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Six FREE 3D Models for Cinema 4D Users

Looking for FREE 3D models for your Cinema 4D projects? Check out these six models for use in C4D. Download easily now!

Complete Beginner’s Guide to Blender

New to Blender? Here’s what you need to know to get started using this powerful, free 3D creation suite. Download free 3D models to try it.

Beatport LINK Pro now lets you download 1,000 offline tracks

The latest update to Beatport LINK‘s Pro subscription – which runs at $30 USD per month – comes with a new feature that may be the appeal it needs to draw more users to the service. The Offline Locker storage feature, which previously allowed its subscribers to download 50 tracks for offline play, has increased its […]

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Intinor Expands Senior Team with Appointment of Christer Jernberg as Head of Software Development

Intinor, Sweden’s leading developer of products and solutions for high-quality video over internet, has made another high-level hire with the appointment of Christer Jernberg as its new Head of Software Development. Jernberg is the latest addition to the Intinor senior team as the company goes from strength to strength and joins in the wake of ...

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Mixed In Key Live can analyze tracks from streaming platforms, DAWs, and any audio on your Mac

Mixed In Key has launched their newest piece of software, Mixed In Key Live – an iteration of its well-established program, Mixed In Key, that offers a new set of features to broaden an artist’s ability to detect key, scale, and BPM of more tracks than ever. Here’s a quick rundown of its new features. Sound […]

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Maxon One Subscriptions Now Include Forger for Free

Friedrichsdorf, Germany – October 26, 2021 – Today, Maxon announced the inclusion of Forger with all Maxon One subscriptions with the release of Forger 1.8, an update to the company’s professional-level, digital 3D sculpting application for the iPad. New licensing options include a free version that brings sculpting to all iPad users, and a subscription ...

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Engine DJ 2.0 arrives with wireless Ableton LINK, onboard lighting control, new UI + more

Engine DJ has released an update to their flagship software today, Engine DJ 2.0 – available for both desktop and OS. The new system brings a swath of new features that aim to streamline the user experience and strengthen any artist’s toolkit: a new interface with faster processing, a wireless Ableton Link capability, onboard lighting […]

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Drift – Search engines through the lens of evolution

Drift – Search engines through the lens of evolution
This online exhibition lets you discover the intricate strata of code and network that operate to deliver the content of an online search. Drift reveals how these strata continuously evolve, even behind what seems a very well known, stable, familiar web site.

Beatsource + Mixcloud team up so you can record & share DJ sets online sans takedowns

It’s a well-known fact in the music industry that Mixcloud offers its own streaming platform, Mixcloud Live (first announced back in April 2020), that allows artists to legally livestream music and video without dealing with copyright take-downs. Just this week, Beatsource LINK announced a new partnership in conjunction with Mixcloud to utilize this capability – offering […]

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Latest Iteration of nxt|edit Gains Host of New Features Including ‘Auto Ducking’

nxtedition has added a raft of new features to its nxt|edit solution, including additional audio and video tracks, a blur function and an ‘auto ducking’ feature which will automatically reduce the level of other audio tracks when a voiceover is being recorded live. The nxt|edit feature was launched with the latest software upgrade earlier this year, and the philosophy was ...

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Mixxx – the free DJ software – gets a major update with 2.3.0 release

Par : Dan White
Mixxx 2.3 release

One of the most valuable free tools out there for DJs often goes undiscussed. Mixxx – which is a totally free, open-source, cross-platofrm DJing software – has gone through a big push over the last year to get it to a new release, 2.3.0. While we’ve covered Mixxx many times in the past on DJTT, […]

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RGBFAQ – From Bell Labs to synthetic datasets and the new ‘technical debt’

RGBFAQ – From Bell Labs to synthetic datasets and the <i>new</i> ‘technical debt’
Latest in the series of video essays by an artist and researcher Alan Warburton, is 'RGBFAQ', tracing the trajectory of computer graphics from WW2 to Bell Labs in the 1960s, from the visual effects studios of the 1990s to the GPU-assisted algorithms of the latest machine learning models.

Resolume presents Wire

Resolume excited to finally introduce a new addition to the Resolume family – say hello to Wire! Wire is a modular node-based patching environment to create effects, mixers and video generators for Arena & Avenue. Does the world really need another patching environment? Resolume thinks it does. There are some truly great patching environments available; […]

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Resolume presents Wire | LUMEN

Resolume presents Wire news. by Lumen Magazine. Video Art, VJ, Video Mapping Magazine

Beatport’s iOS app is here, & with it a company rebrand

Beatport is making the leap into the world of iOS with the release of their new mobile app for Beatport LINK users. It’s yet another step to grow the Beatport LINK ecosystem of DJ tools, with the intention of making an artist’s music searching, buying, prepping, and playing flow even easier. Now, with a Beatport […]

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RipX DeepRemix: split stereo files, create and remix stems with this AI software

Audio software manufacturer Hit’n’Mix has released a new source separation, sampling, and song creation program: RipX: DeepRemix. The new software sits at a price reachable for all levels of musicians: £79 inc VAT for UK, €85 inc VAT for EU, and $99 for North America & rest of the world. DeepRemix uses AI isolation algorithms […]

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Meet SEEDJ: a digital acceleration platform, academy for DJs to grow professionally

Announced earlier this month, a new web platform for DJs looking to grow in their career & skillset has emerged: SEEDJ. Self-described as “the first digital accelerator for techno, house, and tech-house DJs and producers”, it’s a one-stop platform that was created to bring “the services necessary for professional growth as a DJ/Producer” together under […]

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VirtualDJ’s 2021 Summer Edition: export individual track stems to your USB & more

VirtualDJ‘s new 2021 Summer Edition of its flagship software has arrived – and with it, a few major features that will make DJing quite interesting for its users. For starters: VirtualDJ PRO now enables you to export separated track stems onto your USB. The big one: track stem exporting As a refresher: last summer, VirtualDJ released […]

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Christmas Sale for VJ Loops & VJ Software 2021

Find out best offers of Christmas VJ Loops and software for 2021 Every year from the beginning of December numerous traditional red and shiny decorations appear all over the world. That’s so, because Christmas and New Year times is near, apparently! Themed parties and events are starting in all the different places. Rave parties and […]

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Webographie du jour : le Zeef du LeCollagiste

Zeef LeCollagiste

Un collecteur de liens, classés dans des blocs sur la thématique de l’image live sous toutes ses formes, VidéoMapping Software. Une liste de liens sur une seule page avec plus de 280 logiciels, applications et autre média serveur, des outils VJ’s, des tools NDI, Syphon ou Spout.

Méta moissonneur de liens collaboratif et curator VJ depuis 1999.

Zeef LeCollagiste

Webographie du jour : le Zeef du LeCollagiste est un billet de LeCollagiste VJ.
LeCollagiste VJ - Mag du LeCollagiste, actu sur la culture VJING, Vidéo Mapping, info video et high tech.

About Kusmos Live by Kuflex Lab

Par : Marco Savo

During these tough and uncertain times it has been inspiring to see so many audiovisual artists and events coming up with tools and formats to overcome the quarantine restrictions and social distancing.

A few weeks back the guys from Kuflex Lab reached out to showcase their latest tool that stands out among all the virtual/hybrid solutions we have seen so far. Kusmos Live allows to turn online concerts into interactive digital shows. Pretty neat uh?

Kusmos - Kuflex Lab - Audiovisual Interactive Tool

Let’s dive in and explore how it works. Down to the nitty-nerdy-gritty Kusmos is a custom VJ software written on openFrameworks + VDMX5 + Syphon.

In spring 2020 Kuflex studio began an experimental project Kusmos Live. The purpose of the experiment was to upgrade the Kusmos system in order to create a interactive online home shows.

In 2018-2019 the Russian audiovisual studio experimented with the innovative tool together with SILA SVETA studio on the Therr Maitz concert, Caprices Festival 2018, Nina Kraviz experimental performance at Coachella 2019.

OK, really cool but how exactly does interactivity work? We gave some feedback to Kuflex lab with a few tricky questions to better understand the whole potential of this new audiovisual tool.

KUFLEX: The Tracker program receives depth-sensor data, calibrates a point cloud as we need it (we can rotate the cloud, cut off everything you don’t need keeping only the data of the artist oneself and merge point clouds from two sensors) and sends it to the renderer (UE4 scene).

Scene functions build a 3D model using the data provided by the Tracker and then we can layer all kinds of features with effects on the model and also transform and distort it according to the artistic concept. We also captured video from the laptop’s webcam and sometimes showed its picture. 3D scene acting as the artist surrounding, a set of virtual cameras for capturing from different viewpoints and visual effects were set up in advance in the Unreal Engine. Then the OBS program captures the video of the launched scene and sends it to the video streaming server.

Kusmos Live - audiovisual tool

During our second live experiment we tested some new features for the viewers interactive communication with the stream. While Leksha (Smolensk, Russia) was playing his ambient-set, a VJ (Moscow, Russia) was controlling visual effects with the use of commands via YouTube chat in real-time mode. Our team has implemented this function between the concerts and decided not to tell the viewers about it.

During the stream, noticing weird messages in the chat, some of the viewers started to realize that they could not only send a message to the chat but to even affect visualization. In the end the concert has turned into a digital quest. Some viewers picked up effect control by sending particular commands to the chat. We have yet to comprehend how to develop this function in the future.

 AVC: We think it’s a really interesting and innovative project responding to the challenges of the pandemic. In terms of appeal for VJs there is the risk of potentially being extremely limited for the audiovisual artists creativity, and the aesthetic I guess would always be the same.

It would be key for the tool to have a wider range of possibilities of customization for the artists otherwise they might get tired soon. I guess they all want to leave their unique mark in the scene.

KUFLEX: Kusmos is a universal software tool, with the possibility of variability of visual and interactive solutions. As a rule, our team creates a virtual stage specifically for the performance of the musician. Of course, we want to upgrade the program creating a database with different scenes, effects. In this case, the user will be able to construct the scene himself and combine the effects for his live/stream. 

AVC: It’s a bit unusual to keep promoting the idea of “God is DJ”. Is the DJ persona so relevant the viewer wants to watch during the entire show in a virtual environment?

KUFLEX: Regarding Kusmos Live project, the Kuflex team is collaborating with various musicians. We wanted to support the performers. So this approach determined the emphasis on the figure of the musician on the virtual stage, under whose musical personality, sound we come up with a visual solution. We do not just shoot a video with a musician, as is often done in broadcasts, but create a digital avatar that changes depending on the script, music and VJ control.

At the same time, Kusmos Live is primarily a show, a kind of mix of live performance, a computer game and fantastic movie. The virtual camera can fly through digital space, we can switch to different visual elements of the scene and include additional visual effects to the music.

Kusmos Live - Audiovisual Tool

We try to achieve the effect of real interaction with the viewer as well. Our team is developing a function of interaction through chat – viewers’ comments fall into the scene, they can affect the content through certain chat commands. But Kusmos can be used by artists of other genres. In the near future we want to try to create a dance performance. Now we are discussing this idea with one Russian choreographer.

We will explore the topic of distances – where physical space ends, digital begins, the relationship of body and sound. Both dance and music will take place in live format.

Technically, the performer will find himself in different areas of camera scanning, on the screen we will observe how his digital avatar changes. Again, it will all be like shooting a movie in one shot and in real time!

360 Visual Festival - audiovisual event
AVC: We truly appreciate the viewers becoming active, participating and communicating with the stream. That creates a collective experience. Could people really tell if this was a live performance or not? It feels like the interaction should be more meaningful somehow, with a bigger impact to the overall audiovisual artwork.

KUFLEX: Our team worked on a concert from different cities. We thought about how best to organise remote control of virtual cameras and effects. And suddenly our creative director had an idea to manage content through Youtube chat. During the broadcast, he wrote commands like cam1 (switching camera 1), stars ( the star effect was launched).

We intentionally did not talk about this function in advance to get the quest. As a result, some viewers guessed and began to help in managing the scene. We explore different possibilities about other ways of interaction.

In the future we want to create a client application for connecting to the broadcast via a mobile phone, desktop PC screen or VR. We intend to develop Kusmos as an art tool. Our team believes in a power of collective interaction. We want to give a palette of visual solutions, effects. Let’s all together create beauty here and now! This idea is a sincere inspiration for us. 

AVC:  We would like to know more about how the collaboration you have done with Leksha where the viewers were controlling visual effects with the use of commands via YouTube chat in real-time mode.” How does the input of data modify the visuals? is it like a live coding or common human language and how it is related to the VR software?

kusmos live - kuflex and leksha - audiovisual artists

KUFLEX: Usually in an offline format, we work like this: musicians play music, and VJ manages visual content live using MIDI controllers. Some effects are linked to the amplitude of the sound. But in a situation where we did not have the opportunity to be onsite will all team, we decided to make control through chat commands.

We wrote a special function for our software that receives data from chat on YouTube using the Google API. We came up with several commands, for example: cam1, cam2, skin1, skin2, electric noise, lasers and the like. And when someone in the chat wrote one of these words, then a certain visual effect or a corresponding camera was included in our program.

In general, we have an idea to expand the number of commands and their appearance, so that it looks more like live coding. For example, add numerical arguments to the commands, which will additionally specify the parameters of a particular visual effect.

As for virtual reality, we have plans to create our own application for viewers who can watch live broadcasts using VR devices, thus more deeply immersing themselves in the atmosphere of the digital scene and additionally receive personal effects. 

Kusmos Live - audiovisual tool
 AVC: Fascinating this idea of “universal tool” for content in real time and interactive show. We think it’s important now to dig more into the idea of how it can involve more people in the creative process. It opens new ways of investigation on how to make every audiovisual experience unique, not only in terms of the aesthetics of the piece but also regarding the narrative.

KUFLEX: Yes, this is the main object of research for us. Usually, a limited number of people can come to the offline exhibition. So we want to overcome any space frames. With Kusmos we don’t have any restrictions online! We can find ourselves in amazing digital worlds that are impossible in the physical world.

Now that Kuflex Lab and its creation Kusmos entered our radar we will most definitely keep following their progression, as always supporting innovation and creativity in the audiovisual art world.

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Par : Marco Savo

A Russian studio of interactive audiovisual art.

Kuflex Lab is formed by audiovisual artists exploring the newest ways of using video, sound and light, tracking technology and generative graphics to allow viewers to dive into that digital space and feel it to the fullest.

Kuflex large-scale interactive installations dismantle stereotypes of sensory perception. Immersive effect switches off rational evaluative perception and provokes spontaneous emotions of inner child.

A small team creates magic installations and art projects, exploring mechanisms of interaction and inter-influence of inter-subjective reality and its digital projection.

Interacting with constantly changing projection, the viewer enters meditative state, turns from a passive observer into a co-creator. Thus, in “Symbiosis” installation the viewer literally merges with the alien creature, becoming a digital avatar that can be controlled by him or her. 

Installations by Kuflex have been featured in many Russian and foreign exhibitions, festivals, museums, science and education centers in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Krasnoyarsk, Tyumen, Abrau-Dyurso, Netanya (Israel), Antalya (Turkey), Athens (Greece, ADAF), Las-Vegas (USA, CES), Beijing (China,China Science and Technology Museum), Manila (Philippines) and others.

Since 2018 the studio has been working on Kusmos software system for interactive visual content of online home concerts. In April 2020 it started  developing Kusmos live version thus turning any stream from home into a fantastic 3D show.



Facebook| Instagram | Vimeo | YouTube


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EVS rachète Axon et concrétise la plus importante acquisition de son histoire

La société belge EVS va débourser 10,5 millions d’euros en cash et par endettement, et ajoutera jusqu’à 2,5 millions d’euros selon les prochains résultats d’Axon (earn-out). La marque Axon (CA 2019 : 17,5M€) sera absorbée par EVS au cours des prochaines semaines et son portefeuille de produits sera intégré dans l’offre globale EVS. « L’objectif est de reprendre tous les collaborateurs d’Axon et d’investir davantage dans leur technologie et leur expertise », indique EVS dans un communiqué.

EVS est le spécialiste des technologies vidéo en direct pour les producteurs, diffuseurs

Grâce à l’intégration du portefeuille de produits (Neuron, Cerebrum, Synapse) de son cousin néerlandais Axon, EVS offrira à ses clients une infrastructure de production pour les tournages vidéo en direct très complète, une gestion optimisée des ressources, une plus grande évolutivité et un déploiement plus rapide sur les lieux de tournage lors des opérations en direct à distance (remote production). Les clients d’EVS pourront également mettre en œuvre des solutions clés en main pour faire migrer en douceur leur infrastructure vers l’IP et la production à distance.

Les acquisitions sont rares pour EVS. La plus récente concernait Scalable Video System GmbH (SVS) au début de 2015, qui est aujourd’hui le mélangeur Dvyi dans le portefeuille d’EVS. Précédement, EVS avait acquis Open Cube Solutions (toolkit MXF) au début de 2010.


260 liens sur VideoMapping Software, liste de liens collaborative

VideoMapping Software

Une page de liens dédiée à la culture VJing et VidéoMapping. L’image live à l’honneur sur VidéoMapping Software avec 260 liens répartis sur 9 catégories : #VJSoftware #VideoMapping #MediaServer #VJTools #NDITools #VideoTools #CreatingLive #SyphonTools #Frameworks.

Un méta moissonneur de lien collaboratif pour trouver l’application idéale à mettre dans votre boite à outils vidéo live.

Curator VJ depuis 1999.

VideoMapping Software

260 liens sur VideoMapping Software, liste de liens collaborative est un billet de LeCollagiste VJ.
LeCollagiste VJ - Mag du LeCollagiste, actu sur la culture VJING, Vidéo Mapping, info video et high tech.

TouchDesigner Summit 2019

Summit Update April 19, 2019 We have finalized the TouchDesigner Summit 2019 program bringing together a roster of star operators from all over the world to deliver 45 workshops, 21 talks and of course wherever 350 TouchDesigneurs gather there will be no shortage of excitement on the side. Full program to be released soon followed […]

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Groupe M6 : un pas en avant vers la transition IP de ses infrastructures techniques

M6 Mathias Bejanin CTO M6

Mathias Bejanin, CTO du groupe M6

Harmonic, le fabriquant américain de matériels audiovisuels, vient d’équiper les chaînes du groupe M6 en serveurs de diffusion et de stockage qui contribueront au passage de son infrastructure réseau classique SDI à un dispositif média sur réseau IP. Ces équipements s’appuient sur les nouvelles normes SMPTE ST 2110 (professional media over managed IP networks) qui caractérisent la livraison des médias sur réseau IP ; ainsi que la norme SMPTE 2022-7 (seamless protection switching) qui définit une commutation « propre » des flux vidéo sur réseau IP.

Harmonic Spectrum X

Serveur Spectrum X Harmonic

« Nous faisons confiance aux solutions d’Harmonic depuis plus de dix ans et nous apprécions leur engagement en matière de fiabilité et d’innovation explique Mathias Bejanin, directeur technique du groupe M6. Quand notre infrastructure sera prête pour la production en direct sur IP, nous serons les premiers sur le marché à déployer cette technologie, marquant ainsi notre avance en matière d’innovation, d’efficacité et de sécurité des process ».

Harmonic MediaGrid

Stockage partagé MediaGrid Harmonic.

Les produits Harmonic sélectionnés par M6 incluent les serveurs Spectrum X et le stockage partagé MediaGrid. Les premiers serviront à l’acquisition des contenus, la commutation des sources en direct avec leurs habillages graphiques, les DVE, leur diffusion 24h/24 – 7j/7, la vérification des flux et leur supervision manuelle via le contrôleur vidéo Omnium (Broadteam). Le stockage partagé MediaGrid Harmonic sera rattaché aux opérations de montage et de diffusion au sein des équipes de M6.


M6 Mathias Bejanin CTO M6

Harmonic Spectrum X

Harmonic MediaGrid

Reality Zero One Secures £285k Funding for New Digital Reality Capture Platform

Par : lumenadmin

  London, 18 April 2018 – Reality Zero One (R01) today announced that it has secured £285,000 investment from startup funders and private investors to enhance its new digital reality capture platform. The tech makes it easy to capture ultra-high-definition 3D versions of real-world objects for use in any virtual or augmented-reality application. With the virtual/augmented reality […]

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Apprendre les scénographies digitales avec HeavyM

Par : severine

  Unisphères met le vidéo mapping au service du spectacle vivant   Nous avons eu le plaisir de recevoir récemment un message ul . . .

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Georacing à la manœuvre sur le suivi virtuel de la compétition du Tour Voile 2018

La société Trimaran a été choisie par Amaury Sport Organisation (ASO) pour déployer ses technologies Georacing de tracking GPS et de visualisation virtuelle d’événements sportifs « outdoor » (en extérieur) lors du Tour Voile 2018 (l’ancien Tour de France à la voile), du 6 juillet au 22 juillet, soit 15 jours de compétition et 2 jours de repos. Un parcours qui débute à Dunkerque et se termine à Nice.


Grâce à des balises GPS positionnées sur les bateaux des 26 teams participants, les fans peuvent suivre en temps réel toutes les régates sur un lecteur vidéo interactif pour le digital (web et mobile). Positionnements, vitesses, écarts, classements… sont accessibles à tous, via le lien « Cartographie » du site internet du Tour Voile et grâce à l’application mobile Georacing (iOS & Android). Georacing réalise quotidiennement des séquences virtuelles en 3D en alternance sur la finale des stades nautiques et le raid côtier qui viennent enrichir le contenu des résumés sportifs diffusés dès le lendemain sur différents médias (TV & Digital).


Cette année, le Tour Voile fête ses 40 ans. Plus condensé que les années précédentes et alternant entre des manches en Stades Nautiques et des Raids Côtiers, il est encore plus intense et exigeant pour les participants. Il passe notamment par Dunkerque, Dieppe, Barneville-Carteret, Baden-Golfe du Morbihan, Gruissan, Hyères et Nice.