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The Noise Factor: When Is Digital Noise Okay in a Shot?

Digital noise is a dignified enemy for low-budget filmmakers and content creators. But when would it be okay to let a noisy shot slide?

The Surprisingly Fascinating World of Frame Rates

Let's take a closer look at a few different frame rates and how you can utilize them in your film and video projects.

Filmmaking with the Greats: Production Problem-solving

Filmmaking is problem-solving. The tools of the trade aren’t molds into which we cram the stuff of filmmaking. They’re the tools we use to try to tame …

Useful Movie Magic With Forced Perspective

Forced perspective is an age-old practical effect with some clever applications for your own low budget movie needs.

The Art of Split Screen

The split-screen technique has been used by film editors and VFX artists for over 100 years. Take a look at its evolution during two prominent decades.

The Earliest Work of 7 Modern Filmmaking Masters

Before they were household names making blockbuster films and winning Oscars, your favorite directors began just like everyone else. Here are some of their seldom-seen first forays …

Color Schemes in Filmmaking

Journey through the power of colors and color schemes in filmmaking and convey mood effectively in your next video project.

How DJI Won Over the Film Industry

DJI of ten years ago wasn't the electronics powerhouse it is today. Here's how the company disrupted the drone and stabilization industry.

An Ode to Top Gun

With the release of Maverick, Top Gun is now one of the best-known film franchises in the world. Let's look at what makes these films great.

Mo-Sys to demonstrate live broadcast and cinematic Virtual Production at IBC 2022

Mo-Sys Engineering, world leader in precision camera tracking solutions for Virtual Production (VP), is to lead the market with stunning demonstrations and critical collaborations at IBC2022. The demonstrations will focus on cutting-edge applications for broadcast and cinematic production. The premium European manufacturer Alfalite and its exceptional LED display Modularpix Pro 1.9mm, and ground-breaking 8-color fos/4 […]

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In Praise of the Car Chase (and How to Film Your Own)

The car chase seems like a straightforward scene — in reality, it's anything but. Let's go behind the scenes with this Hollywood staple.

Seabrook Recreates Underwater Rescues with ZEISS Supreme & Radiance Primes for “The Rescue” Jimmy Chin and Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi’s film, The Rescue tells the story of the 2018 Tham Luang cave rescue in which twelve boys’ from the Wild Boars Football club and their coach were trapped in a flooded cave complex in Thailand. Documenting the huge risks taken by a team of specialist divers during […]

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The Most Expensive Cinema Cameras You Can Actually Own

Par : Mike Maher

These are the most expensive cameras you can actually purchase from each major cinema camera manufacturer.

Are Marvel Movies Finally On The Way Out? 

Criticisms and less-than-stellar box office returns might mean a blockbuster change is coming. Could this be the end of the Marvel Era?

Find Cinematic Inspiration with These Visionary Photographers

Cinematographers can find inspiration in many different media. Explore the work of these dynamic photographers for fresh ideas to apply to your own work.

The Cine Lens Manual – A Must-Have For Cinematographers

Par : Mike Maher

This manual is packed with history, basics, and all the technical specs you'll need to know to become a master cinematographer.

Cine Gear Expo 2022 Programing Spotlight

Cine Gear Expo, the industry’s premier cine-centric event series dedicated to the technology and art of professional filmmaking and content creation for over 26 years is coming back, full power with exhibits, film competition, seminars, screenings, and more. It's the place to reconnect with colleagues, friends, and collaborators in the casual Cine Gear style at the Los Angeles Convention Center, West Hall, June 9th-12th, 2022.

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Meet the New ARRI ALEXA 35

Par : Mike Maher

ARRI has announced their newest digital cinema camera, the ALEXA 35. Meet the new standard for filmmaking cameras.

The Best Camera for a New Content Creator

Of course, there's no such thing, but we look at a combination of features and prices of cameras that we think will get you closer to it.

Redefining “Grace and Frankie” with DPs Gale Tattersall and Luke Miller

An interview with two of the DPs behind Netflix’s Grace and Frankie on how they worked to give the classic sitcom look new life. 

Best Video Drones Under $1000

Capture amazing footage without the price tag. We've put together a list of stellar, affordable drones for your next filmmaking endeavor.

Is Greig Fraser The New Roger Deakins?

We all know Deakins is the best, but has Greig Fraser quietly become the next most inspirational cinematographer in the business?

Frontier Man: Cinematographer Greig Fraser

Greig Fraser doesn't see problems, just opportunities. We track his rise to the top and his journey on the frontier of cinematography.

Favorite Focal Lengths of Famous Directors

Notable filmmakers develop signature styles that we recognize. Let's look at the favorite focal lengths of a few famous directors.

Snapbag® Triple Tube Solutions for Helios and Titan

February 28, 2022—DoPchoice adds smart solutions for tripling up on Astera’s game-changing Helios and Titan Tubes. Triple Tube Snapbags arrive fully-assembled in matching black pouches. They feature DoPchoice’s trademark metallic light-intensifying interiors which boost output over 50%. Three Astera tubes neatly fit within, ready to be secured with hook & loop straps. Thanks to DoPchoice’s ...

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ZEISS Cinema Americas On-Site at SXSW

Austin Texas, March 13-16, 2022, Booth 433 Los Angeles, Calif: The ZEISS Cinematography Team will be attending and supporting this year’s South by Southwest Creative Industries Expo. Held at the Austin Convention Center March 13-16, ZEISS will participate in the southwest’s renowned entertainment industry gathering, previewing new tech at their exhibit booth, presenting a panel ...

The post ZEISS Cinema Americas On-Site at SXSW appeared first on Broadcast Beat - Broadcast, Motion Picture & Post Production Industry News and Information.

Denis Villeneuve and Clever Workarounds Filmmakers Use on Set

Take a peek behind-the-scenes into how even big-budget directors use some of the same creative DIY tricks that you do.