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Canon Announces New Cinema Camera: EOS R5 C

We’re three weeks into 2022, and we have our first cinema camera announcement. Kind of. Here's our Canon EOS R5 C review—specs included!

Mid-Sized Drones: What Are the Advantages?

Part two of our catch-up of current drones amps up the weight of the craft. Why should you choose something heavier?

Insta360 Go 2 Review: Too Many Compromises

The Insta360 Go 2 is a tiny camera that's surprisingly capable of a lot, but lacks crucial features like expandable storage and 4K.

F/4 vs. F/2.8: What’s the Difference and Why Does it Matter?

We’re going to look at f/2.8 and f/4, the differences between the two, and when to choose which f-stop for a specific type of shot.

Selling Expensive Gear Online? Resale Outlets May Be Your Friend

Here's an in-depth look at why resale outlets could be your next best friend—easy quotes, easy shipping, stress-free results.

Say Goodbye to the Canon DSLR

As an homage to Canon's EOS line of cameras, we asked a few PremiumBeat contributors to weigh in on how these cameras impacted their career.

YouTubers Behold: The New Nikon Z9 (And Why It Doesn’t Really Matter)

Another year, another new camera. Let's discuss the release of Nikon's Z9 and what it could mean for YouTube nation.

What Makes the iPhone 13’s Cinematic Mode Cinematic?

Let's explore what the iPhone 13's cinematic mode actually offers, and discuss how it might be suitable for your film and video project needs.

Is It Worth Buying a Probe Lens in 2022?

Let's talk about the most popular probe lens on the market, and if it's worth the investment . . . or if you should just stick to …

The 5 Most Affordable Matte Boxes for Your Camera in 2022

Let's discuss the cheapest, most well-made matte boxes on the market for the upcoming year and what you can expect from each of them.

Is the Evolution of Compact Flash Media the End of the SD Card?

Compact Flash media will be the choice for the highest pixel-capturing cinema cameras. How does this impact proprietary media and SD cards?

Attack of the Mini Drones – Smaller Crafts Can Offer More Value

Mini drones must appeal to both the adventurous consumer and the working professional to survive in this market. So, how does it hold up?

Battery Technology: Is This the End of Lithium-Ion?

Buying a battery for your camera on a budget is a hassle. So, is it worth waiting for more efficient types of batteries to arrive?

How to Fix a Stuck Pixel on the Canon C300 Mk III

Here are a few quick tips on fixing a stuck pixel on your Canon C300 Mk III. It will totally save your day.

Pros and Cons: Is Drone Videography Still Viable?

A look into the state of drone videography to see if it’s still a viable form of production, or a passing trend.

Aptolux Launches the Aptolux MP-1: A Modular LED Panel Kit

Easy to pack, easy to move. A solo filmmaker's dream. Here's an in-depth review of the Aptolux MP-1. Specs included.

High-End Audio in Budget-Friendly Field Recorders

Here’s a round-up of some of the better field recorders for budget conscious creators, along with their supplied lavalier microphones. Usually, audio recorders and the term “small …

LUMIX BS1H/Sony FX6: Pros and Cons of a Camera in a Box

The LUMIX BS1H and Sony's FX6 retain existing sensors in new "boxy" form factors. Does this offer a better shooting experience? Let's see . . .

Classic Cinema Cameras at Bargain Basement Prices

These cameras were once cutting edge, but if you bought one now, could you live with their foibles, even at the price of a mid-level DSLR?

Breaking News: DJI’s New Ronin 4D All-in-One Camera/Gimbal

Is the film and video world ready for a camera/gimbal? DJI introduces its new Ronin 4D all-in-one cinema camera and gimbal system.

Easy Audio: The New Deity Pocket Wireless Microphone

Let’s check out the specs on the new Deity Pocket Wireless microphone kit. Get easy wireless audio on your camera, phone, or laptop!

LUMIX BS1H: Panasonic’s New 6K Live/Cinema Camera

A quick look at Panasonic’s New BS1H box-shaped modular video camera—specifications included! Let's get to it!

The Gigabyte Aero 15 4K AMOLED: A Portable Editing Beast

For all you editors on-the-go, you need to read this in-depth discussion on the Gigabyte Aero 15—the pros definitely outweigh the cons.

DaVinci Resolve 17’s System Requirements

Let's look at this major advancement in DaVinci Resolve, and tackle all the specs you need to know to work with it.

3 Ways Filmmakers Might Actually Use the iPhone 13

Debate aside, here are three examples of smartphone videography that might make sense for you filmmakers out there.

Why Hollywood DP Greig Fraser Is Nearly Right about the New iPhone 13

DPs are pumped about the iPhone 13's cinematic camera. Are they truly excited about the device? Or is it more about the possibilities it represents?