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PERACH – Understanding ourselves and our surroundings

Par : Filip Visnjic — 28 décembre 2021 à 12:06
PERACH – Understanding ourselves and our surroundings
'PERACH' is a biofeedback art installation that allows visitors to 'feel' the interior electrical happenings of their plants. Perach consists of a multi-sensor IoT device along with a web platform that provides visitors with the ability to hear, and visually perceive the changes taking place inside plants.
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Par : Filip Visnjic — 22 septembre 2021 à 16:27 – Superfluous (object) futures
Created by Ignacio Pérez (ECAL MID), is a critical tool that questions our models of manufacturing and consumption, exploiting the control of creation algorithms in order to interrogate current patterns of design, production and legislation.