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HPA Outlines Enhanced Health and Safety Protocols for HPA Tech Retreat

January 31 (Burbank, Calif.) – In preparation for an in person return of the annual HPA Tech Retreat, HPA has announced enhanced protocols governing health and safety at the Palm Springs venue. Through extensive research, partnership with experienced health and safety experts, deep collaboration with the event venue (the Westin Mission Hills Golf Resort & ...

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2021 TOP 5 Engagement

Season's Greetings! Have you missed any popular Panasonic news? Here are the TOP 5 most engaged posts for 2021.

5 Tips for Managing Mental Health in Post-Production

Editor, colorist, and founder of The Finish Line, Zeb Chadfield shares his tips for putting your mental health first.

Fantastic Smartphones – ECAL MID

Fantastic Smartphones – ECAL MID
Fantastic Smartphones, alternative accessories, interactive installations and machine performances highlight the excesses relating to our use of these devices. By imagining innovative ways of interacting with our smartphones or by delegating our repetitive actions to machines, this exhibition takes a critical look at a society that has become addicted to an object that seems to have become indispensable : the “smart” phone.