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Protected: Epic Megagrants

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Virtual Production

And more…

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RTBF – Control Room 42

Revolutionize the workflow RTBF presents the Control Room 42, that merges TV production with broadcast technologies through a common workflow. See also

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Network needed Everything is connected to Smode main show control station server come with high demanding of show time contents and flexible playback as per require. A massive installation. Total 17’s kind of Pro-AV technology and equipment’s are employed in the site, 8 powerful 60K projectors, millions of LED spots to illuminate, 60m water screen …

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Velodrôme de Marseille

Innovation Smode is at the heart of the new A/V system used in the Velodrome Football stadium. Show management system Built by Cutback LIVE, a dedicated interface allow a no Smode user to replace media and customize the show Live compositing Scoring and events of every matchs are generated and displayed on the screens of …

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Paris la défense arena

A massive set-up Thanks to real-time composition, every match event is reflected dynamically and instantaneously on the largest indoor screen in Europe, from scoring to players changes. Real-time modifications Anthony Toraldo, the official Smode expert of this stadium is able to change the team flags and colors before every contest, thanks dedicated parameters. Custom events …

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Fixed installs

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And more…

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Meet the Smode users #1: Etienne de Crecy Space Echo Tour

Par : ArthurV

SmodeTech Release First Video of Smode User Series Featuring French EDM Pioneer Étienne de Crécy The real-time content creation tool from Smode Tech played pivotal role for the French artist, …

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