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NDI Subnets

Par : alonso
Hi friends, can you help me understand the NDI process

I understand that for the discovery and registration procces NDI device Send a broadcast signal on the network. so if other divice is in different IP segment , that signal cant reach out this device and therefore the second device will not see the first device, I'm ok with that right?

this is my enviroment.

I have 1 router with IP here there is an IPAD with NDI Cam ( from sienna)
this router feed other router that has IP here there is a Tricaster and also and NDI monitor with other PC

on the NDI monitor and Tricaster I can see the device name IPAD but when I choose it there is not image ( my first quesion here is, how can i able to see at least the device name if in theory mDNS is not able to reach out that device?)

I run access manager and set up remote source for the ipad and after that everything work fine.
so my second question is, what did do access manager in order to solved the problem?

Screen Capture OBS Problems

Par : davdue
We built a new Ryzen computer and I can't get the NDI to display properly on the new computer. We use NDI to send the song lyrics from EasyWorship V7 from the Ryzen to our streaming computer. We have been doing this before with an older Version of NDI Tools that has Scan Converter in it. This may be an OBS problem but I thought I would start by asking here. Last night when I tried the new computer with the old computer also connected on the network all I could get was monitor 2 of the old computer. When I changed the setting in OBS from the old computer monitor 2 to any other one it didn't change in OBS at all unless saved the properties and came back to the properties screen. Then it would show me what I had last selected but no matter what I did I couldn't get anything by the Old computer monitor 2 to display in OBS. Any help would be appreciated.

Unreal Engine & NDI - Stand alone game issue?

Par : Weavercore
Hey guys!

I'm new to the forum, had a quick look but couldn't find a definitive answer to this. I have multiple NDI inputs working in Unreal Engine viewport, all good, once i try to do a stand alone game or build the exe, everything works but the NDI.

The NDI inputs are just black, have read on some other forums and groups that this is not still fully supported in UE4? Anyone have any answers or workaround to make this work?

Thanks again.


Remotec control of an iPhone

Par : tdenson
I really love NDI support on an iPhone and so much so that I have just replaced our church camera technology with NDI iPhone based cameras as it gives us so much flexibility in where we can position the cameras.
However, what I would really love is remote control access to the phone so I can zoom in/out without having to physically touch the phone. I'm not aware of any apps that will do this - except the inbuilt camera app on the Apple Watch which can zoom remotely. So it obviously is technically possible. However, perhaps Apple don't expose the appropriate APIs to general developers ?

I know this isn't strictly an NDI topic but it must be relevant to users of the NewTek iPhone app.

Sorry for the typo in the title, I can't edit it

OBS not getting feed

Par : mmartin611
Setup: MacBook Air with OBS receiving NDI feed from IMac 2020 with ProPresenter 7 . OBS finds the NDI feed but I get no data through the feed. Assuming that since it finds it, it's not a network problem, could be wrong. I also don't get anything through NDI Video Monitor. Any Suggestions? Other steps to trouble shoot.

NDI Tools 4.6 is out

Par : Folloh

I just realized that a new version of NDI Tools, version 4.6 is out now. The Homepage still says 4.5 but the download is 4.6. The naming off the apps is also new and the homepage has old informations.

Is there a changelog available?

Changes I found:

  • NDI Scan Coverter is now NDI Screen Capture
  • Screen Capture HX (uses NVDIA GPU, Full resolution screen capture up to 4K, at frame-rates up to 120 Hz, dedicated encoding pipeline on NVIDIA hardware, Incredibly low latency screen capture)
  • NDI Virtual Input is now NDI Webcam Input

If someone has a changelog, post it.


NDI Scan Converter Audio Lag

Par : Jmunk
I've been using NDI scan converter as part of my dual PC stream setup and it's been a wonderful and easy setup and process, except for this one problem. Over the course of the stream, there becomes an audio delay between my camera (elgato cam link) and my voice (transmitted from gaming PC to stream PC over NDI). I can fix it by resetting my NDI setting for the mic from silence back to my mic.

Obviously though, it's not ideal, as I sometimes have to do this 3-4 times a stream. I've tried both source timing and network, and have had this problem on both (although it's possible source timing was a bit better). Both PC's have gigabit internet cards. Both are wired, and I'm getting around 400mbps on both. Anyone have any ideas or suggestions?

Lost NDI communication on one cam only

Par : pdsavard
Hi, we got 4 cam Newtek PTZ UHD with latest firmware connected in each NDI port of our TricasterMini.
Several times in production, we lost the same cam, the image came fixe, preset do not work anymore and we lost the sound connected to the audio in port. But, the webpage of the cam work, and the preset on the webpage make the cam move but we do not receive image anymore. Most of the time, I restart the cam with the button on the web interface and after 1-2 min all come back for a while.
This cam is the one that have the longest Cat6 wire (about 225 feets) so we will transfer from POE to a local PSU to test, but like the webpage work, I don't think the cam lost power...
Any advice?

NDI HX Capture Audio Issue while Streaming

Par : jshaned
Here is what I am using:

iPhone 12
OBS 26.1
Latest version of NDI HX Capture
Windows 10

I start OBS, then NDI. I begin all game. All is good and I see the phone screen on my PC.

I test via Start Recording - everything sounds great.

Then I hit Start Streaming and all hell breaks loose.

My mic audio constantly scrambles and is all sorts of messed up. When I am recording in OBS, it is fine, but the moment I stream live to Twitch, my mic audio flips into a big mess. If you check out the link on my latest streams, you can hear what is happening.

I'm not the most tech savvy person when it comes to these streaming stuff, but I feel like I've done enough to understand when there is a problem. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. I'd prefer to go this route using this app rather than forking over a couple hundred bucks for a capture card.

NDI Virtual Input Mac not working in Zoom (for M1) and Microsoft Teams (run on M1)

Par : MarHar

I just noted that the new Arm-version for the Apple M1 CPU of Zoom does not find the NDI Video source. I downgraded Zoom to the Intel-based version which is run through Rosetta 2 and then it works.

Microsoft Teams, which runs on Intel through Rosetta 2 does not find the NDI Virtual input either. I tried the same set up on another Mac with Intel-CPU and it works.

Is this issue on Newtek's side or Zoom/Microsoft's?

Kind regards;

Is this switch acceptable?

Par : Headline

Would this Ubiquiti managed switch be acceptable for a basic network bringing in 5-8 NDI sources? Sources might include several instances of Scan Converter, or a couple of cameras.

Thanks in advance.

ndi acces manager not working

Par : NijsJonas
Hi all,
i tried to make my ndi streams private today but it doesnt seem to be working, what i did:

on one computer i ran acces manager, deleted the public group from both receive groups and output groups, added a custom group called jonas pressed ok and opened up screen capture
on another computer which doesnt have the jonas group in either receive or output groups i can still see my screen capture

Silent NDI Tools installation

Par : artyerb
Prior to NDI Tools 4.6.0 I was able to silently install the NDI Tools onto a computer. My company is using machines in Amazon's EC2 cloud, and we have a setup script that was running the installer with the /silent flag to install the tools without me needing to manually click through all of the steps. The new release has broken this functionality.

I routinely set 10-30 new machines to install the NDI tools as part of their setup, so having silent installation is critical to a smooth machine setup. Can this be fixed for the new release?

NDI Scan Converter conflicting with HDMI Capture Device

Par : SBC2012
We use 2 NDI sources for our church's livestream. One is from a Blackmagic Ultrastudio Scan Converter receiving a HDMI signal from a camera. The other source is a screen capture with the NDI Scan Converter of our presentation. Both are running on the same iMac running the latest version of Big Sur, 11.1. Both sources are running the latest, non-beta, firmware/software.

When we livestream using Ecamm Live, the video feed is not smooth. The video from the camera may freeze for a moment and then "jump" to catch up or "slow down" and then suddenly everything goes into "fast motion" to catch up to the current live video feed.

Through diagnostics we have found that if we quit the NDI Scan Converter app; everything returns to normal and the video feed does not freeze or slow down. There seems to be a conflict between the 2 sources in NDI. Any thoughts or suggestions on how to correct this?

This same question has been presented to Ecamm Live and Blackmagic hoping to find a solution together. Thank you in advance for your help!

No audio on Screen Capture (Scan Converter) W10 [SOLVED]

Par : funkyhut
This was going to be a call for help but I solved the issue but in doing so could not find anything to point me to the solution so I'm posting here incase it can assist others.
I just bought a new PC with a ROG Maximus XII HERO (Wi-Fi) motherboard. I spent 2 days trying to get the NDI Screen Capture to work. Video was fine but no sound.
To fix the problem I finally uninstalled both Sonic Studio and Sonic Studio Virtual Mixer, which are auto installed with the motherboard drivers, and then everything worked just fine.
Thank You.

ndi sdk4.5用于ue4无法下载

Par : w6186280
ndi sdk4.5用于ue4无法下载。。请求下载帮助

Monitoring NDI video health

Par : marvick300
Is there a way to monitor the "health" of an NDI stream. I am dealing with my NDI video freezing, in my control room from my basketball arena. I.T. tells me they have made no changes in the switches/networks but every camera was freezing and even my Dante audio lag was no bad it would not connect. This makes me think it is an IT/network problem and not a hardware problem. I just need a way to show them this.

connecting Minrray camera to Tricaster Mini NDI

Par : Jacob.h
Hi all,

We've bought the Newtec TC mini recently and also bought the Aida-HD-NDI-200 and Minrray AV510A.
When we connect the two camera's we can select them both, but we are not seeing any video of the PTZ cam in the tumbnails.

What are we doing wrong?

kind regards,


4.5 for Mac Hight Sierra?

Par : VideoE
I just downloaded NDI tools again for Mac and do not see 'Output' options of the studio monitor app. When I checked the 'About' section it said I was using v.3.3 of studio monitor. Am I missing ssomething? Where is 4.5? Or is that only for a later version of OSX?

NDI and Dante on Separate NICs

Par : rlsafran
I was getting severe audio drops from Zoom servers (Scan Converter and Virtual Input) to my TC1 when NDI and Dante were on the same network. I now have two separate switches (Cisco SG300 and SG350) with the primary NIC 192.168.0.x going to the SG350 (both NIC's from the TC1 connected to the SG350) and have installed Cable Matters USB NIC's (192.168.1.x) on all Zoom servers and the TC1. I set all primary NIC's Metric from auto to 1 and all the USB NIC's Metric to 10.

I always have 5Mbps S/R on the Dante NIC, but NDI Scan Converter and Virtual Input end up on random NIC's. Sometimes both on the primary NIC, sometimes one on each NIC and sometimes both on the Dante NIC.

Is there a guaranteed method to ensure that NDI doesn't use my Dante NIC?


Using vmix with Zoom at AWS (g4dn.xlarge instance)

Par : arda.g
Hi All,

Zoom does not list NDI (which has been set as output in Vmix) as an input although I successfully captured NDI input from other AWS vpc's into Vmix at the same Server. Any suggestions to show NDI as an input source to Zoom?

Thank you...

x3 NDi apps for iPhone

Par : rokestah
I have TC Camera, NDiHX Camera and NDiHX capture.

All x3 apps worked fine before we were sent to work from home back in March.

Upon return in September I cannot get any to work!?

While we were away I bought a new iPone and I know parts of our network were upgraded during summer but I work at a university using crazy fast networks and Eduroam for wifi.

Now I know your gonna say it's a network issue but I can ping my phone successfully, I can use my laptop with studio monitor to view a mix from my Tricaster.

I have several PTZ cameras over the campus connected to the network using POE and I can see all of them on a laptop with studio monitor.

I have even had the head of the networks department come down and take a look, on his laptop you could see the iPhone connect to the Tricaster but no video frames are being sent. He has no clue as to why it does not work.

Can anyone shed any light or pass any advice on where I might start to get this issue resolved?

many thanks

Teams and NDI

Par : alonso
Hi friends, someone knows if microfost has a whitepaper about NDI in teams?

I have some quesionts that i find answer on facebook groups but nothing oficial.

for example a lot of people said that the max output of NDI feeds on teams is 8 - 9 signals ( I try to check it on microsoft webpage but not find nothing about it)
also about the type of accout. If i'm host of the meeting can i get NDI feeds from my guest if they are not microsoft user? ( other type of account for example @gmail) or free teams account?

one a participant share his ppt sometime this is available as an independent feed but sometimes it's not. what is the requeriment?
I read that te compression is not the same as and NDI signal because teams compress the signal in h264 so there is a table of that?

thanks friends


Par : Gary Allen
I can use the ROI to select the middle section of my triple monitor NVidia Surround but because of the borders I am unable to accurately set the 1920x1080 area. Is there a Registry or .INI setting I can change to adjust the region exactly.
I have searched and also looked in the registry and files but not found where the region is stored.
Additionally if the new HX version is used, is there a way to select the region instead of the whole 5760x1080?

FreeD / Free-d tracking protocol over NDI.

Par : simond83
Some Sony and Panasonic PTZ's, as well as others can make use of the FreeD protocol to send tracking data to a virtual set. Does NDI carry this data signal over these NDI enabled models?

NDI Scan Converter crashes with Mac M1 chip

Par : jwlmedia
Newtek, please update this app to work with the M1.

I need it to connect my presentation software (Faithlife Proclaim) and my streaming software (Ecamm Live). Both of these softwares work independently, but Proclaim can send its slides as an NDI source, which Ecamm can use in the live stream. Without the Scan converter app, it will not do this. Scan Converter just crashes every time I start it.

Scan converter works fine in Mac OS Big Sur when on the Intel chip, therefore it is not a problem with the OS. Just the app needs to be updated to work with the M1 chip set from Apple.

Thank you

Studio Monitor recordings - Blank playback on windows

Par : vIceBerg

I just did a fresh install of NDI and the NDI Codecs.

When I record from Studio Monitor, the playback is blank. I tried VLC and importing it into Davinci Resolve.

In VLC, The Codec is SpeedHQ and I have installed those from the Codec pack. I did reboot my computer.

What should I do in order to use the recordings? Should I convert them? Do I have something missing on my computer?

Thanks a lot!

NDI Screen Capture on Hyper-V system

Par : ChrisO
I have a Hyper-V system running windows 10. The purpose is to screen capture the desktop where we have powerpoint running to bring our deck into the tricaster. It works fine when you first log in, but when you exit the remote desktop app then bring it back up the video stop rendering (its using the microsoft basic render driver). The audio still works but you only get a black image.

As soon as you restart the VM it works again.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated, thank you

Apple M1 Chip Compatability

Par : Sliver46
Does anyone know if the new Macs are compatible with NDI? Just wondering before I decide to make an upgrade.

iPhone NDI Camera Capture Camera Switching Between Lenses?

Hello NewTek Team (and everybody else reading),

I just discovered your NDI app on iPhone and it's awesome to be able to use this in OBS Studio as a source with audio and everything. I also love the fact that you are actively developing it and making improvements.

I am using the latest iPhone 11 Pro Max with 3 back cameras and one front camera and would like to request the possibility to switch between the back cameras.

1) Switch between back cameras (most iPhones have 2, the latest 11 Pro have 3)
2) Make "speed meter" clearer to indicate which resolution is being broadcasted (I feel the simple speed metering is a bit unclear and if I would not have found out about what it means on a support article here, I would have not known.
3) a way to "center" the exposure dial (in most applications I know, simply double tapping something like the exposure dial would recenter it there, that'd make the use a bit easier).

Other than that, thank you again for providing this and I look forward to these (and other) updates.

To be clear, the most important question is about #1 here and the option to be able to switch between the back cameras of the iPhone which has 3 on the iPhone 11 and 12 Pro versions.

Thanks again,