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The Art of Editing Superhero Films with Editing Team Behind ‘Black Adam’

An interview with Mike Sale, ACE about his work on the editing team behind one of perhaps the most ambitious superhero films ever.

Best Headphones For Mixing And Monitoring

Par : Zoe Sones

Headphones come in many shapes, sizes, and functions. These are the tools we need to listen to music, a podcast, or the sound world of a film. …

Creating an ACES Workflow for Realistic Lighting with 3D

Learn how to improve your 3D renders by using ACES to build a linear workflow. (Also, an explainer: What exactly is ACES?)

The Do’s and Don’ts of Writing a Logline for Your Film or Video Project

A well-written logline is an effective tool for selling your film project. A bad one, however, can stop it in its tracks. Here's what you need to …

How to Integrate 3D Elements into Video Footage – Part III

Explore how post-processing in After Effects can obtain a more believable integration between real video clips and CG models.

Canon Announces New EOS R6 Mark II Camera and 135mm RF Lens

Canon returns with an all-encompassing video and stills production workhorse, the EOS R6 Mark II. Have you heard the news? Canon just dropped their new hybrid camera, …

Building The Ultimate Budget Mobile Camera Setup

Turn any mobile phone into a professional-grade camera with these essential (and affordable) tools and gear.

Royalty Free Music Roundup: Action Packed!

Par : Zoe Sones

If your project has to inspire and answer the call of dramatic challenges, these royalty-free music tracks will do the trick!

Understanding Diegetic Sound and Non-Diegetic Sound in Film

Par : Zoe Sones

Solid audio can make or break the effectiveness of storytelling. Learn how Diegetic and Non-Diegetic sound can help craft your film.

How to Mix Ambisonics in Audition

Let's look at a few different ways you can edit and mix ambisonic audio in Adobe Audition.

Sonic Space: How To Utilize It In Your Video Projects

Par : Zoe Sones

Have you thought about sonic space in your sound design? Bring your sound to cinema-quality heights using tools built into most NLEs.

Sound Effects: The Unsung Heroes of the Film Industry

Let's discuss the history of sound effects, and how to incorporate this important cinematic element into your next project.

How to Integrate 3D Elements into Video Footage – Part II

Take the next big leap in filmmaking by integrating 3D models into your footage. Here's our step-by-step guide to 3D scenes and lighting.

Building a PC for Virtual Production: Pro vs. Budget

A high-end virtual production PC can cost more than $10,000, but you can build one on a budget for under $3,000. Here's how.

The Noise Factor: When Is Digital Noise Okay in a Shot?

Digital noise is a dignified enemy for low-budget filmmakers and content creators. But when would it be okay to let a noisy shot slide?

Amaran COB 60x: The Gear Upgrade I Didn’t Know I Needed

Aputure's Amaran COB 60x is a budget point source light with premium features for only $200, and it's worth every cent.

How Does the Sony FX30 Compare To Other Sony Cinema Cameras?

Par : Mike Maher

Is this the camera for creators to upgrade to Sony's cinema camera line? Does it pair well with other Sony cameras? Let's look at the FX30

How Space Works in Adobe After Effects (for Beginners)

Working with the concept of space in After Effects is tricky. In this video tutorial, we break it down to terms a beginner can understand.

Finding Content For the Instagram Creator

Money isn't everything in content creation. Here's how one photographer found creative fulfillment on the racetrack.

Rode NTH-100 Review: Great Looks But Faulty Design

The NTH-100 from Rode is an eye-catching headset with above-average sound, but it broke after four months. Here are the final pros and cons.

How to Integrate 3D Elements into Video Footage – Part I

Have you ever wondered what it takes to seamlessly blend a 3D model into a previously recorded video? Let's dive into the industry's most common techniques.

The Golden Age of Hollywood: Its Rise, Decline, and Legacy

Par : Mike Maher

Learn about the most emblematic moments of the golden age of Hollywood. The studios, the actors, and why it's no more.

The Surprisingly Fascinating World of Frame Rates

Let's take a closer look at a few different frame rates and how you can utilize them in your film and video projects.

Filmmaking with the Greats: Production Problem-solving

Filmmaking is problem-solving. The tools of the trade aren’t molds into which we cram the stuff of filmmaking. They’re the tools we use to try to tame …

The Most Talented Large Format Photographers Working Today

Large format photographers are still out here, and they are capturing incredible images. Let's take a look at 5 of the current world's best.

Werewolf by Night: Marvel’s Foray into Classic Genre Cinema Begins

Marvel’s streaming pastiche of classic Hollywood horror and primetime era television specials.