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A Filmmaker’s Guide to Creating Holograms

With Stereoscopy's demise, are Holograms the way forward to true 3D? If so, how can you get involved? Let's find out.

Are Holograms Here to Stay?

olograms in films, advertising, and promotions are mostly used as an effect, but how long before they become mainstream narrative devices?

Have Audience Scores Lost Their Merit?

Let's take a look at the pros and cons of how critics and audience film scores are shaping the film industry.

The Filmmaker’s Guide to the Apocalypse

The apocalypse film is a Hollywood favorite, but it's often misunderstood. Here's what the enterprising apocalypse filmmaker needs to know.

Laura Seay on Transitioning from Actor to Director

PremiumBeat sat down with actor-turned-director Laura Seay for first-hand insights on the challenges and rewards in making this transition.

NAB 2022: Is The Once Coveted Trade Show Still Relevant?

With NAB 2022 recently behind us—and the reviews in—did this notable trade show live up to its past expectations? Let's talk about that.

NAB 2022: Samsung’s New Shielded T7 SSD

Perhaps the most significant, earth-shattering announcement at this year's NAB? Samsung's release of their new "shielded" SSD external drive.

NAB 2022: CORE SWX Customizes Battery Power for ATOMOS Devices

Battery and charging specialist CORE SWX announced that they were designing power units customized for ATOMOS products. Let's take a look.

NAB 2022: Aputure Tease with the MC Pro

At NAB 2022, Aputure gives us a preview of what is to come for the slim, pocket-sized line with the prototype version of the Aputure MC Pro.

NAB 2022: Skyglass App for Virtual Production

Skyglass’ App uses iPhone’s LiDAR sensor for real-time virtual production. Let’s get into the nuts and bolts of this new filmmaking prospect. NAB is so big that …

NAB 2022: Atlas Lens’ New Wide 21mm Anamorphic Lens

Next up from NAB, Atlas Lens Co. announced the release of their new ultra-wide 21mm anamorphic lens. Let’s take a look. One of the fastest-growing cinema lens …

NAB 2022: Aputure’s New Full Color Point-Source 600c Pro

Aputure continues to change the game by bringing one of the most powerful point-source RGBWW lights on the market.

NAB 2022: DZOFILM Add 14-35mm Pictor Zoom To Their Cine Zoom Lens Line-Up

DZOFILM's third Pictor zoom lens covers the wide-angle range within the three lenses currently offered. Let's get into some specs.

NAB 2022: Can Bosma Succeed with Their New 8K Cameras?

US home security company Bosma launched three new 8K cameras for content creation and broadcast markets at NAB 2022. Let's take a look.

NAB 2022: Canon C300 Mk III and C500 Mk II Receive C2C Firmware Updates

If you can’t make it to NAB in person, don't worry, we've got you covered with exciting firmware updates on Canon C300 Mk III and C500 Mk …

NAB 2022: ATOMOS Launches Their Cloud Studio

Exciting news from ATOMOS with their launch of the Cloud Studio. Let's take a look at some of these details and specs now.

Is Greig Fraser The New Roger Deakins?

We all know Deakins is the best, but has Greig Fraser quietly become the next most inspirational cinematographer in the business?

Filming in the Metaverse

Let's dive into the Metaverse and learn how in the whole wide virtual world you go about harnessing its potential.

PG vs. R Ratings: What’s the Difference for Summer Action Films?

A film's rating ensures a certain kind of audience. Here, we discuss the logic and thought process behind making a summer action film.

Broadcast Specialists offers Marketing for Marketeers

Broadcast Tech specialist, RainDance Digital, begins offering augmented marketing expertise Flexible Digital Marketing services specifically for broadcast tech and TV production companies Ideal for new sales lead generation in a time of uncertain trade show attendance Amsterdam, Netherlands – 20 January 2022  – RainDance Digital, a global service provider of digital marketing expertise for the broadcast technology ...

The post Broadcast Specialists offers Marketing for Marketeers appeared first on Broadcast Beat - Broadcast, Motion Picture & Post Production Industry News and Information.

Say Goodbye to the Canon DSLR

As an homage to Canon's EOS line of cameras, we asked a few PremiumBeat contributors to weigh in on how these cameras impacted their career.

SMPTE Hollywood to Explore the Impact of Machine Learning on Visual Effects

Free monthly Zoom meeting slated for January 26. Studio City, Calif.— On January 26, SMPTE Hollywood and the Visual Effects Society (VES) will cohost a virtual meeting exploring the current and future impact of machine learning on visual effects. Autodesk’s Will Harris, Foundry’s Mathieu Mazerolle and Unity Technologies’ Brian Gaffney will discuss how their companies ...

The post SMPTE Hollywood to Explore the Impact of Machine Learning on Visual Effects appeared first on Broadcast Beat - Broadcast, Motion Picture & Post Production Industry News and Information.

YouTubers Behold: The New Nikon Z9 (And Why It Doesn’t Really Matter)

Another year, another new camera. Let's discuss the release of Nikon's Z9 and what it could mean for YouTube nation.

Did Spider-Man: No Way Home Save Cinema (or Kill It)?

Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man pulled big returns at the box office, but at what cost—what do your Spidey-senses say?

Break Genre Rules Like a Master Filmmaker

Genre conventions help film audiences know what to expect, but there's a fine line between rewarding expectations and making something truly innovative.

Our Favorite Articles of 2021

With 2021 coming to a close, we decided to revisit some of our favorite articles, videos, and freebies published this year.

Find Inspiration Beyond the Big Screen

Filmmakers can draw inspiration from a number of sources. Check out these recommendations to broaden your horizons.

Senior Post Joins Post New York Alliance (PNYA)

NEW YORK CITY— Post New York Alliance (PNYA) proudly announces Senior Post, Brooklyn, as a new company member. Founded in 2012 by Josh Senior and Joanna Naugle, Senior Post is the largest editorial house in Brooklyn with 17 offline suites. It also provides dailies, editorial finishing, color grading and deliverables, while serving clients including Netflix, ...

The post Senior Post Joins Post New York Alliance (PNYA) appeared first on Broadcast Beat - Broadcast, Motion Picture & Post Production Industry News and Information.

5 Tips for Managing Mental Health in Post-Production

Editor, colorist, and founder of The Finish Line, Zeb Chadfield shares his tips for putting your mental health first.