AAC d’Apple Music directement aux casques (et aux AirPods)

Comme Apple va (peut-être) annoncer une version sans pertes d’Apple Music aujourd’hui, j’en profite pour revenir sur un truc sur Bluetooth. On voit parfois (et je l’ai écrit, probablement sur ce site d’ailleurs) que chez Apple, l’AAC (issu d’Apple Music, iTunes, etc.) est transféré directement à un casque en AAC, sans (re)compression. Et c’est faux.

Sous iOS, macOS ou n’importe quel autre OS, d’ailleurs, l’AAC est bien recompressé. C’est assez peu audible parce que l’AAC est un bon codec (on en parle là) et que l’encodeur d’Apple est efficace. Globalement, de l’AAC à 256 kb/s est transparent à l’écoute dans la majorité des cas. Pour le dire plus simplement, les utilisateurs ne font pas la différence entre de l’AAC à 256 kb/s et de la musique sans compression. Ils peuvent le dire (et certains ne s’en privent pas) mais ma petite expérience le montre un peu, en réalité c’est… compliqué.

Maintenant, vous pourriez ne pas me croire : pleins de gens disent le contraire. Et pourtant, deux expériences (plus ou moins) simples prouvent qu’iOS et macOS recompressent bien l’AAC.

La première est assez basique : lancez un morceau sur Apple Music et un autre programme en même temps. Ou faites retentir un son système. Vous l’entendrez dans le casque en même temps que la musique, ce qui prouve que le casque ne reçoit pas uniquement le fichier AAC d’Apple Music. Il n’y a pas de dégradation ou de coupure, ce qui montre bien que ce qui est transmis (compressé) en Bluetooth est bien la sortie audio de l’OS. C’est empirique, mais efficace et simple.

La seconde méthode le prouve de façon bien plus efficace, mais nécessite un peu de manipulation. J’ai pris un morceau morceau sur Apple Music, et j’ai enregistré la sortie en Bluetooth, avec un périphérique qui m’indique explicitement que c’est de l’AAC. Il a une sortie S/PDIF, donc on évite les conversions numérique vers analogique : ce que j’ai obtenu, c’est ce qu’un casque va recevoir avant de l’envoyer dans vos oreilles. Si Apple envoyait le fichier directement au casque, on devrait obtenir le même fichier ou quelque chose de très proche (comme le décodeur peut varier). Mais le spectre est différent : on voit très nettement que la version Bluetooth coupe les fréquences hautes.

Apple Music dépasse les 20 kHz

La compression en AAC coupe les hautes fréquences

La version Apple Music, en AAC aussi, dépasse nettement les 20 kHz sur l’extrait. La version envoyée en Bluetooth, en AAC avec une recompression, coupe aux alentours de 19 kHz (un peu en-dessous). Ce n’est pas réellement un souci, dans le sens ou la majorité des gens est incapable d’entendre un son à plus de 19 kHz, mais ça montre bien qu’il y a une coupure franche, issue du processus de compression.

Dans le même ordre d’idée, l’encodeur utilisé avec les appareils Android (ici une Nvidia Shield) coupe nettement avant, et ce site l’explique bien. La Shield, sur un autre morceau, coupe vers 17 kHz quand l’encodeur Apple coupe donc vers 19 kHz.

L’AAC Android coupe tôt

L’AAC Apple coupe moins vite

Le but ici n’est pas de dire que la compression AAC est mauvaise, ou réellement un problème. Je suis plutôt convaincu que l’énorme majorité des gens (pour ne pas dire tout le monde) n’entend absolument pas la différence entre l’AAC et de l’audio sans compression dans des tests en aveugle. Mais par contre, Apple n’envoie pas le flux Apple Music aux casques. C’est techniquement possible (ça a été a priori fait en MP3 il y a quelques années) mais ce n’est pas le cas ici.

@cyril_meroni Fin de tournage du clip pour texture droite Merci...

@cyril_meroni Fin de tournage du clip pour texture droite
Merci à toute l’équipe du 6mic pour ce tournage éclair !
#texturedroite #ledscreen #choreography #danse #musicvideo #electronica #millumin #haze #shooting #jarringeffects

Reposted from @paolo.morvan: “Detail de la scénographie...

Reposted from @paolo.morvan: “Detail de la scénographie réalisée pour le musicien @romain__muller
Construction et création lumière avec @julesbouit
@zikamine @bliiida @laregiongrandest

#scenographie #scenography #show #concert #singer #wood #structure #light #lightray #designproject #design #eventdesign #stagedesign #stage #musicperformance #music #audiovisual #liveav #filter #3m #millumin #led #ledlights #lightart #digitalart #installation”

⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣#repost @geraldinekwikmusic⁣ ⁣__________________⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣LUX...

⁣#repost @geraldinekwikmusic⁣
⁣LUX NATURAE / Part 1 of 6 ⁣
⁣Glad to have my music played on the bridge in Skopje last week end, written for the SKOPJE LIGHT ART DISTRICT 2020 festival.⁣
⁣Visual Artists : Aurélien WOJTKO @_aurelien.w/, Susie-lou CHETCUTI, Patrick GRANDI, Jules HUVIG @juleshuvig/, Frédéric HAUDEGOND ⁣
⁣Original Music & Sound Design : Geraldine KWIK⁣
⁣Production : Loom Prod France⁣
⁣Organization : @sk_light_art_district/⁣
⁣Place : Stone Bridge - SKOPJE - MACEDONIA⁣
⁣#skopje #ckonje #macedonia #stonebridge #bridge  #light #art #district #3rd #edition #going #green #mapping #projectionmapping #composingmusic #composer #orchestral #musicforpaintings #movingimage #digitalartist #night #millumin #frenchcomposer #streetart #skopjeinfo #instagraphynet #sklad2020 #skopjelightartdistrict (at Stone Bridge, Skopje)

⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣#repost @geraldinekwikmusic⁣ ⁣__________________⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣I’m...

⁣#repost @geraldinekwikmusic⁣
⁣I’m so proud of being part of this new mapping with my original music written for the casino Viage in Bruxelles played by night during full december. ( Boulevard Anspach 1000 Bruxelles )⁣
⁣Visual Artist : Simon Lebon ⁣
⁣Music and sound design : Geraldine Kwik ⁣
⁣Place : Grand Casino Brussels Viage⁣
⁣ ⁣
⁣#bruxelles ##brussels #casino #viage #casinonight #videomapping #loomprod  #originalsountrack #musicforpaintings  #mapping #composer #frenchcomposer #musicscore #ambient #composingmusic #sound #sounddesign #art #visual #millumin #madmapper #motiondesign #aftereffects #design #architecturalmapping #projectionmapping #movingimage #digitalartist #night (at Brussels, Belgium)

Xite Labs

Par : Marco Savo

Xite Labs is an audiovisual creative studio working at the intersection of art and technology, digital media and interaction design.

The team is formed by top-notch audiovisual artists who have left an unparalleled mark in the world of electronic music.

They have delivered off-socks-knocking 3D mapping installations since 2000, working with internationally renowned musicians such as Tame Impala, Infected Mushroom, Steve Aoki, Skrillex and Amon Tobin to name a few.

Audiovisual artist - projection mapping

We have been lucky enough to attend their mind-blowing audiovisual experience developed with Amon Tobin, for his international tour following the release of the album ISAM. That was back in 2012 at Sonar Festival in Barcelona.

Tobin’s avant-garde IDM soundscapes lead the way for the audiovisual storytelling who took the audience on a unforgettable journey. The show started with an otherworldly cube-shaped structure coming to life.

The stage then turned into a ship launched into space with Tobin residing in a hyper-sleep pod. After dream-like hallucinations Tobin comes out actually wearing the suits shown in the animation.

A complex audiovisual narrative that blurs the boundaries between real and digital world, firing all sorts of trickery to cleanse out the audience of all their spatial references. Only when we lose all the anchor points we are truly primed to experience the digital voyage.

ISAM takes us on a journey through the unexplored universe generated by the EDM soundscape of Amon Tobin to the bring us back to the core of the action: the musician and his performance.

In my opinion, Xite Labs major breakthrough is their ability to truly animate their installation, snapping out of the static AV sculpture by delivering an immersive experience where all senses are captured within the space.

Their audiovisual world is disorienting and astonishing as it builds up in front of our eyes, departing far away from the bidimensionality of the screen experience.

Audiovisual artists

Formed in the year 2000 as V Squared Labs by Vello E Virkhaus they have then merged with Tandem Digital Entertainment in 2018 to form XiteLabs.

Through the leadership of Greg Russell and Vello Virkhaus the audiovisual studio continuously executes next level experiential visual artistry.

The duo is always taking “never been done” concepts and turning them into reality. This process always starts with the blank page, and working with clients to define the words, scenery, illumination, content, interactivity, and the means to deliver it all.



Facebook | Vimeo | Instagram

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⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣#repost @nvs_av⁣ ⁣__________________⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣Amazing...

⁣#repost @nvs_av⁣
⁣Amazing Experience at @fotonicafestival ⁣
⁣Thanks to all⚡️⁣
⁣@videosolid @nick_n__ck @fotonicafestival .⁣
⁣#techno #experimentalmusic #experimental #video #visualart #visual #vj #liveset #eurorack #conceptstore #concept #videooftheday #postoftheday #fotonica #festival #cinema #audio #electronicmusic #electronic #modularsynth #drum #nvs #performance #performanceart #color #cinema #vdmx #millumin #

SHAPE 2021 – Open Call

Par : Marco Savo


SHAPE is a platform for audiovisual culture and innovative music from Europe.

It’s a three-year initiative co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union. The platform was formed by members of ICAS (International Cities of Advanced Sound) and involves 16 audiovisual events and cultural centres.

Each year they choose 48 audiovisual artists and musicians to participate in performances, workshops and residencies across the network.

Due the pandemic crisis we are living we are in need of a an internationally coordinated support to the new media arts, often slipping through the cracks of cultural funding due to their hybrid nature.

Of course every open call or artist residency is welcome, no matter where it comes from. But more coordination among venues and events will bring more opportunities and visibility for young and recognized artists.

Europe has the advantage (still, let’s see for how long) of a long-lasting infrastructure that connects different cultural scenarios across a myriad of different languages and beliefs.

SHAPE: Sound, Heterogeneous Art and Performance in Europe is the result of this network in action. By fostering audiovisual artists in showcasing their work internationally and audiences in experiencing a very diverse cultural offer.

Open call

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GOGBOT: Enschede, 10 – 13 September 2020

Par : Marco Savo

Gogbot is an audiovisual event for creative technology, science, new media arts and music.

Out and about robots, hard-techno futuristic music, crazy bonkers live performances, audiovisual extravaganza with a general cyberpunk attitude to bond it all together.

All of this and much more is offered by Gogbot Festival, the techno-hardcore-sci-fi audiovisual event based in Netherlands.

Basically the kind of event we would go on a normal weekend if we were living in the Mad Max universe. The main aim of the event is showcasing the most avant-garde and cutting edge trends in the audiovisual and new media world. And then push a little further!

Gogbot - Audiovisual Event - Robotics
Compressorhead - Animatronics Band

There is nothing quite like Gogbot on the audiovisual scene: AI meets AV, Science meets music, art meets activism during 4 intense days of multidisciplinary activities across Enschede.

Every year, the organizers propose a controversial and thought-provoking theme set to trigger reflection in the community and cutting-edge experimentation by the selected artists. Innovation in digital creativity is key and the festival creates a sonic space for this.

Every year, the result is an insanely powerful and immersive artistic rendez-vous that leaves a lingering impact awhile after the end of the festival.

This year theme is Quantum Supremacy, a mind-blowing, controversial, but extremely urgent theme.

Big companies such as Google, Microsoft, and IBM are competing to build the first quantum computer, a ‘supercomputer’ expected to be a staggering one billion times faster than today’s best computer. What will the quantum future hold?

In this Age of Pandemic, we are made acutely aware of our dependence on digital technology for work, education, and healthcare. Now more than ever, the growth of digital technology demands critical reflection.

Globalization and economic growth have brought us pandemic and environmental destruction. How can we break this cycle? Can we harness quantum technology to protect ourselves and the world we live in?

Pubblicato da GOGBOT su Domenica 12 luglio 2020



Facebook | Twitter| Instagram | YouTube

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FACTORY BERLIN: Artist Residency

Par : Marco Savo

DEADLINE: 17 June 2020 1 July 2020

PROGRAM: 27 July – 30 November 2020

Factory Berlin, Sónar+D, and Beats by Dr. Dre launch an open call for audiovisual artists who would like to participate to the 2nd edition of Artist in Residence program in the Creators Lab at Factory Gorlitzer Park.

The residency supports artists exploring new lines of inquiry intersecting technology & society. The aim of this program is to facilitate dialog, partnership, and collaboration at the intersection of technology and exploratory arts. By focusing on this synthesis, the program empowers artists to create work which inspires shifts in perspective and cross-collaboration.

These are the categories covered by the open call:






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