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Nine Inch Nail’s Charlie Clouser’s Stock Logic Plugins for Horror Films

Par : Paula Goldberg — 6 mai 2021 à 13:00

PremiumBeat got all the gory details of how Clouser generates his inventive scores using synth, instruments, effects, and processing plugins.

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Previsualizing: How “Cobra Kai” Gets Stunts Right Before the First Punch

Par : Paula Goldberg — 1 mars 2021 à 23:24

For stunt coordinators like Hiro Koda and Jahnel Curfman, previsualization is essential to the reality and safety of dynamic fight sequences.

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Why It Doesn’t Matter That WW84 Failed at Storytelling

Par : Paula Goldberg — 6 janvier 2021 à 19:50

The Wonder Woman journey has been a long and arduous one. Let's take a look at her history and what brought WW84 to the big screen.

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Why Every Good Action Film Is Actually a Love Story

Par : Paula Goldberg — 21 décembre 2020 à 20:30

From platonic love to romance, Raiders to Terminators, learn why our favorite action-based films are really stories about love.

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An Interview with Michael Pessah, ASC, on Filming a Beach Night Exterior

Par : Paula Goldberg — 18 décembre 2020 à 17:55

Cinematographer Michael Pessah discusses the lighting, camera, and overall planning it took to pull off shooting a beach night exterior. Smiley Face Killers is a treatise in …