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Global Webinar "New Opportunities in Network Ready Society" Held to Create Network for IoT Era

Osaka, Japan - Panasonic Corporation will hold a global webinar under the title of "New Opportunities in Network Ready Society -Repurposing the existing infrastructure-." In this free webinar, participants are invited to consider a network desirable for future lifestyles. Appli...

Preliminary Event in Mirror Field

On March 9, 2021, Panasonic hosted the "Preliminary Event in Mirror Field." This was a preliminary event in anticipation of the final presentation of the SPORTS CHANGE MAKERS program, scheduled for August 23, 2021. Panasonic Center Tokyo was the main venue, but members of the press and media also ...

Preparing for the Final Presentation

Panasonic Corporation will be putting off final presentation of SPORTS CHANGE MAKERS to August 23, 2021. SPORTS CHANGE MAKERS is an idea contest supported by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the International Paralympic Committee (IPC), coinciding with the hosting of the Olympic and P...

January 2021 TOP 5 Engagement

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Strategic Move to Ensure a Prosperous Future: Panasonic's Carbon Neutral Challenge

The creation of a decarbonized society is essential to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). As such, increasingly more companies are attempting to become carbon neutral. Panasonic has been addressing environmental issues for quite some time. Its factories in four countries around th...

2020 TOP 3 Engagement on Panasonic Corp. Social Media

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Panasonic Holds Diversity & Inclusion Event: Turning Various Differences into Multiple Values

Panasonic has regularly provided many opportunities to think about diversity and developed activities to promote the ideas of Diversity & Inclusion. In July 2020, Panasonic Center Tokyo held an online event, "Let's Think about Diversity: Turning Various Differences into Multiple Values." We would l...

Let's Think about SDGs and "Kindness"

In 2015, the United Nations established the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In recent years, SDGs are being introduced in schools, so they are becoming better recognized among youth in their teens and twenties. Having said that, people may know about the SDGs, but many still may not think the...

Panasonic Held the Kid Witness News Global Summit 2020

Tokyo, Japan - Panasonic Corporation held the Kid Witness News (KWN) Global Summit 2020 online from November 21 to November 22, 2020. A total of 26 children from 6 schools in 4 countries, as well as teachers and other participants took part in this event during the two d...

October 2020 TOP 5 Engagement

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