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Tatsuru Arai

Par : Marco Savo

The spectrum of audiovisual artists is as broad as the tools and different languages available.

Each artist explores a particular area of the audiovisual. The sum of all their artwork is what defines audiovisual culture.

Of course the definition is fluid and ever-changing due to the technological evolution and the constant offspring of new artistic languages.

Tatsuru Arai investigation embraces one of the most important aspect of the audiovisual culture: the synesthesia, the condition under which two or more senses are perceived simultaneously. In his specific case by visualizing the geometric structure that rigs the musical composition.

Tatsuru Arai - Audiovisual artist

One of the first artists to investigate the relations between music and imagery was Kandinski. He explored how different shapes and colours relate to each other by communicating different movements to the viewer. Same as different notes, rhythm and music patterns relate to our inner soul, triggering different emotional movements.

The Japanese artist (currently living in Berlin) features an interesting background of music composition, computer programming and multimedia art. Arai’s generative art is highly complex and goes beyond the audiovisual genre. It takes on a profound reflection around the universe and its structure based on vibrations, as advocated by the theoretical framework of the string theory.

His series “Principle of Hyper Serial Music” starts a direct dialogue with the Serialism movement developed by René Leibowitz and Pierre Boulez. The series adds “innovation” to the three main points of the serial music: “structural”, “complex” and “noisy”. Arai achieves this by incorporating AI within the musical composition and the visualization of its structure.

The result is an audiovisual duet between human and machine with the two elements constantly learning from each other in his ever-evolving investigation. Ultimately, Tatsuru uses the sound and its visualization as a key to make experience of the nature of the universe, even if just a small part of it.



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