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Panasonic "Household Washing Machine ALPHA NA-G1S" Wins "GOLD" of the International iF DESIGN AWARD 2022

Hannover, Germany - Panasonic received the iF DESIGN AWARD 2022, a world-renowned design prize for 21 products, including a shaver, washing machines, a television, cameras, headphones, etc. The iF DESIGN AWARD is organized by Hannover-based iF International Forum Design GmbH,...

Panasonic Layout Free TV Wins "Best of the Best" Award in Product Design Category of the International Red Dot Design Awards

Essen, Germany - The Panasonic Corporation LF1 43V Layout Free TV won the 2022 Best of the Best Award, the top award in the Product Design category of the fiscal 2022 Red Dot Design Awards. Sixteen other Panasonic products also won Red Dot Design Awards. Red Dot Award 2022: P...

2022 Academy of Country Music Awards puts Motion Impossible’s AGITO to work

March 22, 2022 For the 2022 Academy of Country Music Awards (ACM Awards), director Glenn Weiss, who recently used two Motion Impossible AGITO modular remote dolly systems on the American Music Awards, decided that four AGITO systems would be exactly what he needed for the live and on-demand Amazon Prime production. The ACM Awards officially ...

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Former Career Achievement Winners to Present 69th Annual MPSE Golden Reel Awards

International virtual ceremony slated for March 13th. Studio City, California— The Motion Picture Sound Editors (MPSE) will draw on the most accomplished sound artists of its past in celebrating the best in sound editing of the present at the 69th Annual MPSE Golden Reel Awards. Five past recipients of the MPSE’s Career Achievement Award will ...

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Lectrosonics DBSM/DBSMD Bodypack Transmitters Named as a Finalist for NAMM TEC Award for Outstanding Technical Achievement

Par : msmediainc

Rio Rancho, NM (January 20, 2022) — Lectrosonics is pleased to announce that the DBSM single battery/DBSMD dual-battery bodypack transmitters have been nominated as a finalist for the 37th Annual NAMM Technical Excellence & Creativity (TEC) Awards for Technical Achievement in the category of Wireless Technology. The NAMM TEC awards recognize innovative product design and ...

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Motion Picture Sound Editors to Honor Ron Howard with Filmmaker Award

69th MPSE Golden Reel Awards to be held as a global, virtual event on March 13th Studio City, California – The Motion Picture Sound Editors (MPSE) today announce that it will honor Ron Howard with its annual Filmmaker Award. The Academy Award-winning director and producer is responsible for some of the most memorable films of ...

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iSIZE BitSave Wins 2021 VideoTech Innovation Award for Sustainability

iSIZE today announces that it has won the 2021 Digital TV Europe (DTVE) VideoTech Innovation Award for Sustainability with its BitSave pre-processor for video. With global internet traffic set to reach 4.8 zetabytes a year in 2022, and 80% of this resulting from video, there is a significant environmental cost. Today the internet is using ...

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Hans Hoffman, premier Européen de l’histoire de la SMPTE élu à sa présidence

L’organisme américain de normalisation SMPTE (Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers) a élu le 15 décembre dernier son nouveau président pour la période 2021-22. Il s’agit de l’allemand Hans Hoffmann, actuel responsable des fondamentaux et de la production média à l’UER. Le 1er janvier 2021, le Dr Hans Hoffmann sera le premier Européen de l’histoire de la SMPTE (fondée en 1916) à occuper cette fonction.

Hans Hoffman, le premier Européen de l’histoire de la SMPTE élu à sa présidence pour 2021-2022. (c) EBU

Ce poste renforcera les liens et les partenariats de l’UER avec la SMPTE au service du secteur des médias et du divertissement au sens large. La SMPTE est basée dans l’état de New-York à White Plains et fonctionne comme une association professionnelle mondiale d’ingénieurs, de technologues et de cadres travaillant dans l’industrie des médias et du divertissement. Son travail est à la base de nombreux standards vidéo utilisés par la télévision, le cinéma et les nouveaux médias.

Hans Hoffmann, membre de la SMPTE, a rejoint l’organisme en tant que jeune ingénieur et y a progressé en prenant des fonctions de direction de groupes de normalisation, de présidence de comités technologiques. Il a été gouverneur du conseil d’administration pour la région EMEA, vice-président des normes et des finances avant de devenir vice-président exécutif. Tout au long de sa carrière, il a participé aux travaux de la SMPTE, de l’UER, de l’UIT et d’autres groupes internationaux de normalisation. Il a fondé plus récemment l’Inter-SDO, association d’organismes internationaux de normalisation qui se réunit régulièrement pour comparer leurs travaux.

Hans Hoffmann a reçu la médaille Richard Theile 2020 du FKTG (l’équivalent de la SMPTE en Allemagne) pour ses services exceptionnels dans le domaine des technologies de télévision. Cette récompense honore ses recherches dans la HDTV et l’UHDTV et sa contribution significative aux organismes internationaux de normalisation.


bb15 Open Call: Art + Magic

Par : Marco Savo

DEADLINE: 5 September 2020

bb15 launches the open call: Art + Magic for all audiovisual artist.

The contemporary art venue in Linz opens up its doors to an artist residency resulting in an exhibition or live event.

The open call aims at exploring the primordial relationship between art making and the concept of magic, especially related to the use of new technologies to inspire mystery and wonder.

bb15 Open Call

Artistic gestures and processes can be seen as magical rituals, from which the myth of the artist has emerged over time. The aura of the artwork is used to cast a spell on its viewer!

In the art scene in particular, mysticism around art-making is kept alive by common rituals such as exhibitions, vernissages, and performative events, which propose collective shared experiences of something bigger. 

For this open call, bb15 is seeking original project proposals that trigger mental associations and subliminal experiences at the junction of art, ritual and magic.

The residency program focuses on and explores the interplay between contemporary visual art and auditory practices, in relation to the theme of art+magic. The call doesn’t exclude any artistic media.

bb15 - Open call for audiovisual artists
Teresa Cos: Tunnel Boring Machine

During the residency at bb15, the selected artists will be expected to push forward and bring further their proposal into a work that will be presented to the public at the end of the residency.

It is highly desirable that the invited artists create specific and new works during their stay.


– Duration: 2-3 weeks

– Possible periods: Spring 2021 or Autumn 2021

– There is a € 1200 all-in budget per artist in residence. This amount should cover all costs such as travel, equipment, production costs, daily expenses, and artist fees. Artists will be provided with free accommodation and workplace at the premises of bb15.

– The residency entails the realization of an exhibition or performative event at bb15.

– bb15 will provide technical and curatorial support as well as the promotion of the exhibition.




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ARS ELECTRONICA: 9 -13 September 2020, Linz

Par : Marco Savo

Ars Electronica is THE new media arts festival: a core reference for audiovisual events and artists worldwide.

The festival and its audiovisual artists embrace new technology as a tool for artistic expression rather than the main factor of spectacularization.

This critical approach unlock the infinite creative possibilities within new technologies rather than fetishize them, as we have seen happening a lot with projection mapping and more recently with virtual reality.

ars electronica -audiovisual event

The festival was founded in 1979 by cyberneticist/physicist Herbert W. Franke, electronic musician Hubert Bognermayr, music producer Ulli A. Rützel and Hannes Leopoldseder. It has come a very long way since then but it has always kept its main focus on the intersection of art, technology and society.

One of the most appealing elements of the festival is The Prix Ars Electronica: the most prestigious prize in new media arts, with hefty prizes up to 10.000€. Every year the Golden Nica is awarded to the ground-breaking fruits of artistic experimentation from audiovisual artists worldwide.

Prix Ars Electronica - Audiovisual event - open call

Ars Electronica features a wide variety of activities every year: Symposia, exhibitions, performances, concerts and interventions spanning a broad arc from speculative futuristic scenarios to analytical considerations, from provocative actionism to philosophical debate.

Combining amazing artworks with fruitful conversations is the perfect recipe to create a meaningful experience that constantly scans the new media landscape to find the most inspiring projects. The projects are not simply chosen based on their technical realization but most importantly because the social and artistic innovation they incorporate.

The result of this consistent endeavour is the creation of a loyal community of audiovisual artists, researchers and visitors from all over the world that every year reunites in Linz to inspire and get inspired.

 deep space live - fata morgana - audiovisual artists
Deep Space LIVE – Fata Morgana

Since its inception, the festival has been dedicated to develop new themes for each edition and the organizers are also constantly on the lookout for interesting new venues.

Indeed, the ongoing effort to break out of the narrow confines of conventional conference rooms and artistic spaces, and to stage cultural and scientific encounters in the public sphere has become something of an Ars Electronica trademark.

Stay tuned: Ars Electronica 2020 theme will be released soon!



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Par : Marco Savo

DEADLINE: 15/07/2020

We love to discover and share juicy opportunities for audiovisual artists such as this open call promoted by Photon Foundation in Krakow.

Their hybrid solution is an effective response to the uncertainty of our current situation and a great compromise. We are sure audiovisual artists worldwide will massively appreciate their effort!

Photon Foundation is pulling off a great home edition this year. The organizers of Patchlab Festival are giving the chance to three selected artists to create a 360 second long rendered audiovisual projects, specifically designed for the projection system at the Gallery 360°.

The audiovisual installation will be recorded and publicly presented online as the culmination of the residence. Later on, when audiovisual events will kick back on the projects will be actually presented in the 360° Gallery with participation of the audience.

Open call for audiovisual artists

The 360° Gallery features a mind-boggling set up with 10 projectors displaying images with 16910×1080 pixels resolution. That opens up immense creative opportunities to generate a fully immersive environment.

During the 31-day #home edition residence, between 15/09/2020 – 18/10/2020, the selected audiovisual artists (or artistic groups) are going to work in their home or studio on their own audiovisual project.

The selected artists will have remote contact with the organizational and technical team and co-residents, as well as the possibility of conducting 2 remote attempts to display the work on the projection system in the 360° Gallery in order to check the accuracy and allow for possible corrections.

The following criteria will be taken into account in the selection of the winning projects:

  • artistic values ​​of the concept (e.g. originality, ingenuity)
  • consistency and accuracy in preparing the project concept
  • project feasibility according to the technical specification of the 360​​° Gallery projection system
  • artistic portfolio


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COSMOLIGHTS – Open Call for Projection Mapping

Par : Marco Savo

DEADLINE EXTENDED: 10 July 2020 20 July 2020

The new kid on the block of the open calls for projection mapping. Cosmopolis Festival invites all audiovisual artists to submit their mapping proposals for the Municipal Tobacco Warehouse of Kavala in Northern Greece.

The building was erected in 1910 and features a ottoman neoclassical design style. The purpose of the open call is to highlight the architectural patterns of the facade and the history of the building through audiovisual techniques

The 3 Finalists of the competition, who will be selected by audience and the festival curators, will each receive a prize.

The winner of the contest will receive the Grand prize of 1500€. The second and third place will receive 1000€ and 500€ respectively.


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Emerging Digital Artists Award

Par : Marco Savo


The open call is addressed to audiovisual artists resident in Canada within 5 years of their artistic career.

This is a great chance for emerging digital artists to showcase their artworks, expand their networking and further their experimentation within the digital arts.

The Emerging Digital Artists Award (EDAA) is Canada’s award for critical experimentation in digital media. The award consists of $5,000 for the winner, and $1,000 for four finalists, as well as a group exhibition.

Since 2015, the EDAA has been promoting artists working within virtual space, by seeking submissions that push us in new directions, and challenge us to see the world through a different screen.



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The Ultimate Staging of “Bohemian Rhapsody”

Par : lumenadmin

John Lewis & Partners / Waitrose & Partners “Bohemian Rhapsody” from MPC on Vimeo. Rousing, heartwarming, and nostalgic all in one go, this spectacular grade school take on Queen’s 1975 operatic hit “Bohemian Rhapsody” finds Blink director Dougal Wilson and the MPC VFX crew together again and bound for awards glory. Clients: John Lewis, Waitrose […]

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