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Everything You Need to Know About Mexican VJing: From Market Features to Powers of Ayahuasca

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Bio Ritmo (Roberto Montiel) is an iconic character from the international VJing community, who’s truly passionate about visuals and their meanings. Luckily for Lumen, Roberto was very open to share stories and insights on his audiovisual education, partnership with LPM festival, baby project Medusa Lab, sources of inspiration, local shamanic practises, possibilities of AI, and […]

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First and Only Video Mapping in Uruguay and How to Project Onto Rocks

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Marcelo Vidal lives and works in Montevideo, where people don’t really care about media art. But our hero managed to create his video mapping company, develop the field from a scratch, play with Ricardo Villalobos and visit a lot of international festivals. In this interview, Marcelo describes the most important steps in his career and […]

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VJs on Burning Man, New Platform for Visual Artists and How to Dream Big in Small Towns

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VJ Fader started his VJing career while he was studying art in California. Now he’s based in Berlin, working on a new marketplace for visual artists all over the world. Also, James compares popular festivals, shares his most memorable live mixing experience, and fantasizes about the nearest future of VJing. Don’t miss this conversation! Lumen: […]

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The Secret Behind Successful Annual Events

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  Earlier this month we produced the 24th Annual Our Heroes Luncheon for Sykes Enterprises, Inc. Foundation. It was another successful year, filled with emotion and compelling tributes to Hillsborough County’s first responders. With rave reviews from our client; audience members complimenting on a job well done, and so many saying “this is the best year […]

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3 Proven Ways to Revamp Your Repeat Event

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  By Cylie Svartoien When you have a local repeat event with a consistent audience, it’s easy to get comfortable and rely on tactics that have worked before. However, if you want to keep your audience’s attention and attendance, it’s critical to revamp, refresh and rejuvenate your show. Last week at the Heroes Luncheon in Tampa, […]

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Events Are Like Theater

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By: Cylie Svartoien, Marketing Specialist, Kingham Signature Events Set the stage – can everyone see the action? Cue the lights – what are you spotlighting? Design the set – what atmosphere are you going for? Can you feel the excitement buzzing in the air? Your milestone event is theater in live action. Except, you don’t […]

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NonProfit Event Revenue Streams

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NonProfit Event Revenue Streams When planning a fundraiser for a nonprofit organization it’s important to analyze your NonProfit Event Revenue Streams. In your analysis you can uncover ways to maximize funds being raised and offer guests varying price points to participate. But not only does your analysis provide you insights from a budget perspective, it also […]

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3D mapping – Viva Vivaldi – Venise

3D mapping Indoor Show
Venise / Italia
Concept and Content : Abstrak –
Client : Emotional Experience

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Light Phenomena

Light Phenomena Mapping Show

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VVG – Geely Atlas mapping

Видеомэппинг на автомобиль Geely Atlas и сценические декорации 10×4м.

Geely Atlas car videomapping. Stage 10×4 m

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Pricing for Video Mapping projection show

How much does  Video Mapping Projection cost ?

We decided that it makes sense to write an article answering the question: “How much video mapping projection show costs?” since sometimes we get  a lot of requests to  create a video show for clients. Sometimes the cost of videos does not suit the customer’s requirements
For example, a clients wants to  get a mapping on buildings of 100 square meters for the budget of 5000 Euros. I thinks such  article will be useful, not only for our company, LIME ART GROUP, but also to other companies but also to other companies that  develop video show and also to their clients.  So, let’s make it clear.

Every year we analyze the market by  requesting different marketing agencies or by our own forces.  It is not a secret that any event company  making requests about costs from different video mapping companies about event info, about technical characteristics of the building, creative assignment for content development and technical  provision can easily estimate average price of such architecture mapping, since it is the main niche, in our opinion, and it makes up 80% of the whole market. We wrote in our previous article “How to  order Video Mapping – conditions that are necessary  to know” how and where to  request for development of our video mapping and we will go through each term and calculate how much it can cost.

Let’s imagine that are a Client (not intermediary), for example, line employee of a hotel, somewhere on the seacoast. You  are appointed to organize 3D video mapping show. You  start searching, you find international companies in the net or local providers through your own acquaintances and you send the info about the event, how many minutes of show you want to have, idea for the content, height and width of the building and several photos of the architecture.  As a result, a good video mapping company is that one which maximum in 2-3 days will  send you their  proposal in which they will show the price for development of the content, technical provision and additional conditions. It means that such company has got their own technical resources (projectors, media servers)  and employees who  for 2-3 days can draw not very big sketches (not in a video  format, images are enough), that can give you enough information to  approve or not to approve the project.  

But if a company spends more than 2 or 3 days to prepare such commercial proposal, then there are several options, either this company is extremely cool and overloaded with  projects, then you  can expect quite high price since it Brand, or  in the second scenarios the company has sent your request to  another video mapping company which  deals with  technical rental of the equipment and  expects the answers from the second company. In the second version, you  have to understand that  it can take longer than it was planned. Without any  doubts, big projects require a lot of different preparation and calculations, including logistics, insurances – nobody  will  easily send you 10 Barco Projectors  20 000 Lumen each to another country. In most cases, in very experienced video mapping companies, for a lot of years of competition and international projects participation, a new skill appeared. This skill with help of templates helps  to  create such  proposals very  quickly  by  substituting client’s name and changing the project name.

Requirements can be different, somewhere content matters, somewhere projection quality (more contrast or more projectors), but there is a myth that projectors rent makes up  approximately, 60-80% of the total budget. This is not true. There are agencies that  charge from USD$ 180,000 to 300,000 to  develop  10 minutes content for a building of average height, although the equipment makes up only USD$ 30,000 per day.

When our colleagues made a request to  several  video mapping companies all  over the world we got the following results. If we roughly want to show market realies,  1 minute of mapping show (without technical supervision) will  cost from Euro 1500 to 3000. It seems to  us that  to calculate the price per minute (thousands per minute) is not correct. The biggest  prices that  came to  us were from Belgians: they asked Euro 320 000 per 10 minutes. Britains rank  the second , they  asked Euro 180 000 per 10 minutes Show. The lowest prices came from Belorussian company: they  asked 2000 EUR per 10 minutes. I want to say  that  the sum included not only the content development but also physical projection mapping setup on the stage/venue. Certainly, transfer and accommodation are paid separately.


Video Projectors Rental

Technical provision costs differently  depending on the country and projectors. Taking into accounts that  we want to see a picture with  high quality, let’s consider projectors with lighting of 20 000 Ansi Lumen. According to recent market research, the cheapest projectors for this level  can be rented at USD$300 a day, the most  expensive are rented at USD$ 5000 per one working day (including spare lamps). In most cases, it is necessary to  take a projector two  days before the event. The first  day is devoted to setting up all equipment, the second day is for “Show must  go on” procedure. Some companies start charging as soon as the projector leaves the warehouse. It means that  you have to include transfer, also. It  is necessary  to  understand that  there are companies which have millions of profit per day, they own a lot of projectors, additional equipment, media servers and their media technicians. They are ready  to  give their projectors for renting only  for weeks, only. It  is possible to  buy  such  equipment at a good price, after such rent. Also,  Big rental companies are not going to  give their equipment without their employee. The price of such  service depends on the country where you stay (accommodation costs) and the company itself but the average price is to  from 50 to 200 euro per day, per person + transfer and accommodation.  

So, let’s think that  for this mapping on the four floor hotel event it is enough  to  use 2 Video Projectors of 20K Lumens and let’s take the average price of such  projectors, approximately, 2000 euro. So, 2000 euro, 2 days and 2 projectors make up 8000 euro. If we fly, approximately, up to  3000 euro  for logistics and 2000 euro for a media technician.  Totally, 13 000 euro net.


Projection Mapping Content Production.

Again a lot of uncertainties since there are different requests as well as animations and techniques are different. For example, there are animation  studios that charge $200 per one second of 3D animation. In video mapping there also can be animation of personalitis, Character Animation but let’s take it simple and take as an example of animation of architecture itself including 3D displaces, extrusions, animation of archtectural elements and visual effects on layers.  As I wrote earlier, those 100 companies that  were requested gave us different charges but if we take middle average price it will be 2000 EUR  per minute. Ten minutes will be Euro 20 000. Summing technical supervision and content development will be 20000+13000. Adding there also accommodation, it will  be 35000 EUR.  This is the cost of of the project the average level of complexity and comprehensiveness. But it seems to  me that start-up companies can do it even  cheaper since it is more important to them to  declare their existence. Doing this they can dump the market without any  awareness that in future they  will bring up  those clients who  would not like to pay them more.

But I told you that it is not possible to  calculate video mapping like this. This is a service and one provider can charge one price and another provider can charge another price. But it is not only  price that  matters but also  quality, trust, reliability and understanding if something goes wrong your provider, video mapping company, will correct the situation without any losses.  There are a lot of pieces of simple animation in Victoria Secret Show. This animation is very simple  and can be made by any student of the first course for 100-300 dollars but due to the fact that there are necessary  people working and they  will never let you down the price is going up very quickly.

For every  client we are creating the personal quote and in most  cases we try  to  go into  business process since there are some situations when video event as itself is not needed, at all. If the client can invest 320 000 EUR it makes sense to invite local celebrities and organize several events. Or, to do nothing and buy a house somewhere in Greece :). But there is a dilemma of the whole life: if you  want to get  more, you have to give more, if you want to  get quality, you have to  pay more for that quality.  It is always necessary  to  investigate the situation – that  is what we do in LIME ART GROUP.

We offer the best solutions in the industry for media and shows on request. Now, we are not only dealing with video projection shows. We are transforming to ready made solutions, 3D animations for  video mapping, which get  new forms and shapes with the help of  talented artists and video mapping companies all over the world. In any case, write to us, we can either prepare video mapping show by ourselves, or advise our partners and specialists who can help you to prepare very nice impressive 3d mapping show at a good price and we can guarantee the quality of such production.


The article is sponsored by LIME ART GROUP

video mapping


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video mapping

El show audiovisual inmersivo de Desert & Desilence

Par : volatil

Desert y Desilence unieron fuerzas para crear un nuevo espectáculo audiovisual inmersivo en directo, un show absolutamente inspirador. Estrenado en el festival Sónar Barcelona 2019, la idea es que pueda ir mutando a medida que evolucione.

Tuvimos la suerte de vivir en primera persona este show, si leíste nuestra crónica del Sónar Festival Barcelona 2019 ya lo habrás visto. Incluso fue nuestra imagen de portada unos meses. Citamos textualmente «Top 1 – Empezamos por Desilence, dúo de Barcelona formado por Tatiana Halbach y Soren Christensen y que desde 2005 han ido llegando cada vez más y más lejos con todos sus proyectos. Sus visuales para Desert son belleza y magnífico tratamiento del color. Formas no figurativas sincronizadas con la música a la perfección». También te hablamos de Desilence y de su participación en el Eufònic Festival 2016.

Desert es el dúo compuesto por Eloi Caballé y Cristina Checa, una pareja de compositores / productores españoles que han ido captando lentamente la atención de toda España, Europa y Estados Unidos. Sus sonidos a menudo complejos pero hipnóticos son un ejemplo perfecto de sus universos creativos musicales únicos y prospectivos. Son versátiles y magnéticos, por lo que están abiertos a participar en diferentes campos, como los sectores audiovisual, de videojuegos o tecnológico.

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Honoured to feature projects
@ Schloss Karlsruhe, Germany
@ Sv. Ludmila, Praha, Czech Republic
@ Tsiam Sha Tsui Center and Empire Center, Hong Kong
@ Donaucenter, Neu-Ulm, Germany
@ Mijazaki Prefecture Art Msueau, Mijazaki, Japan
@ Sts. Peter and Paul’s Cathedral Basilica, Pecs, Hungary
@Deutsches Nationaltheater, Weimar, Germany

As always with a lot of LOVE to our sound designer Jarii van Gohl / SOUNDSELEKTOR.

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Watsons Beauty Awards



Art Director: Serdar KORKMAZ
Production Manager: Onur KULEN
Artistic Director: Çisil OĞUZ
Scenography: Ela AYDEMİR
Composer & Sound Designer: İbrahim ÖZMEN
Motion Designer: Yunus Emre GÜLER
CG Artist/Animator: Erim BENER
Illustrator: Nila DEDEOĞLU, Yaprak Su YİĞİTER
Film Director: Egemen TOKAT
Film Editor: Özlem ÜSTÜN
Director of Photography: Öğünç HATIPOGLU
Stage 3D Modelling Artist: Fatih TÜRKMEN
Photographer: Rezzan ALTÜRK
Stage Manager: Hulya Ceren ANIL
Lighting Design: Çetin TÜRKMENLİ


Video-mapping Watchout Operator: İlker Kerem ÜSTÜNDAĞ






Ibrahim GÜRBÜZ

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World Humanitarian Summit 2016 Opening Ceremony

Special Event Coordinator (UNOCHA/UNDP): Hazami Barmada
Executive Director (Global Events, UN Foundation) : Patricia Padilla
Sr Manager (Global Events, UN Foundation) : Elizabeth DeNoia
Associate (Global Events, UN Foundation): Amanda Trocola
Head of Film on Photo (UNOCHA): Charlotte Cans

Project Management: CEO Event

Creative Director: Krista Monson
Stage Manager: Gabriel Dube-Dupuis


Music Composer: İbrahim Özmen
Art Director: Serdar Korkmaz
Production Manager: Onur Kulen
Artistic Director: Çisil Oğuz
Motion Designer: Yunus Emre Güler
CG Artist/Animator: Engin Fidan, Kutbettin Ecevit, Furkan Alabaş
Illustrator: Nila Dedeoğlu, Mustafa Aslan, Gülçin Girit
Film Director: Egemen Tokat
Director of Photography: Öğünç Hatipoğlu
Film Editor: Özlem Üstün
Lighting Designer: Arek Nişanyan, Yeşim Burcu Top
Stage Designer: Burcu Altan
Stage 3D Modelling Artist: Fatih Türkmen
Accessories: Umut Kurtuluş Gürbüz, İlke Tokat
Photographer: Rezzan Altürk
Assistant Stage Manager: Reyhan Özdilek, Dilek Ocak

Scenography Technical Provider: MMT Tasarım
Stage Fabric Provider: Showtex

Special thanks to
Costume Designer: Canan Göknil
Performers: Show34

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XX. Anniversary of Independent Turkmenistan

Illusionist worked under supervision o K-Events for the 20th year celebration of Turkmenistan. Various video and animations were produced for LED.

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⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣#repost...

⁣#repost @the_phantom_method_studio⁣
⁣ #video #scenography #theater #installation @millumin #millumin #stagedesign #artist #show #theshowmustgoon #picoftheday #theaterlife #stage (at Espace Culturel Les Justes - Le Cendre)

⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣#repost @whales.lab⁣ ⁣__________________⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣Three years...

⁣#repost @whales.lab⁣
⁣Three years ago already… the first experience in tracking and generative content. Now developed setup feels ugly and strange… but on that moment ))) ⁣
⁣Huge thanks to #millumin creators for great software and fast careful support⁣
⁣#millumin #projection #performance #show #generative #dance #vj (at Shanghai, China)

Reposted from @paolo.morvan: “Detail de la scénographie...

Reposted from @paolo.morvan: “Detail de la scénographie réalisée pour le musicien @romain__muller
Construction et création lumière avec @julesbouit
@zikamine @bliiida @laregiongrandest

#scenographie #scenography #show #concert #singer #wood #structure #light #lightray #designproject #design #eventdesign #stagedesign #stage #musicperformance #music #audiovisual #liveav #filter #3m #millumin #led #ledlights #lightart #digitalart #installation”

@u.machine digitalart #dance #mapping #videoprojection #art ...

@u.machine digitalart #dance #mapping #videoprojection #art #picoftheday #instadance #audiovisual #installation #umachine #artist #audiovisualperformance #show #interactiveart #generativeart #madewithsmode #millumin #realtimevideo

@martinastellatelier Reminiscenze delle linee di luce che...

@martinastellatelier Reminiscenze delle linee di luce che disegnano lo spazio. Scenografia digitale realizzata usando @millumin2
#projectionmapping #videomapping #womenartist #contemporaryart #lines #graphic #audiovisual #av #installation #digitalart #art #architecture #music #france #drawing #artist #illustration #paris #planespotting #graphicdesign #aircraft #projection #lightart #artwork #exhibition #design #electronic #digitalscenography #show #videoart

@paolo.morvan Reprise des concerts avec la scénographie réalisée...

@paolo.morvan Reprise des concerts avec la scénographie réalisée pour @romain__muller en version augmentée sur la scène de la Bam !
Conception et construction réalisé avec @julesbouit
Artiste @romain__muller
Musicien @axel_tcy
Lumière : @thibault.grh
Son : @annevandebrouck

Coproduction @zikamine x @bliiida avec le soutient de la région Grand Est et de la @citemusicale
#scénographie #scenography #light #show #eventdesign #stagedesign #lightinstallation #lightshow #newmediaart #stagelighting #creativedirector #zikamine #romainmuller #bliiida
#millumin @millumin2

@kennyvisualnaries Thanks @danceensemblesingapore and @shijicai...

@kennyvisualnaries Thanks @danceensemblesingapore and @shijicai for this opportunity to create visuals and exploring holographic projection for Mystique 奇迹:最终勇者追踪. Thanks @azpangesti @nickteokx for your creative work .. Ops team @hoirwin @ianpereirah @sjing05 @ranvierion for a smooth show run and @jonshihq @danielseehx for the pre production shoot and prep work … 🙏 lastly @lam.zen and his son for coming to the show , thanks for your kind words.
#contentcreation #multimediadirector #creative #holographicprojection #holographic #hologramart #holographicdance #motiontracking #visualart #avshow #traditionalchinesedance #projectionmappingart #projection_mapping_world #projectionart #millumin #panasoniclaserprojector #holomesh #hologrix

@_aurelien.w VideoMapping sur l’Hôtel de Ville du...

@_aurelien.w VideoMapping sur l’Hôtel de Ville du @letouquetparisplage pour célébrer le 110e anniversaire de la ville.

#videomappingfestival #videomapping #projectionmapping #mapping #videomappingshow #millumin #christiedigital #christiedigitalprojection #rencontresaudiovisuelles #letouquet #touquetparisplage #touquet #110ansTouquet

Prod: @rencontres_audiovisuelles

Los shows audiovisuales imprescindibles de Sónar Festival 2022

Par : volatil

Sónar Barcelona vuelve este 2022 a su formato habitual: se celebrará a lo largo de tres días (16, 17 y 18 de junio) en Fira Montjuïc y dos noches (17 y 18 de junio) en Fira Gran Via. Sónar 2022 presentará 117 actuaciones repartidas en 12 escenarios y más de 60 actividades en los nuevos espacios y formatos de Sónar+D.

Como viene siendo habitual, os compartimos una hoja de ruta con los 5 shows audiovisuales imprescindibles en la 29ª edición del Sónar. Actuaciones en las que las visuales tienen un peso importante, son valoradas al mismo nivel que la música o tienen un grado de protagonismo a tener en cuenta.

1- El show inmersivo de The Chemical Brothers presentando en vivo su último trabajo No Geography. Grandioso espectáculo audiovisual en vivo producido por los artistas visuales Adam Smith y Marcus Lyall.

Adam Smith ha trabajado en el campo del cine, las series dramáticas para la televisión, los documentales, los videos musicales y la publicidad. Marcus Lyall se formó en Central St Martins haciendo diseño gráfico y estudios audiovisuales. Comenzaron a crear imágenes para bandas, trabajando con U2 y Oasis en sus inicios, y comenzaron su colaboración con The Chemical Brothers más o menos al mismo tiempo,  allá por 1994. Juntos hacen que cada canción sea una experiencia inmersiva única. Ellos también se ocupan del diseño de iluminación, priorizando siempre el protagonismo del contenido visual que aparece en la pantalla de gran formato.

2- El trío berlinés Moderat que, tras anunciar su retirada de los escenarios, vuelve a escena con su nuevo álbum MORE D4TA, vuelven con nueva música y un nuevo espectáculo en directo, creado de nuevo con sus colaboradores de siempre, los cracks de PFA Studios.

3- Los prestigiosos artistas visuales Hamill Industries -más conocidos por su trabajo para Floating Points- capturaban los movimientos de Kiani Del Valle y los utilizaban para entrenar en vivo a bailarines digitales de IA que acompañaban su coreografía. Ahora, tras meses de perfeccionamiento y mejora, traen una nueva versión del espectáculo a SonarComplex para Sónar+D 2022.

4- El músico instalado en Barcelona Carlos Falanga, graba y actúa como IHHH. En su álbum más reciente, ‘Consequences of Absence of Light’, abre agujeros en una pieza de piano solista, desgarrando el tejido de la música con tajos de glitch y distorsión. En Sónar 2022, recreará el disco en directo, junto con el pianista Toni Saigi y los artistas visuales digitales Desilence (que trabajaron junto a John Talabot en su espectáculo inmersivo ‘Magma’, estrenado en Sónar en IDEAL). Prepárate para una actuación visualmente impactante, a caballo entre la música clásica moderna, el jazz y las formas experimentales.

5- Quayola/Seta – ‘Transient’ Performance, presentado por ME by Meliá, es el punto de partida, el primer paso de una colaboración entre Davide Quayola y Andrea Santicchia (aka Seta), dos artistas italianos que están a la vanguardia de la experimentación audiovisual. En esta performance, las cuatro manos de ambos prodigios se unen para improvisar con algoritmos complejos en tiempo real, generando sonido e imágenes de forma simultánea y creando aliteraciones sinestésicas perfectamente sincronizadas.

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