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The Filmmaker’s Guide to the Apocalypse

The apocalypse film is a Hollywood favorite, but it's often misunderstood. Here's what the enterprising apocalypse filmmaker needs to know.

NAB 2022: Atlas Lens’ New Wide 21mm Anamorphic Lens

Next up from NAB, Atlas Lens Co. announced the release of their new ultra-wide 21mm anamorphic lens. Let’s take a look. One of the fastest-growing cinema lens …

Is Rotoscope Animation Back? (And How to Get Started Today)

From Tron to Apollo 10 ½, let’s explore the fascinating history of rotoscoping, a classic and achievable animation technique.

Best Video Drones Under $1000

Capture amazing footage without the price tag. We've put together a list of stellar, affordable drones for your next filmmaking endeavor.

DIY: How to DIY a Green Screen on a Budget

With tips on setting, lighting, and more, learn how to create your own green screen background—without breaking the bank.

Making Your Own Fantasy Film: A Field Guide

So you want to make a fantasy movie? Here's what you need to know about working in the genre (or its sub-genres).

Master the Hollywood Technique of Parallel Editing

Parallel editing is a powerful tool for film editors. Here are some classic Hollywood examples of the technique that will show you how to pull it off.

9 FREE After Effects Templates

These templates include hundreds of free elements to use in any project. Combine for even more options, and some you can use in any NLE!

How to Speak Science Fiction: A Field Guide

So you want to make a sci-fi movie? Here's your field guide to the tricks, tropes, and tribulations of the genre.

How to Actually Bring Your Storyboards to Life

Let’s go over some tips and tricks for turning your rough sketches into practical and helpful guides that you can creatively follow.

The 3 Easiest Ways to Cut Clips in Adobe Premiere Pro CC

In this walkthrough, we'll cover how to use the razor tool, the ctrl+K/⌘+K shortcut, and Ripple and Trim editing techniques in Premiere Pro.

Favorite Focal Lengths of Famous Directors

Notable filmmakers develop signature styles that we recognize. Let's look at the favorite focal lengths of a few famous directors.

Snapbag® Triple Tube Solutions for Helios and Titan

February 28, 2022—DoPchoice adds smart solutions for tripling up on Astera’s game-changing Helios and Titan Tubes. Triple Tube Snapbags arrive fully-assembled in matching black pouches. They feature DoPchoice’s trademark metallic light-intensifying interiors which boost output over 50%. Three Astera tubes neatly fit within, ready to be secured with hook & loop straps. Thanks to DoPchoice’s ...

The post Snapbag® Triple Tube Solutions for Helios and Titan appeared first on Broadcast Beat - Broadcast, Motion Picture & Post Production Industry News and Information.

ZEISS Cinema Americas On-Site at SXSW

Austin Texas, March 13-16, 2022, Booth 433 Los Angeles, Calif: The ZEISS Cinematography Team will be attending and supporting this year’s South by Southwest Creative Industries Expo. Held at the Austin Convention Center March 13-16, ZEISS will participate in the southwest’s renowned entertainment industry gathering, previewing new tech at their exhibit booth, presenting a panel ...

The post ZEISS Cinema Americas On-Site at SXSW appeared first on Broadcast Beat - Broadcast, Motion Picture & Post Production Industry News and Information.

The Secrets of Peacemaker’s Storytelling Success

Peacemaker is the most popular television show in the world. Here are a few reasons why its storytelling is so effective.

Mastering the Art of Long-form YouTube Content

Let's explore how to master the art of long-form YouTube content and how to apply these methods to your next project.

PG vs. R Ratings: What’s the Difference for Summer Action Films?

A film's rating ensures a certain kind of audience. Here, we discuss the logic and thought process behind making a summer action film.

How to Shoot Interior Locations with Limited Lighting

Do you need to shoot an interior location without any lighting equipment? No problem. Here's how you rise to the challenge.

How Focal Length Alters the Psychological Impact of Your Images

Different focal lengths can completely alter and give new interpretations to your images. Let's learn the basics behind the concept.

ZEISS Cinema Americas Spotlights Film Festival Week

Starts January 21, 2022 with Cinematographer’s Roundtable ZEISS will kick off their 2022 virtual Film Festival Week on Friday, January 21 with an in-depth roundtable featuring six cinematographers—each with a project screening at the Park City festival. Guest cinematographers and their selected films include: Melinda James, Work; Charlotte Hornsby, Master; Alex Disenhof, ASC, Alice; Andrew ...

The post ZEISS Cinema Americas Spotlights Film Festival Week appeared first on Broadcast Beat - Broadcast, Motion Picture & Post Production Industry News and Information.

What Makes the iPhone 13’s Cinematic Mode Cinematic?

Let's explore what the iPhone 13's cinematic mode actually offers, and discuss how it might be suitable for your film and video project needs.

Break Genre Rules Like a Master Filmmaker

Genre conventions help film audiences know what to expect, but there's a fine line between rewarding expectations and making something truly innovative.

Our Favorite Articles of 2021

With 2021 coming to a close, we decided to revisit some of our favorite articles, videos, and freebies published this year.

Find Inspiration Beyond the Big Screen

Filmmakers can draw inspiration from a number of sources. Check out these recommendations to broaden your horizons.

On Fading to Black: The Hows, The Whens, and The Whys

Fading to black is the smoothest dissolve transition there is, but it's good for more than just endings. Let's take a look at what it can do.

Battling Against the YouTube Algorithm

After a year of working semi-consistently on YouTube, here's how my channel did, and where I see it going in the future.