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@adlibcreations Digital Spaces. Célébration des 10 ans du centre...

@adlibcreations Digital Spaces. Célébration des 10 ans du centre de recherche INRIA Bordeaux Sud Ouest, le 22 septembre 2018. Carte blanche à Ad Lib Creations pour la scénographie de l'édifice. #inria #adlibcreations #mapping #3dmapping #motiondesigner #digitalart #barco #millumin #sharpy #christiangimat #motionfx #modelisation #building #bordeaux #talence #nouvelleaquitaine #visualart #inriabordeaux

Inside the Michigan Central Station

Par : julia

Red Paper Heart designed the interior of the Michigan Central Station to chronicle the life and culture in Detroit through imagery that moves off the screen, onto the grand arches, and ultimately culminate in a 65ft barrel vaulted ceiling. (Client: Ford, Agency: Civic)

What If (short edit) – White Night Melbourne 2018

It is a short edit of our 6 min long artwork created for White Night Melbourne 2018 on the Royal Exhibition Building.

Buildings came to life and transformed?
Mythical, Magical creatures were real?
There was a 5th dimension?
Spirituality and higher consciousness had a visual presence?
There was a portal to another more perfect world?

Creative theme: David Atkins / White Night Melbourne
Creative concept: István Dávid, Csaba Világosi, Viktor Vicsek
Art Director: Csaba Világosi
Technical supervisor: Viktor Vicsek
3d modeling: Dániel Szalkó
Producer: István Dávid
3d animators:
Kornélia Csikós
Katalin Katona
Viktor Vicsek
Csaba Világosi
Ivó Kovács
András Nagy aka XYZ
Balázs Szőcs
Character animation: Bálint Benkovits
Music: AMB
Sound design: Fine Cut Bodies
Projectors and technical execution: Electric Canvas

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Post-Apocalyptic Angels Come to Life with 3D Projections

Par : julia
Video Thumbnail

RE:SORB and Gérard Rancinan bring post-apocalyptic angels to life in a modern day tableaux vivant through the magic of 3D projection.