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Evolving Energy Solutions to Contribute to a More Sustainable Society

The United Nations released a report in April warning that if urgent action is not taken to substantially reduce harmful carbon emissions, the world will face "unprecedented heatwaves, terrifying storms, widespread water shortages" and become uninhabitable. However, the UN's Intergovernmental Pane...

Advancing the Discussion on Reducing Carbon Emissions

On July 13, the Panasonic Group held its second sustainability management briefing followed by a panel discussion on the responsibility of reducing carbon emissions. In the opening session, Group CEO Yuki Kusumi announced the release of the Group's GREEN IMPACT PLAN 2024 (GIP2024), a milestone tow...

Analysis of Automotive Security Technology from Patent Data: Panasonic Ranks No. 1 in Japan, U.S. and Europe

Background Yokohama, Japan - With the innovative development of automated driving technologies, the progress of digitalization, and the increase in the number of vehicles connected to networks, known as connected cars, the risk of cyber attacks targeting automobiles is increasi...

Panasonic to Conduct Space Exposure Experiments Aiming to Develop Cutting-edge Electronic Materials for Aerospace Applications

Panasonic Industry Co., Ltd. announced today that it will conduct space exposure experiments of its electronic circuit board materials and Underfill for board level reinforcement.