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6 Quick Tips to Improve Your Audio in Premiere Pro

Let's learn some basic audio tips, tricks, and advice that will instantly improve your video edits in Premiere Pro.

Exploring Audio with Robert Mackenzie in “The Power of the Dog”

We chatted with supervising sound editor Robert Mackenzie to talk about what makes The Power of the Dog so auditorily unique.

How to Make a Portable Voiceover Studio with No Computer

This budget audio recording setup can easily be stuffed in a backpack and deployed anywhere. Here's how to make one for yourself.

HyperX QuadCast S Review: I Needed This Upgrade

The QuadCast S has built-in features for podcasting, voiceovers, software support, and more. Learn more about why this mic impressed us.

The Most Practical Live-streaming Microphones on the Market

Here are nine of the best, most affordable microphones for anyone interested in recording high-quality audio for live-streaming.

The Best Microphone Setups for Every Type of Podcaster

Starting a podcast? Here are some audio basics, studio setups, microphone reviews, and input for different styles of podcasts.

Tell a Better Story with Effective Podcast Sound Mixing

Professional sound design is one of the best ways to raise the production value of your podcast. Improve yours with these simple tricks.

Why and How to Transcribe Your Podcast Episodes

After recording and publishing your podcast, you should definitely look into transcribing it to help with its visibility and SEO. Here's how.

4 Beginner Tips: How to Improve Sound on Your Next Video

Is there anything worse than recording bad audio? Check out four microphone tips guaranteed to dramatically improve your sound.

Where to Host Your Podcast in 2022

As a new podcast creator, you have a lot of options to host your podcast. Let's find out which one is right for you in 2022.

The 7 Best Audio Interfaces of 2021 + Bonus Video

When choosing an audio interface, you can choose by what's new or price point, but the best way is to refine why you want such an interface.

High-End Audio in Budget-Friendly Field Recorders

Here’s a round-up of some of the better field recorders for budget conscious creators, along with their supplied lavalier microphones. Usually, audio recorders and the term “small …

Easy Audio: The New Deity Pocket Wireless Microphone

Let’s check out the specs on the new Deity Pocket Wireless microphone kit. Get easy wireless audio on your camera, phone, or laptop!

Using Compound Clips in DaVinci Resolve

Compound clips are a great way to group multiple clips together in DaVinci Resolve. Here's how to use them.

15 Free Ambient Background Noise Tracks

Did you forget to record ambient background audio on your last shoot? Use these 100% free ambient background tracks to add atmosphere to your next project.