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@geraldinekwikmusic Watch the new mapping from the Etam brand on...

@geraldinekwikmusic Watch the new mapping from the Etam brand on their office with my original music + visual by @_aurelien.w and eloifevrier // LoomProd.
#etam #videomapping #mapping  #motiondesign #animation #animation2d #millumin #aftereffects #photoshop #noel #streetart #originalmusic #frenchcomposer #abletonlive #musicforpaintings #movingimage #digitalartist #night

@martinastellatelier Reminiscenze delle linee di luce che...

@martinastellatelier Reminiscenze delle linee di luce che disegnano lo spazio. Scenografia digitale realizzata usando @millumin2
#projectionmapping #videomapping #womenartist #contemporaryart #lines #graphic #audiovisual #av #installation #digitalart #art #architecture #music #france #drawing #artist #illustration #paris #planespotting #graphicdesign #aircraft #projection #lightart #artwork #exhibition #design #electronic #digitalscenography #show #videoart

@adlibcreations Digital Spaces. Célébration des 10 ans du centre...

@adlibcreations Digital Spaces. Célébration des 10 ans du centre de recherche INRIA Bordeaux Sud Ouest, le 22 septembre 2018. Carte blanche à Ad Lib Creations pour la scénographie de l'édifice. #inria #adlibcreations #mapping #3dmapping #motiondesigner #digitalart #barco #millumin #sharpy #christiangimat #motionfx #modelisation #building #bordeaux #talence #nouvelleaquitaine #visualart #inriabordeaux

Modulo Pi’s media servers power new Puy du Fou España park

Paris, May 2021 – On March 27, Puy du Fou España was inaugurated in Toledo, just 50 minutes from Madrid in Spain. Through spectacular shows, hallmark of the Puy du Fou, Puy du Fou España offers visitors a unique immersion in the history of Spain and its legends. The new park relies on the Modulo Player and Modulo Kinetic media server solutions, with 25 servers installed.

Founded in 1989 in the region of Vendée, France, Puy du Fou is a theme park internationally recognized for its artistic concept. In 2012 in Los Angeles and in 2014 in Orlando, Puy du Fou was awarded “Best Park in the World”. Puy du Fou now goes international with the opening of Puy du Fou España on March 27, 2021.

Across 30 hectares, Puy du Fou España invites an international audience to relive some of Spain’s best-known legends and greatest moments in history. To make it happen, the park relies on the Puy du Fou unique know-how with outstanding staging, scenery, costumes, and state-of-the-art technologies.

Launched in summer 2019 as a preview for the new park, El Sueño de Toledo is part of the spectaculars using video projection. On a 5-hectare stage and during 70 minutes, the gigantic night-time show involves more than 185 horse riders and actors, as well as 2,000 characters to revisit 1500 years of Spain’s history. A video mapping is projected onto 3,900 sqm of scenery through 28 x Christie D20WU-HS projectors, and 8 x Modulo Player Standard media servers by Modulo Pi.
On this installation, Modulo Player handles soft edge blending and warping. The show is synchronized with LTC Timecode, and operators can launch the show and power on video-projectors through custom user panels created in Modulo Player.
Since August 30, 2019, El Sueño de Toledo attracted more than 120,000 spectators.

With the official opening of Puy du Fou España, 4 new shows are now open to public in the daytime, 3 of them involving the use of video technology.

El Ultimo Cantar traces the epic of Cid Campeador through a 360° projection and tracked moving screens. The show relies on Modulo Kinetic, with 2 x Modulo Kinetic Designer, and 7 x Modulo Kinetic V-Node servers.

A Pluma y Espada is a swashbuckling show involving projection on a stage of 60 meters wide by 10 meters high. A total of 3 x Modulo Player Pro is used for the projection on a moving screen.
Through an optical encoder, Modulo Player receives the exact position of the screen in OSC. The Digimap function available in the media server then allows to project real-time on the moving screen.

Finally, Allende la Mar Oceana offers an immersive journey into Christopher Columbus’ Santa Maria vessel. The immersive show includes sea effects created through a projection on curved screens based on 6 x Modulo Player media servers.

Puy du Fou is a long-time user of the Modulo Pi media servers. Modulo Player and Modulo Kinetic are used on most creations of the French park, including its most acclaimed spectaculars such as La Cinéscénie, Le Dernier Panache, Le Mystère de la Pérouse, or Les Amoureux de Verdun.


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Modulo Pi launches Modulo Kinetic V4

Paris, May 2021 – Modulo Pi is pleased to announce the immediate availability of Modulo Kinetic version 4. Through this biggest release ever, the fully integrated media server solution offers a revamped user interface, improved 3D engine, and new extensive capabilities dedicated to virtual productions.

Designing the next generation of media server solutions, Modulo Pi is pleased to announce the official and immediate release of Modulo Kinetic V4. Introduced in 2016, Modulo Kinetic makes a major step forward in its development with a variety of new features and improvements.


New look and feel
The Modulo Kinetic Designer offers a revamped user interface with new icons, optimized views, toolbars, timelines, nodal programming editor, and more. Special attention was paid to the 3D scene viewer to offer users a smooth navigation and polished experience with the software.


New formats and protocols supported
Version 4 includes the support of Notch Block, 10-bit Apple ProRes, and 10-bit GoPro Cineform.
Modulo Kinetic also supports LUT format, allowing creative filters and real-time color grading.

Modulo Pi’s media server further expands its interactivity possibilities. With support of the WebSocket protocol, it is now possible to create custom web applications, and interact with shows created in Modulo Kinetic from a smartphone, a touch screen, or any other computing device.


Improved 3D engine
Modulo Kinetic V4 includes a large series of improvements to its embedded 3D engine.
New features allow to significantly enhance show study and simulation in Modulo Kinetic. The already existing internal database of video-projectors has been updated to reach +680 references.
Projectors can be easily imported into Modulo Kinetic Designer from a csv file. Their distribution in 3D scenes is much faster and easier thanks to a new clone and symmetry tool.
Detailed study documentation can be created directly in Modulo Kinetic. Users are offered the ability to add measures or annotations to 3D scenes, and effortlessly export any view and information required: 3D view snapshots, lux and pixel density views with captions, pdf list of video-projectors with their information, and more.

In addition, Modulo Kinetic upgrades its rendering with the support of spotlight and pointlight shadows.
It is also possible to render camera, projector, or mesh instance in a timeline layer with post-process Reflection, Ambient Occlusion (SSAO), Depth of Field (DOF), Glow and advanced Antialiasing.


New capabilities dedicated to virtual productions
Modulo Kinetic V4 offers a series of new features and enhancements to address the need for virtual and hybrid events in the context of the Covid-19. Compatible with green screen and LED screen configurations, these new capabilities are tailored to Pro AV companies considering XR projects.

A greatly improved chroma keyer is available for green screen productions.
Modulo Kinetic supports SteamVR tracker, as well as FreeD and Stype protocols. It also integrates FreeD calibration for the Panasonic AW-UE100 and AW-UE150 PTZ cameras, as well as pose calibration and intrinsic calibration of fixed cameras.
Moreover, Modulo Kinetic features multi-zoom camera calibration, and overscan function for cameras and video-projectors in 3D scenes.


Discover Modulo Kinetic V4 !
Discover the many possibilities of Modulo Kinetic with discount code TRY-V4 and get 50% off the Kinetic Designer 2D+3D 1-month license.
Requires Modulo Pi dongle. Enter code in the coupon field during check out. Offer valid once per user until June 30, 2021.


Useful links:
Modulo Kinetic – Technical datasheet
Modulo Kinetic Ruggedized – Technical datasheet
Modulo Kinetic – User manual (updated with new tutorials)


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@paulomarim Projeto diferenciado e inovador se tratando em em...

@paulomarim Projeto diferenciado e inovador se tratando em em exposição de arte.
. Capucine
.#millumin #blend #magnimage #magnimagev4
@magnimage @millumin2

@adlibcreations Théâtre des XIII Arches. Brive la...

@adlibcreations Théâtre des XIII Arches. Brive la Gaillarde..Décembre 2020. Dans la froideur hivernale, l'édifice revelle toutes lles finesses de son architecture #adlibcréations #christiangimat mapping #théâtredes13arches #brivelagaillarde #brive #brivetourisme #villedebrive #noel2020 #noel #barcoudx4k32 #millumin #correze #limousin

@almoghamdi פרוייקט משותף עם האחד והיחיד @dordro ! כחלק...

@almoghamdi פרוייקט משותף עם האחד והיחיד @dordro !
כחלק מפרוייקט בקורס ברודקאסט ושיתוף פעולה עם עיריית חיפה - יצרנו סרטון אנימציה בטכניקת video mapping שמשודר על מייצג אותיות היושב במושבה הגרמנית.
תודה מיוחד ל @guydavidov על הסאונד המטורף !

עיצוב ואנימציה :
הפקה מוזיקלית :

#framebyframe #2danimation #digitalanimation #animationart #roughanimator #roughanimation #roughanimatorapp #motionart #celanimation #motionmate #motionmass #projectionmapping #projection #new_media_art #projectionart #mappingprojection #mapping #sculpturemapping #haifa #ilovehaifa #typemapping #lettermapping #millumin #installationart #visualart #phormatik #newmedia #monumentalmapping #livevisuals *#projection_mapping_world

@cspav After a very tough year for everyone and many virtual...

@cspav After a very tough year for everyone and many virtual events, it’s been nice to finish it off with a real job, supplying all LED, projection and playback for this years Pride Of Scotland Awards for #stv
#lovewhatwedo #itsallintheprep #cspav #outdoorledscreen #prideofscotland #videogenius #wemakeevents #barcoe2 #millumin #uniluminled

@adlibcreations Théâtre des XIII Arches. Brive la...

@adlibcreations Théâtre des XIII Arches. Brive la Gaillarde..Décembre 2020. Dans la froideur hivernale, l'édifice revelle toutes lles finesses de son architecture #adlibcréations #christiangimat mapping #théâtredes13arches #brivelagaillarde #brive #brivetourisme #villedebrive #noel2020 #noel #barcoudx4k32 #millumin #correze #limousin

@_aurelien.w Création Originale : VideoMapping sur l’ancien...

@_aurelien.w Création Originale : VideoMapping sur l’ancien site tertiaire Etam.
Fresque poétique évoquant l’art de la filature et la saison hivernale.

Création & Animation :

#videomapping #projectionvideo #millumin #christiedigital #illustrator #Etam #etamlingerie #Mouvaux #Lille #lilledesign #rencontresaudiovisuelles #LoomProd #motiondesign #creationoriginale #mapping #fresquemapping

@cyril_meroni Fin de tournage du clip pour texture droite Merci...

@cyril_meroni Fin de tournage du clip pour texture droite
Merci à toute l’équipe du 6mic pour ce tournage éclair !
#texturedroite #ledscreen #choreography #danse #musicvideo #electronica #millumin #haze #shooting #jarringeffects

Christmas Sale for VJ Loops & VJ Software 2021

Find out best offers of Christmas VJ Loops and software for 2021 Every year from the beginning of December numerous traditional red and shiny decorations appear all over the world. That’s so, because Christmas and New Year times is near, apparently! Themed parties and events are starting in all the different places. Rave parties and […]

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Reposted from @opus3: “- FALTA - de Claudia Yolin. ⠀ Una...

Reposted from @opus3: “- FALTA - de Claudia Yolin.

Una obra sin performers humanxs, solo luz, que montamos para grabar durante 2 semanas en @centrogam
⠀📸 de @sebapereiraco
#lightingdesign #theatre #etcelement #millumin #theatredesign #solidlightworks #lightandsound #artlight #mediaart #immersiveart #lightinstallation”

Reposted from @paolo.morvan: “Detail de la scénographie...

Reposted from @paolo.morvan: “Detail de la scénographie réalisée pour le musicien @romain__muller
Construction et création lumière avec @julesbouit
@zikamine @bliiida @laregiongrandest

#scenographie #scenography #show #concert #singer #wood #structure #light #lightray #designproject #design #eventdesign #stagedesign #stage #musicperformance #music #audiovisual #liveav #filter #3m #millumin #led #ledlights #lightart #digitalart #installation”

Modulo Pi paves the way for accessible XR events with Modulo Kinetic

Paris, November 2020 – Modulo Pi is pleased to announce the addition of new Extended Reality (XR) capabilities to Modulo Kinetic, the fully integrated media server solution. Designed with the needs of Pro AV players in mind, the new version of Modulo Kinetic upgraded with XR features will make production of virtual and hybrid events significantly simplified and accessible.

Designing the next generation of media server solutions, Modulo Pi is pleased to announce the coming release of a new version of Modulo Kinetic upgraded with Extended Reality (XR) capabilities.

Modulo Kinetic is a comprehensive media server solution successfully deployed in large immersive installations such as the Atelier des Lumières in France, also used on corporate events, and live performances like the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games in Australia.

In the last months, Modulo Pi has developed new XR features in Modulo Kinetic to address the need for virtual and hybrid events in the context of the Covid-19 crisis and physical distancing guidelines. The new capabilities include an enhanced chroma keyer, improved embedded 3D engine, as well as the support of camera tracking for the Panasonic AW-UE150, Stype, and Vive systems.

Based on these new capabilities, Pro AV players will be able to produce virtual events featuring background replacement, extended reality, augmented reality, and scenic extension.
These technologies help enrich the elements usually met in physical events with immersive 3D environments, 3D objects, animations, and the ability to switch scenes, contents, and cameras in an instant.
Virtual events produced with Modulo Kinetic are compatible with LED screen configurations, but also with green screen setups to adapt to projects on a budget.

Unlike other solutions available on the market, the Modulo Kinetic platform embeds all necessary tools to produce real-time virtual sets: Previsualization tools for real-time 3D study, simulation and VR, a 3D environment and user-friendly 3D engine for real-time generative content, an improved chroma keyer, powerful 2D real-time compositing tools, a timeline sequencer, as well as a nodal editor to easily add interactivity in a show.
In addition, Modulo Kinetic includes a low-latency live mixer for real-time production, and a UI Designer to create custom control panels compatible with PC, Mac, iOS and Android devices.

As a fully integrated media server solution, Modulo Kinetic comes with a low learning curve making XR events more widely accessible, and with a significantly simplified workflow.

Yannick Kohn, Founder & CEO of Modulo Pi, explains: “Switching to XR events can be extremely complex and time-consuming when addressed with a suite of separate systems, each one having its own logic and specificities. We believe the approach to XR for corporate events and live performances should remain simple and efficient. As an all-in-one media server platform enhanced with new XR features, Modulo Kinetic proves to be an appropriate solution to produce virtual events, with tools adapted to the mission.”

Since last summer, several XR corporate events were successfully produced working with a preview version of the new Modulo Kinetic upgrade.
The official release of Modulo Kinetic’s new version with XR capabilities as well as other new features and enhancements is planned by end of the year.

> Application Note: XR studio with green screen
> Application Note: XR studio with LED screen
> Interested in XR events with Modulo Kinetic: Contact Us

Here is a preview of the XR virtual studio possibilities offered by Modulo Kinetic:

Full XR virtual studio demo based on Modulo Kinetic:

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Devenez VJ avec Kayzo 01

Par : severine

  Félicitations ! Tu viens de remporter le tout premier HeavyM Mapping Challenge. Peux-tu nous raconter les étapes de la création de . . .

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⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣#repost...

⁣#repost @delight_lab_oficial⁣
⁣'SEÑALES DE RUTA’ Respuesta: Sogol atraviesa el laberinto y llega al centro de la Plaza. Cita a la obra de Juan Luis Martínez y al libro Señales de Ruta de Enrique Lihn y Pedro Lastra. Autorizados por @fundacion_juanluismartinez Intervención en Plaza Dignidad ex Plaza Baquedano, en el marco de @explorabarrioarte invitados por @galeriacima Colabora @chincol_producciones Registro oficial de @luis_bahamondes #señalesderuta #juanluismartinez #pedrolastra #enriquelihn #lastra #lihn #poesiachilena #poesiaChile @poeta_juanluismartinez @millumin2

Yaeltex personnalise l’ergonomie de votre Contrôleur MIDI


Le fabricant de contrôleur MIDI Yaeltex lance une plateforme web pour concevoir et personnaliser votre contrôleur, le Yaeltex Factory 2. Intuitif et simple d’utilisation, vous placez les composants sur 3 types de gabarits, vos faders, pads, boutons ou potards en fonction de votre façon de jouer. Les pads, boutons et potards sont rétroéclairés par de la LED RGB. L’éditeur MIDI Kilowhat permet quand à lui de configurer votre MIDI Mapping sur le contrôleur avec différentes banques de configuration et de pages. Boîtier en bois de Patagonie et livré avec une sacoche, compatible Win, mac, Raspberry, Linux, Android, Ios.

Le prix commence à partir de 300€ pour la plus petite version et monte jusqu’à plus de 1000€ la bestiole, trouver un contrôleur MIDI personnalisable de bonne facture n’est pas chose aisée aujourd’hui, Yaeltex a trouvé la bonne solution avec leur service web.


Yaeltex personnalise l’ergonomie de votre Contrôleur MIDI est un billet de LeCollagiste VJ.
LeCollagiste VJ - Mag du LeCollagiste, actu sur la culture VJING, Vidéo Mapping, info video et high tech.

Modulo Pi launches new multi-projector auto-calibration module

Paris, September 2020 – Modulo Pi is pleased to announce the immediate availability of a new multi-projector auto-calibration module. Available as an option for the Modulo Player and Modulo Kinetic media servers, the auto-calibration system allows to automatically align multiple video-projectors on planar, curved, and dome surfaces for a pixel-perfect projection.

Designing the next generation of media server solutions, Modulo Pi is pleased to announce the official and immediate release of a new multi-projector auto-calibration system.
The dongle-based module allows to automatically handle multi-projector soft edge blending and geometry on planar, curved, and dome surfaces.

The auto-calibration module comes as an option for the Modulo Player and Modulo Kinetic media servers, ensuring a reliable and significantly simplified workflow.

Working with Modulo Player, up to one server can be supported, i.e up to 6 x WQXGA outputs, or 4 x 4K outputs.
Working with Modulo Kinetic, the auto-calibration option supports multi-server configuration, resulting in an unlimited number of outputs and resolution support.
Modulo Pi’s auto-calibration system can handle independent calibration groups, as well stacked video-projectors.
In addition, a versatile masking feature ensures a perfectly fine-tuned projection.

Fully developed by Modulo Pi, the auto-calibration module relies on Power over Ethernet (PoE) cameras to offer fast and simplified cabling.
Using the Modulo Pi media servers equipped with the auto-calibration option, high-precision edge blending, warping, and media playback is achieved within minutes and with zero latency.

In summer 2019, design and production company ECA2 worked with a preview version of Modulo Pi’s auto-calibration module for The Legend of Pangu, a spectacular show in brand new Chinese Culture Exhibition Center in Lanzhou, China. The auto-calibration module was used to automatically align 20 x Christie projectors and deliver a 2.800 sqm 3D video mapping on a dome surface. “This is totally revolutionary technology”, explains Clément Rabréaud, Technical Director for The Legend of Pangu. “It takes just 13 minutes to run, which means that if a projector ever needs to be replaced, the whole system is back in focus quickly.”


> Auto-calibration technical datasheet
> The Legend of Pangu spectacular in Lanzhou, China

multi-projector auto-calibration

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⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣#repost @luis_satch⁣ ⁣__________________⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣Otro...

⁣#repost @luis_satch⁣
⁣Otro homenaje a todos los involucrados en esta #pandemia estamos muy agradecidos. Gracias al @gobnau que nos dio la oportunidad de llevar este agradecimiento a más personas, fuimos los primeros en hacer #videomapping en las torres de Satelite y ahora en una basílica que tiene más de 500 años. @pluxstudio @omagicamx @eventosinlimites. Gracias a todos los que hacen posible esto. #video #homenaje #covid #doctores #bomberos #basilicadelosremedios #naucalpan #luces #colores #epson #reflects #lights #3D #millumin #watchout #resolume #aftereffects #motiongraphics #eventos #meetingplanners #meetings

⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣#repost @geraldinekwikmusic⁣ ⁣__________________⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣I’m...

⁣#repost @geraldinekwikmusic⁣
⁣I’m so proud of being part of this new mapping with my original music written for the casino Viage in Bruxelles played by night during full december. ( Boulevard Anspach 1000 Bruxelles )⁣
⁣Visual Artist : Simon Lebon ⁣
⁣Music and sound design : Geraldine Kwik ⁣
⁣Place : Grand Casino Brussels Viage⁣
⁣ ⁣
⁣#bruxelles ##brussels #casino #viage #casinonight #videomapping #loomprod  #originalsountrack #musicforpaintings  #mapping #composer #frenchcomposer #musicscore #ambient #composingmusic #sound #sounddesign #art #visual #millumin #madmapper #motiondesign #aftereffects #design #architecturalmapping #projectionmapping #movingimage #digitalartist #night (at Brussels, Belgium)

⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣#repost @vag1323⁣ ⁣__________________⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣VAG ju...

⁣#repost @vag1323⁣
⁣VAG ju mirëpret edhe sot e në vazhdim te Sheshi “Skënderbej” ora 21:00 në datat 5-6-7 Gusht 👩‍🎨 @dardanstudio @raelvashabanaj @gentprizreni @gimpocari @bashkiatirane @julia.dhame @eurokontakt⁣
⁣#artwork #event #tirana #visual #art #gallery #dardanstudio #vag (at Sheshi SKENDERBEJ)

Xite Labs

Par : Marco Savo

Xite Labs is an audiovisual creative studio working at the intersection of art and technology, digital media and interaction design.

The team is formed by top-notch audiovisual artists who have left an unparalleled mark in the world of electronic music.

They have delivered off-socks-knocking 3D mapping installations since 2000, working with internationally renowned musicians such as Tame Impala, Infected Mushroom, Steve Aoki, Skrillex and Amon Tobin to name a few.

Audiovisual artist - projection mapping

We have been lucky enough to attend their mind-blowing audiovisual experience developed with Amon Tobin, for his international tour following the release of the album ISAM. That was back in 2012 at Sonar Festival in Barcelona.

Tobin’s avant-garde IDM soundscapes lead the way for the audiovisual storytelling who took the audience on a unforgettable journey. The show started with an otherworldly cube-shaped structure coming to life.

The stage then turned into a ship launched into space with Tobin residing in a hyper-sleep pod. After dream-like hallucinations Tobin comes out actually wearing the suits shown in the animation.

A complex audiovisual narrative that blurs the boundaries between real and digital world, firing all sorts of trickery to cleanse out the audience of all their spatial references. Only when we lose all the anchor points we are truly primed to experience the digital voyage.

ISAM takes us on a journey through the unexplored universe generated by the EDM soundscape of Amon Tobin to the bring us back to the core of the action: the musician and his performance.

In my opinion, Xite Labs major breakthrough is their ability to truly animate their installation, snapping out of the static AV sculpture by delivering an immersive experience where all senses are captured within the space.

Their audiovisual world is disorienting and astonishing as it builds up in front of our eyes, departing far away from the bidimensionality of the screen experience.

Audiovisual artists

Formed in the year 2000 as V Squared Labs by Vello E Virkhaus they have then merged with Tandem Digital Entertainment in 2018 to form XiteLabs.

Through the leadership of Greg Russell and Vello Virkhaus the audiovisual studio continuously executes next level experiential visual artistry.

The duo is always taking “never been done” concepts and turning them into reality. This process always starts with the blank page, and working with clients to define the words, scenery, illumination, content, interactivity, and the means to deliver it all.



Facebook | Vimeo | Instagram

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⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣#repost @nvs_av⁣ ⁣__________________⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣Amazing...

⁣#repost @nvs_av⁣
⁣Amazing Experience at @fotonicafestival ⁣
⁣Thanks to all⚡️⁣
⁣@videosolid @nick_n__ck @fotonicafestival .⁣
⁣#techno #experimentalmusic #experimental #video #visualart #visual #vj #liveset #eurorack #conceptstore #concept #videooftheday #postoftheday #fotonica #festival #cinema #audio #electronicmusic #electronic #modularsynth #drum #nvs #performance #performanceart #color #cinema #vdmx #millumin #

⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣#repost...

⁣#repost @delight_lab_oficial⁣
⁣Intervención lumínica de anoche sobre la Torre Telefónica en apoyo al pueblo de Palestina y rechazo a la anexión que se le quiere imponer. Chile es el país con mayor población de palestinos fuera de su territorio, mandamos desde acá un gesto de apoyo y resistencia al pueblo de Palestina y a su gente que vive acá y en el resto del mundo. Compartimos un poema palestino de Casey Cadao del 2016. ⁣
⁣Sueño de Libertad⁣
⁣Acuéstate conmigo⁣
⁣y escucha mi canción⁣
⁣De amor y pérdida⁣
⁣De mal terrible⁣
⁣Una tierra de aceitunas⁣
⁣Una tierra de cidra⁣
⁣Una tierra de naranjas y limones⁣
⁣Acuéstate en mis brazos⁣
⁣Hij@ de bendiciones⁣
⁣Sueño de nuestra tierra⁣
⁣con un profundo deseo⁣
⁣Suelo rico, agua clara⁣
⁣antiguo como los olivares⁣
⁣Mientras tenemos hambre y sed⁣
⁣recuperar nuestros recuerdos⁣
⁣Todo para ti hija⁣
⁣Nuestro hogar robado.⁣
⁣A Light intervention last night on the Telefónica Tower in support of the people of Palestine and rejection of the annexation. Chile, the country with the largest population of Palestinians outside their territory, we send a gesture of support and resistance to the people of Palestine. We share a palestinian poem by Casey Cadao from 2016.⁣
⁣Freedom Dream⁣
⁣Lie here with me⁣
⁣and hear my song⁣
⁣Of love and loss⁣
⁣Of dreadful wrong⁣
⁣A land of olives⁣
⁣A land of citron⁣
⁣A land of oranges and lemons⁣
⁣Lie in my arms⁣
⁣child of blessings⁣
⁣Dream of our land⁣
⁣with a depth of wishing⁣
⁣Rich soil, clear water⁣
⁣ancient as the olive groves⁣
⁣As we hunger and thirst⁣
⁣call up our memories⁣
⁣All for you daughter⁣
⁣Our stolen home.⁣
⁣#savepalestine #noalaanexion #freepalestine #palestinalibre #caseycadao #palestinalibre #palestina #chiledesperto #annexation #palestino #chile #politicart #artepolitico #videoprojection #videomapping #lightart #lightintervention #chileayudapalestina #savepalestine #kufiyya #hattah #trap #millumin #confinamiento #pandemia #covid19 #chile #poesia #poetry (at Chile)

GOGBOT: Enschede, 10 – 13 September 2020

Par : Marco Savo

Gogbot is an audiovisual event for creative technology, science, new media arts and music.

Out and about robots, hard-techno futuristic music, crazy bonkers live performances, audiovisual extravaganza with a general cyberpunk attitude to bond it all together.

All of this and much more is offered by Gogbot Festival, the techno-hardcore-sci-fi audiovisual event based in Netherlands.

Basically the kind of event we would go on a normal weekend if we were living in the Mad Max universe. The main aim of the event is showcasing the most avant-garde and cutting edge trends in the audiovisual and new media world. And then push a little further!

Gogbot - Audiovisual Event - Robotics
Compressorhead - Animatronics Band

There is nothing quite like Gogbot on the audiovisual scene: AI meets AV, Science meets music, art meets activism during 4 intense days of multidisciplinary activities across Enschede.

Every year, the organizers propose a controversial and thought-provoking theme set to trigger reflection in the community and cutting-edge experimentation by the selected artists. Innovation in digital creativity is key and the festival creates a sonic space for this.

Every year, the result is an insanely powerful and immersive artistic rendez-vous that leaves a lingering impact awhile after the end of the festival.

This year theme is Quantum Supremacy, a mind-blowing, controversial, but extremely urgent theme.

Big companies such as Google, Microsoft, and IBM are competing to build the first quantum computer, a ‘supercomputer’ expected to be a staggering one billion times faster than today’s best computer. What will the quantum future hold?

In this Age of Pandemic, we are made acutely aware of our dependence on digital technology for work, education, and healthcare. Now more than ever, the growth of digital technology demands critical reflection.

Globalization and economic growth have brought us pandemic and environmental destruction. How can we break this cycle? Can we harness quantum technology to protect ourselves and the world we live in?

Pubblicato da GOGBOT su Domenica 12 luglio 2020



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ARS ELECTRONICA: 9 -13 September 2020, Linz

Par : Marco Savo

Ars Electronica is THE new media arts festival: a core reference for audiovisual events and artists worldwide.

The festival and its audiovisual artists embrace new technology as a tool for artistic expression rather than the main factor of spectacularization.

This critical approach unlock the infinite creative possibilities within new technologies rather than fetishize them, as we have seen happening a lot with projection mapping and more recently with virtual reality.

ars electronica -audiovisual event

The festival was founded in 1979 by cyberneticist/physicist Herbert W. Franke, electronic musician Hubert Bognermayr, music producer Ulli A. Rützel and Hannes Leopoldseder. It has come a very long way since then but it has always kept its main focus on the intersection of art, technology and society.

One of the most appealing elements of the festival is The Prix Ars Electronica: the most prestigious prize in new media arts, with hefty prizes up to 10.000€. Every year the Golden Nica is awarded to the ground-breaking fruits of artistic experimentation from audiovisual artists worldwide.

Prix Ars Electronica - Audiovisual event - open call

Ars Electronica features a wide variety of activities every year: Symposia, exhibitions, performances, concerts and interventions spanning a broad arc from speculative futuristic scenarios to analytical considerations, from provocative actionism to philosophical debate.

Combining amazing artworks with fruitful conversations is the perfect recipe to create a meaningful experience that constantly scans the new media landscape to find the most inspiring projects. The projects are not simply chosen based on their technical realization but most importantly because the social and artistic innovation they incorporate.

The result of this consistent endeavour is the creation of a loyal community of audiovisual artists, researchers and visitors from all over the world that every year reunites in Linz to inspire and get inspired.

 deep space live - fata morgana - audiovisual artists
Deep Space LIVE – Fata Morgana

Since its inception, the festival has been dedicated to develop new themes for each edition and the organizers are also constantly on the lookout for interesting new venues.

Indeed, the ongoing effort to break out of the narrow confines of conventional conference rooms and artistic spaces, and to stage cultural and scientific encounters in the public sphere has become something of an Ars Electronica trademark.

Stay tuned: Ars Electronica 2020 theme will be released soon!



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