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Innovation Made in India

20 years ago, India attracted companies from around the world seeking a cost-effective base for operations that did not need to be in customer proximity. Today, the country is attracting attention because of its own huge population base, one of the youngest, most diverse and internet-savvy in the...

Global Capabilities, Local Solutions

Introducing some of Panasonic's unique products designed to meet specific local needs

72 hours at a vaccine administration site - Vacuum insulated cooling box VIXELL -

How is the vacuum insulated cooling box "VIXELL" used in the actual COVID-19 vaccination site? This video is a documentary closely related to the site where VIXELL is useful for keeping cold in a certain temperature range for a long time even there is no power supply.

Tackling the Issue of Petroleum-Based Plastics with Sustainable Materials

From extraction to recycling, making use of cellulose fiber, a strong but light-weight material that can be sourced from industrial waste.

5G Era Plays to Strengths of High-Definition Power Line Communication

HD-PLC offers high performance, cost savings and connectivity benefits for billions who rely on IoT devices and services.

Global Webinar "New Opportunities in Network Ready Society" Held to Create Network for IoT Era

Osaka, Japan - Panasonic Corporation will hold a global webinar under the title of "New Opportunities in Network Ready Society -Repurposing the existing infrastructure-." In this free webinar, participants are invited to consider a network desirable for future lifestyles. Appli...

Introducing NICOBO - Panasonic's Smart but Vulnerable Companion

It's one of the paradoxes of 21st century life in developed countries. The more "connected" we become with each other via smartphones and social media, the more disconnected and lonely many of us feel. Some derive superficial stimulation from online games and similar distractions, but miss the emo...

Panasonic VIXELL Cooling Boxes - Helping to Beat the Global COVID-19 Pandemic

As soon as the global threat from the coronavirus became apparent one year ago, the race was on to develop vaccines that would offer protection and allow normal life to resume around the world. Understandably, much attention has since focused on the incredible speed at which these vaccines have bee...