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Creating an ACES Workflow for Realistic Lighting with 3D

Learn how to improve your 3D renders by using ACES to build a linear workflow. (Also, an explainer: What exactly is ACES?)

How to Integrate 3D Elements into Video Footage – Part II

Take the next big leap in filmmaking by integrating 3D models into your footage. Here's our step-by-step guide to 3D scenes and lighting.

How to Create Specific Lighting Schemes for Filmmaking in 3D

Understand the role of lights on a movie set to build your foundation for more advanced lighting rigs on 3D creations.

Animator James Curran Renders 3D NFT Collection using Conductor

James Curran is not afraid of the bleeding edge. As an animator, he’s always been drawn to emerging software and new forms. He dabbled in Flash as a teenager, and learned to use Autodesk Maya and Adobe After Effects at university. He’s worked in video games, orchestrated month-long GIFathons in foreign cities, and collaborated with […]

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Using ZBrush and Maya to Create 2D Portraits

An interview with South Korean 3D artist Seungnam Yang on transforming his subjects into 2D portraits using ZBrush and Maya.

Fantastic Smartphones – ECAL MID

Fantastic Smartphones – ECAL MID
Fantastic Smartphones, alternative accessories, interactive installations and machine performances highlight the excesses relating to our use of these devices. By imagining innovative ways of interacting with our smartphones or by delegating our repetitive actions to machines, this exhibition takes a critical look at a society that has become addicted to an object that seems to have become indispensable : the “smart” phone.