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NDI and NewTek TriCaster® team up to power hybrid learning for Cranfield University

SAN ANTONIO, TX–– 31 October, 2022 — NewTek, the leader in IP-based video technology and NDI, the world’s preferred technology for moving media-over-IP, both part of the Vizrt Group, today announce that Cranfield University has chosen the NewTek TriCaster® video production system and NDI® to deliver professional quality live online classes.

With NDI® as the single interconnected production environment and TriCaster managing and controlling the range of production equipment, together the technology formed the perfect solution to help Cranfield University deliver professional-looking live, online broadcasts for students.

Online learning focused

Based 80 kilometers north of London, England, Cranfield University educates leaders in technology and management, and is the largest UK provider of master’s-level graduates in engineering. Cranfield was relying on standard live video streaming products and laptop cameras to deliver its online lessons, but due to poor video quality, it researched new solutions to update its infrastructure and live streaming capabilities.

Today, Cranfield University academics are delivering professional quality live online classes thanks to both NDI® and the NewTek TriCaster video production system.

NDI at the Foundation

NDI® is a high-performance audio/video standard that allows anyone to use real time, ultra-low latency video on existing IP video network. Designed to make IP-based production technology available to all, NDI® creates a single, interconnected production environment to connect any device across campus to transmit live video over IP networks.

“When scoping the studio-build, we ran with the vision to live-stream to the whole campus, and looked around for technology to enable this,” says Dr. Toby Thompson, Studio Director of Cranfield University Broadcast and Record.

“NDI technology was the obvious contender due to its cost-effectiveness from multiple campus locations, as well as its ease of use.”

Live stream Production Managed by NewTek

Cranfield started out with a TriCaster Mini and used it with NewTek TalkShow VS 4000, which is a multi-channel video calling system designed to simultaneously connect up to four remote guests in real time. Due to increased demand and success of the production studio, the University team now opted to upgrade to NewTek’s premium TriCaster 2 Elite, which provides greater functionality and capabilities.

“Just switching your camera ‘on’ is no longer sufficient: what’s shown must look professional if students are to take your online efforts seriously,” adds Thompson. “By embracing the NDI® and TriCaster approach we’ve delivered technical innovations in line with Cranfield University’s technology mission; we’ve launched a new professional standard for live-online video production; and we’ve built the foundation of a new revenue stream for live online education at Cranfield.”

NewTek has been working to support education institutions with innovative solutions for decades, bringing to market a range of products for livestream production. Including the iconic TriCaster range, and the new, award-winning, CaptureCast, the world’s first NDI®-native, fully automated, lecture capture solution.

“With many students preferring online learning, education institutions today have an opportunity to modernize its approach to creating and delivering classes in a hybrid manner,” states Barbara Spicek, President and GM, NewTek.

“At NewTek, we are dedicated to creating solutions that not only help to streamline production set ups, but also help futureproof production capabilities.”

For more information about NewTek’s solutions for the education industry, visit:

NewTek launches the NDI® PTZ3 UHD Camera – coupling professional audio and pristine 4Kp60 for the first time

SAN ANTONIO, October 13th, 2022NewTek, the leader in IP-based video technology and part of the Vizrt Group, enhances its PTZ family of cameras by introducing the expertly engineered PTZ3 UHD. The PTZ3 UHD is the only NewTek 4Kp60 camera on the market that offers both professional audio and ultra-high-definition video – all built on the unshakeable foundation of NDI®.

The PTZ3 UHD allows video professionals, technology managers, and system designers to elevate video production by easily bringing 4Kp60 UHD video and professional audio, combined with control and tally, by using the network and simultaneously streamlining integration and installation by incorporating power over Ethernet (PoE).

“We understand the importance of and need for quality audio in any production workflow. By adding professional audio to the PTZ3 UHD – we combine the might of ultra-high-definition video and enhanced audio connectivity making it easier than ever to put this exceptional camera into any production workflow,” comments Will Waters, VP Product Management, NewTek.

Mastering Audio

For the first time in a UHD camera from NewTek, Professional XLR audio input seamlessly runs with equipment such as microphones, mixers, amplifiers, and soundboards. The Professional XLR integration offers clean, balanced audio directly from the camera into the NDI network, so the audio maintains the highest fidelity for customers and integrators.

Mastering Video

To ensure users deliver high-quality images and video, the PTZ3 UHD takes pan/tilt/zoom quality to a new level with improved movement between camera presets. Ease-in and ease-out movements deliver seamless, smooth transitions for a natural, superior quality production without jittery or stuttering movements.

Mastering Connectivity

No other camera on the market offers this level of simplicity and control. Whether it’s using a single cable for audio and video, PTZ control, tally and PoE for power or connecting via NDI, NewTek PTZ Cameras simply appear on the network and can immediately be built into any workflow with ease.

Constructed with NDI® at its core, the PTZ3 UHD guarantees the tightest integration with any NewTek live production system and any NDI® workflow – offering professional audio, pristine 4Kp60 and infinite production possibilities.

Availability & Pricing

NewTek PTZ3 UHD is available now and is priced at $3,995 USMSRP - International pricing may vary.

For more information on the PTZ3 UHD please visit,

NewTek introduces LiveLink and offers TriCaster users exclusive HTML5 graphics trial from Vizrt

IBC: Amsterdam, Netherlands - 11 September 2022 - NewTek, the leader in IP-based video technology and part of the Vizrt Group, announces today an exclusive free trial of Flowics’ HTML5 graphics for its flagship TriCaster’s TriCaster 1 Pro and TriCaster 2 Elite.

This announcement follows the recent acquisition of Flowics by Vizrt Group, enhancing Vizrt’s end-to-end graphics portfolio – an acquisition TriCaster users will be the first to benefit from. TriCaster 1 Pro and TriCaster 2 Elite users will be offered a 30-day trial of the Flowics platform.

With the introduction of Live Link, TriCaster users can take HTML sources directly into their production, rendering anything from whole web pages to web videos, or HTML5 graphics as direct sources in their switcher – reducing the complexity of set-up and pressure on the network. The Flowics platform gives customers simple control over the creation, integration, and playout of those HTML5 graphics – perfect for fast-paced productions and digital or multi-screen extensions.

“TriCaster users embrace the creation of motion media content and deliver it to anywhere viewers want to watch. The combination of TriCaster with Flowics by Vizrt makes this all-in-one system go a step further. With captivating graphics, it brings the story to life, making the creation and playout of interactive media experiences intuitive for mobile, the web, social media, and live streams,” states Barbara Spicek, President and GM of NewTek.

“While this acquisition will certainly benefit customers across Vizrt Group, we are very pleased to offer NewTek customers an exclusive opportunity to experience the simple, vast and versatile tools from Flowics first, and for free.”

With the addition of Flowics by Vizrt to a TriCaster, customers can access the immersive potential of data driven graphics, powered by a wide range of external data sources, including sports statistics, timing and scoring, betting, weather, and finance information, in a code-free approach. And as a true SaaS platform, Flowics graphics can be created and controlled from anywhere, anytime – at high speed.

For more information, and to sign up for your free trial today, visit here:

Meet the TriCaster® Mini X: The new desktop TriCaster® for every video production

SAN ANTONIO, TX–– August 18th, 2022—NewTek, the leader in IP-based video technology and part of the Vizrt Group, today announces TriCaster Mini X. The new addition to the ground-breaking TriCaster family boasts Live Link, an all-new feature that brings the creative possibilities of the internet directly into your TriCaster.

The TriCaster Mini X puts the focus on storytelling, and producers have everything needed to do that, right at their desk. TriCaster Mini X is the first in the TriCaster family to offer Live Link. This brand-new feature means users can easily pull any element from a web page into a production without the need to use third party applications. Graphics, images, videos, all individual elements from intra and internets such as your organization’s internal training platforms, or corporate website, can be brought in as sources for your production. This turns the entire internet into a rich source for your productions.

The TriCaster Mini X continues the all-in-one desktop form factor and turns every space it’s in into a full, multi-source production studio. TriCaster Mini X offers increased power and capabilities, including access to 8 external sources with 4 integrated HDMI inputs and supporting modern resolutions up to 4Kp30; and HTML rendering directly in the switcher, with access to HTML 5 motion graphics, webpages, web-based video playback and more without having to use a separate computer.

"The last two years have brought into sharp focus the importance not only of the accessibility of quality video production solutions but also tools that set productions apart. By introducing the TriCaster Mini X, we prove that you don’t have to be a seasoned expert with limitless resources to tell your story with all the bells and whistles of a broadcast giant."

Barbara Spicek, President and GM of NewTek

Accessibility, unlocked.

TriCaster Mini X brings the possibilities of professional live video production to anyone with a story to tell, no matter their level of experience – without vast investments in infrastructure. Video switching, media playback, virtual sets, social media integration, ability to add graphics, record, stream, and much more.

Flexibility, attained.

Creators can use all their existing devices with the TriCaster Mini X and truly level-up their productions with all the advanced features it has to offer. From cameras to microphones, off-the-shelf HDMI devices connect directly to the Mini X in minutes creating professional level productions – without having to purchase any new equipment.

Scalability, achieved.

Once users enter the world of TriCaster, they never look back. The TriCaster Mini X offers host of powerful features that means it not only helps you get your productions off the ground, but also grows with them. In addition, by being a part of the NewTek family of products, there are countless ways to expand workflows to meet your evolving production needs.

Built with NDI® at its core, the Mini X is an easy to use, futureproof solution that can be simplified or expanded, as necessary. By using IP video and software defined visual storytelling, TriCaster Mini X offers infinite production possibilities.

Availability & Pricing

NewTek TriCaster Mini X is available now and is priced at $7,995 USMSRP - International pricing may vary.

For more information on the TriCaster Mini X please visit,

Press contacts: Amisa Saari-Stout / Isabella Bertazi

NewTek appoints new managers in Southeast Asia to continue rapid growth

Bangkok, Thailand, July 25, 2022 - NewTek, the leader in IP-based video technology and part of the Vizrt Group, today announces the appointment of new managers Wanlop Wattanadussadee and Elango Ramachandran in the APAC region.

NewTek has seen a growth of nearly 50% in the India/SAARC region from 2020 to 2021, as a result of building partnerships in India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. Contributing to regional success are innovations from the company – from the TriCaster 1 Pro to the PTZ3 camera, the versatility of the products drives the high demand in the broadcast and ProAV markets.

New managers to drive APAC expansion

Wanlop Wattanadussadee is the recently appointed Regional Manager for Southeast Asia to further build up NewTek’s business in the region. Wanlop has a strong heritage in the sector having spent the previous four years as Technical Sales Manager covering the entire APAC region for NewTek.

Prior to joining NewTek he owned and ran his own business and held a number of positions, including supporting NewTek partners in Thailand. As NewTek is an indirect business globally, his primary focus will be to enhance existing partner relationships and further grow the partner footprint in the region.

Wanlop Wattanadussadee“At NewTek, we use innovation and technology to fundamentally change the way video is created and used, allowing more people to share their stories, experiences, and ideas with the world. As the new Regional Manager, my goals are to further develop existing partner relationships whilst looking to strengthen NewTek’s presence in the market, better serve our existing customers, and gain new ones,” remarks Wanlop Wattanadussadee, Regional Manager.

NewTek also hired Elango Ramachandran as an APAC Pre-Sales Manager to further build up NewTek’ s business in the region. Elango has a strong heritage in ProAV markets, having spent four years in pre-sales and product management roles within distribution partners in India.

Working with NewTek’s global business presence, his focus will be to support the existing partner relationships, drive more NewTek business, and train and enable new partners across APAC.

Elango Ramachandran“APAC is a rapidly growing market for NewTek. Since I have a familiarity with the demands of technical and product management roles, I understand what support partners need both from a technical and commercial perspective. Working in product management meant I owned all aspects of the product from demo through to go to market. I’m looking forward to consolidating my experience in my new role with NewTek,” says Elango Ramachandran, APAC Pre-Sales Manager.

Paul Dobbs“NewTek has experienced rapid expansion in Southeast Asia over the previous two years and as we continue to develop the channel to support further growth, we need talented people to provide regional focus,” states Paul Dobbs, Regional Director, APAC.

“Given Wanlop’s many years of NewTek experience within NewTek and via NewTek Distributors, he was the obvious choice to lead the region. Additionally, Elango’s many years of ProAV experience with distribution partners, he will know from first-hand experience how to assist our partners. With both technical and commercial acumen, I look forward to further investment and development in Southeast Asia.”

For more information on NewTek and to learn about its solutions, visit

Press contacts: Amisa Saari-Stout / Isabella Bertazi

NewTek's expansion in APAC yields significant growth

Bangkok, Thailand, 14 June 2022 - NewTek is transforming the way businesses create quality video content and share it with the world, with significant success in the India/SAARC region because of an expanded channel partner network and new leadership.

From 2020 to 2021, there has been 47% growth for NewTek across the Asia-Pacific with four new partners added in India, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh. Furthermore, innovations from NewTek like the TriCaster 1 Pro and PTZ3 camera and an increased demand across the broadcast and proAV markets in corporate, education, and houses of worship have also added to regional success.

Spearheading NewTek’s investment in the India and SAARC region is Rohan Tadke who was appointed as the Regional Manager for the area. Rohan has a strong heritage in the sector having previously held management positions at Wyrestorm and Harman International. As NewTek’s global go-to-market model is indirect, his primary focus has been to enhance the existing partner relationships and rapidly grow the partner footprint in the region.

“NewTek is a change-agent in the video industry, leading the shift to IP video workflows regionally, and globally. NewTek’s growth in the India/SAARC region has been driven by the fact that in the current climate, organizations are continually looking to improve communications with employees and customers. While we have always had a strong positioning in the broadcast market, we are seeing significant growth in other sectors previously unexplored including education, corporate, and many others,” states Rohan Tadke, Regional Manager, NewTek.

On NewTek’s recent accomplishments in Asia-Pacific, its customers and partners have said:

"NewTek has been an integral part of CDM Technologies' growth, we have seen significant investment from NewTek in India. The addition of a new Country Manager to build an India based team further strengthened NewTek's position in the India markets and we will invest accordingly."


"As a Systems Integrator, Cineom only ever invests in best of breed products. NewTek's products address both the broadcast and proAV markets where Cineom are active, especially in the education segment."


"With NewTek and NDI solutions we have the power to transform any production and studio facility with an ease - we look forward to taking NewTek to the next level across Bangladesh."

Sraban Engineering

"Shaf Broadcast is a systems integrator which has historically focused on the broadcast market however, we are seeing many opportunities in House of Worship and other sectors where NewTek technology and NDI are relevant."

Shaf Broadcast

"We recently signed a partnership agreement with NewTek in Sri Lanka which has enabled us to provide reliable and flexible studio production solutions to our customer - this is our first deal, and it is significant. We look forward to a bright future with NewTek."


"The fact that you can position a NewTek product to practically anyone right from a Broadcast house to a Corporate AV customers make NewTek an invaluable proposition."


This news follows a previous announcement from NewTek on the doubling of its entire business since the Vizrt Group acquisition in 2019. NewTek has also reinvigorated its partner offering globally with its support business doubling since 2020, and NewTek University awarding diplomas and certifications to hundreds of distributors, systems integrators, partners, and other solutions specialists.

NewTek’s growth in 2022 is expected to surge even further, with a robust product roadmap in the pipeline with more to be announced very soon.

To follow NewTek’s latest updates, and news, please visit:

NewTek unveils CaptureCast™, world’s first NDI®-native, fully automated, lecture capture solution

SAN ANTONIO, May 25th, 2022NewTek, the leader in IP-based video technology and part of the Vizrt Group, announces today the latest in its innovative portfolio, CaptureCast; a ground-breaking multi-input, multi-room recording and live streaming technology to drive active participation, engagement, and experience for remote and hybrid learning.

The IP-based lecture capture and micro-broadcasting system will connect teachers in any room across campus to their students tuning in from anywhere in the world – powered by NDI®, the globally standardized video-over-IP technology. Easy to implement and fully autonomous, CaptureCast doesn’t require a dedicated operator leaving teachers more time, attention, and energy for their students.

"Video is embedded in every area of society and in today’s world anyone can get on camera and connect to an audience. Micro-broadcasting has become a ‘must have’ in education to meet the growing need of servicing distance learners, and outfitting rooms for flex/hybrid instructions to deliver an enhanced experience for remote students."

William Waters, Head of Product Management, NewTek

Connect, globally.

CaptureCast is the first solution on the market to harness the power of NDI® by connecting camera apps on mobile, software screen capture, and thousands of compatible devices like PTZ cameras. Using NDI, CaptureCast also incorporates direct connection with video communication applications including Microsoft® Teams, Zoom, among others.

Record, automatically.

Schools are challenged with delivering high quality, impactful videos to keep remote learners engaged and provide accessible class materials and the means to replay missed sessions if needed. CaptureCast allows remote learners to access content in real-time and rewatch and review on-demand.

The innovative automation inside CaptureCast records any live devices such as cameras, mics, tablets, document cameras, and nearly any digital teaching device offering HD video out, enabling remote learners to interact with video content more dynamically.

Stream, seamlessly.

Furthermore, CaptureCast takes any live capture and instantaneously replicates it across education and streaming platforms to empower remote learners to switch between viewpoints, cameras, or screens to completely personalize, and take control of their learning experience.

Enrich, education.

All student’s learning gaps are unique, and video must be curated around unique learning needs. CaptureCast ensures every single session is enriched with metadata; tagging keywords, pulling data from slide decks, and spoken word which is made available to learners to better access the content and jump straight to what they are looking for.

Automate video.

Every teacher, course, and classroom can have varying issues operating classroom recording and live streaming on an ongoing basis. To solve this challenge, CaptureCast automates the entire record-stream-enrichment process. It moves between different set-ups for any given class, to a pre-programmed schedule or timetable, and intelligently maps the captured content to common learning or content management systems – all without any input from teaching or IT staff. Each set-up can be customized to any style of lecture, speaker, or for totally exceptional and out-of-the-box learning experiences.

"Quality, easy to use video tools are a necessity for educational institutions to engage the needs of all students, whether in the classroom or at home. Expanding our solutions into this market is incredibly exciting and a testament to the success and growth of NewTek over the past few years, due, in no small part to its strong channel partner program. The introduction of CaptureCast provides opportunities for our existing partners, as well as new partners across the education ecosystem."

Barbara Spicek, President and GM of NewTek

CaptureCast is priced at $7,995 USMSRP - International pricing may vary.

For more information, please visit

NewTek names long-term partner, Lanlink, first Nordic distributor

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS — 11 May 2022NewTek, the leader in IP video technology that gives every storyteller a voice through video, today announces a partnership with Lanlink distribution – the latest in a long line of distributor additions this year as NewTek continues its global growth.

Headquartered in Stockholm Sweden, Lanlink has been a NewTek platinum partner supporting the Nordic region and empowering video content creators for decades through the evolution of NewTek’s solutions. Now as a distributor, Lanlink can get the latest NewTek products to customers fast, with a streamlined process, leaving no wait time to create video.

"NewTek has always had a strong user base across the Nordics, and with Lanlink as a certified distributor our customers, end-users, and future customers have easier, and faster access to our cutting-edge products. With the depth and breadth of experience that Lanlink has of our company, and solutions, we are confident we will see an expansion of NewTek users across the region, expediting our growth throughout the Nordics."

Barbara Spicek, President and GM of NewTek

"The demand for video continues to reach unprecedented amounts, and NewTek’s next-generation, user-friendly, accessible, and reliable solutions are always at the top of our customers' lists. We wanted to come together to make it as easy as possible for users to integrate NewTek and NDI-native NewTek products into their workflows and are excited for the projects to come with our new partnership. Furthermore, we believe our local experts and support will help strengthen NewTek’s stronghold in the Nordics, better-serving customers regionally,"

Peter Lilja, Managing Director, Lanlink Distribution

Lanlink will hold a range of NewTek stock in Sweden for quick delivery to the network, including the full portfolio of software-defined video storytelling tools, including, TriCaster® family, 3Play® video replay systems and PTZ cameras.

For more information on the NewTek product portfolio through Lanlink Distribution, please contact: Tina Lindblom at or by phone: +46-8-969400

NewTek launches inaugural TriCaster® Director of the Year Awards

SAN ANTONIO, May 5th, 2022— Calling all visual storytellers, creatives, directors, live content producers and maestros using the TriCaster. NewTek, the leader in IP-based video technology and part of Vizrt Group, today announces a quest to find and celebrate the everyday operators of the iconic line, with the TriCaster® Director of the Year Awards.

The TriCaster Director of the Year Awards will showcase the innovation, technical skills, and creative excellence of the global first-class talent that fly the TriCaster tech. Entries for the awards open on 19 May 2022.

"We are on a mission to honor the amazing talent that gives real purpose to our flagship product line. We want to recognize the visual storytellers that operate TriCasters and highlight how they artfully weave together video into impactful and compelling story. Cutting-edge content needs more than just technology, it needs talent. With the TriCaster Director of the Year Awards we want to give back to the TriCaster maestros who create magic and delight for audiences and the industry."

Barbara Spicek, President and GM of NewTek

The categories for this year include:

  • The TriCaster Director of the Year – Universal best director chosen by the judges
  • The ESG (Environmental, social, and corporate governance) TriCaster Director of the Year Awards
  • The Corporate TriCaster Director of the Year
  • The Education TriCaster Director of the Year
  • The House of Worship TriCaster Director of the Year
  • The Sports TriCaster Director of the Year
  • The Live Production TriCaster Director of the Year (music, events, awards, broadcast, etc.)

Any technical director or TriCaster operator can apply online by submitting a brief highlights video that represents their top TriCaster content this year alongside a short synopsis and statement of support. Submissions will then be reviewed by a panel of expert, industry judges (to be announced shortly) which will also choose an overall TriCaster Director of the Year from the entrants.

For the ESG TriCaster Director category, the judging panel will choose a shortlist of 10 entries and open the shortlist to a public vote. The public then has their chance to get involved and share their perspective on what creative director has made the most impact on their community with their content.

The winners will be invited to a one-of-a-kind NewTek gala ceremony in late November, where the winners will share in a $100,000 value prize pot. The awards show will also be streamed live on NewTek TV using a TriCaster to exhibit the production power of the product.

For all the updates on the NewTek TriCaster Director of the Year Awards follow the official hashtag: #TriCasterAwards2022

For more information, and to apply from May 19th visit:

NewTek growth set to surge in 2022 after record year

SAN ANTONIO, March 29, 2022- NewTek, the leader in IP-based video technology and part of the Vizrt Group, today announces significant growth with a total 39% increase across the global business as it reviews 2021 and sets the groundwork for continued success in 2022.

Building on the continued growth, since the Vizrt Group acquisition NewTek has doubled its business due to the strong combination of the increase in demand for robust, next-generation video technologies that are brought to market via carefully selected expert channel partners. Additionally, NewTek has continued to grow its partner network in 2022 with distributors appointed across Asia and India, the United Kingdom, and Europe.

"Since joining the NewTek team in 2019, I have been in constant awe of the team and their passion and drive to innovate and deliver outstanding products to support our customers via our exceptional channel network. The growth we are seeing is a result of this, and one that is even more impressive in the context of the turbulent last few years."

Barbara Spicek, President and GM of NewTek

"Our partner relationships are, for me, one of the main strengths of NewTek. Distributors, channel partners, systems integrators and others, all play a crucial part in bringing our innovations to market and putting them in front of the customers – they deliver local expertise that complements our global scale."

Michael Hallén, CEO Vizrt Group

NewTek has also reinvigorated its partner offering with its support business doubling since 2020, and NewTek University awarding diplomas and certifications to hundreds of distributors, systems integrators, partners, and other solutions specialists. In 2022, NewTek has more of these partners than ever before, helping us support the creation of great content, and delivering more stories, better told.

To follow NewTek’s latest updates, and news, please visit:

NewTek reveals PTZ3, the World's First PTZ Camera to Offer NDI®|HX3

SAN ANTONIO, February 15th, 2022NewTek, the leader in IP-based video technology and part of the Vizrt Group, establishes its commitment to innovation with the launch of the NewTek NDI|®HX PTZ3 Camera.

Offering advanced flexibility and simplicity, the PTZ3 is the first camera on the market to use NDI|HX3, the latest development from NDI. Users can select NDI®|HX 3 as an option for better video with reduced latency – using a fraction of the bandwidth. Also unique to the PTZ3, is professional-level audio connectivity, raising the bar for audio quality in PTZ cameras everywhere.

The PTZ3 is an affordable, IP-based pan-tilt-zoom camera that delivers high-quality, high-definition video to the network and interoperability with any of the thousands of applications that support NDI. With single cable connectivity, the PTZ3 allows everyone, including video professionals, technology managers, and A/V systems integrators to explore new ways to expand, grow, and evolve productions using their network, while simultaneously streamlining integration and installation by incorporating power over Ethernet.

"The PTZ3 overcomes some common challenges that have impacted PTZ usability in the past through an innovative approach to preset recalls, low latency and high quality with NDI|HX3, and single cable connection"

William Waters, Head of Product Management, NewTek

NDI. Better.

NewTek was the first to deliver a PTZ camera that used the revolutionary NDI technology, the world’s largest and fastest-growing IP production protocol. NDI devices simply appear on the network automatically and can be easily integrated into any workflow. By continuing to work closely with the NDI team, NewTek have been able to develop, from the ground up, the PTZ3, breaking the mold yet again. With the integration of NDI|HX3; the PTZ3 gives the option to deliver low latency transmission with reduced bandwidth, while maintaining the visually lossless standards NDI users demand.

Audio. Better.

Then NewTek PTZ3 enhances audio connectivity by featuring a professional mini-XLR mic input connection in addition to a line level mini-jack. Delivering clean, balanced audio directly from the camera into the NDI network, customers and integrators will have confidence their audio maintains the highest fidelity. Further, once on the NDI network, the PTZ3 audio can be routed, mixed, enhanced, and distributed to thousands of devices and software providing unprecedented levels of creative flexibility.

Connect. Better.

With one cable for power and connectivity, no other camera on the market offers this level of simplicity and control; eliminating the need for, and the increasing cost of, long cable runs, complex setups, and management time to maintain. The NewTek PTZ3 can be added into any workflow with a single ethernet cable for HD video up to 1080/60p, audio, PTZ presets and control, tally, and PoE. Users can remotely control the camera from any device via NDI. When combined with NDI Studio Monitor, users can operate the camera through commonly available control devices, even including gaming controllers, reducing the cost of entry into camera control systems.

“As part of the Vizrt Group family, NewTek works closely with NDI to harness its power of connection and fuse it into the DNA of our products and solutions. We are proud to pioneer a future-proofed PTZ camera that offers unparalleled flexibility that meets the fast evolving needs of the market,” continues William Waters, Head of Product Management, NewTek. Simplicity and flexibility are not only showcased in the myriad of new features in NewTek’s PTZ3, but the latest model is also shipped with ceiling and wall mounts and is available in black or white to better match where the camera is needed, whether it be for a studio, classroom, hospital, corporate meeting space, or live event venue.

The PTZ3 is priced at $2,795 USMSRP - International pricing may vary.

For more information, please visit

NewTek names DigiBox the first UK and Ireland distributor

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS — 2 February 2022NewTek the leader in IP video technology that gives every storyteller a voice through video, today announces a partnership with DigiBox, a value-added distributor with 25 years’ experience in broadcast, proAV and postproduction throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland.

As a long-standing, and well-established supplier in the UK and Ireland market, DigiBox is ideally placed to distribute the full portfolio of NewTek’s software-defined visual storytelling tools including the successful TriCaster® family, 3Play® video replay systems and PTZ cameras.

Also known as specialists in IP technologies, DigiBox have worked closely with many products that harness the power of NDI technology since its launch in 2015 and have been strong advocates of the protocols varied applications ranging from broadcast to the boardroom.

“Due to significant and sustained growth for NewTek in the UK and Ireland it was essential to work with a distributor to continue our success. DigiBox were the ideal choice to support our expansion as it allows our partners and end users local access to expedite projects as the demand for accessible, easy to use live production tools increases across various verticals including Corporate/Enterprise, Education and Live Performance to name but a few,” states Mark Coombes, Director of Sales, EMEA, NewTek.

“We are looking forward to bolstering our ability to serve these markets with NewTek solutions through DigiBox and can’t wait to showcase the inevitable ground-breaking projects that will emerge,” continues Coombes.

“NewTek are a natural fit for our portfolio,” comments Marc Risby, DigiBox Managing Director and CTO. “We are looking forward to leveraging our established network of resellers and systems integrators across a wide range of vertical markets and expanding further into the general AV and enterprise spaces to build on NewTek’s momentous growth during the pandemic.”

“DigiBox prides itself on its dedicated technical sales and skilled engineering teams who work closely to meet the challenges of today’s content producers whether it’s for a live broadcast or a corporate webinar. We believe this will strengthen NewTek’s position in the UK offering local support and professional services, enabling us to better serve customers in the region.”

DigiBox will hold a range of NewTek stock in the UK to ensure quick delivery to the dealer network. For more information, or to arrange an online demonstration of the NewTek range please contact:

New TriCaster 1 Pro and next generation TriCaster 2 Elite added to NewTek TriCaster line

SAN ANTONIO, USA, December 2nd, 2021— NewTek, the leader in IP-based video technology and part of the Vizrt Group, today launched the TriCaster 1 Pro: a streamlined live video production system with support for 4K UHD switching, live streaming, recording, data-driven graphics, virtual sets, media publishing, and more. TriCaster 1 Pro, and TriCaster 2 Elite offer integrated flexibility of software and IP networks - opening a world of opportunities with the tightest, NDI-native integration, only available in TriCasters. Both TriCasters also enable LiveGraphics™, LivePanel™, and Live Story Creator tools as standard offering automation, title and motion graphics, and bespoke control surfaces.

Since its release in July 2020, the TriCaster 2 Elite has been celebrated as setting a new standard for how much can be achieved with a single system. The TriCaster 2 Elite remains the flagship TriCaster offering, and now features both selectable audio and video returns with unmatched quality and flexibility, as well as NDI Genlock – putting the system in a league of its own.

"Today's producers have to keep up with an insatiable demand for video content while maximizing flexibility."

Will Waters NewTek's Head of Product Management

“TriCaster offers the only complete set of production tools while focusing on efficiency and flexibility only available through combining IP networking and software-defined solutions. The TriCaster 1 Pro is a welcome addition for the storytellers that need robust remote calling but don’t require an extreme quantity of sources and destinations. The update to the TriCaster 2 Elite serves to cement its position as a transformative platform that truly takes video production to another level.” Production. Better.

Dynamic and powerful nested macros capabilities within the TriCaster Pro 1 and TriCaster 2 Elite allow operators to deliver complex productions effortlessly. Operators can send Alpha Channel through one of the MIX outs, bringing post-production closer to live. Users can also use the keying on TriCaster to feed graphics or real-time 3D creation tools. TriCaster 1 Pro and TriCaster 2 Elite support encoding of three channels. Remote guests. Better.

Both TriCaster models now offer the latest version of Live Call Connect, effortlessly integrating popular video communication applications like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, FaceTime, Zoom, Skype TX, Microsoft® Teams, Discord, Slack, and Tencent as video inputs. In addition, producers can turn any mobile device into a live production camera by using the NDI TriCaster Camera App - now available, for free, for Android and iOS devices.

Live audio. Better.

Using AI, TriCaster 1 Pro and TriCaster 2 Elite help to maintain all important production quality by cancelling or reducing background noise from any source. The tool automatically detects voices and cleans the audio meaning remote callers in loud environments can be clearly and easily heard, just by the touch of a button, using the Neural Voice Isolation tool. NewTek TriCaster 1 Pro is available now at $21,995 USMSRP - International pricing may vary.

The NewTek TriCaster 2 Elite update is free and available to download now for all existing TriCaster 2 Elite users. TriCaster 2 Elite is available to buy and priced at $29,995 USMSRP

For more information, please visit

Vizrt Group and NewTek Win Big at 2021 NAB Product of the Year Awards

Taking home four awards across Vizrt Group’s three brands, NewTek, NDI, and Vizrt, the recognition from this year’s NAB Product of the Year Awards showcases the strength of the Group’s software-defined visual storytelling technology.

The awards program, in its third year, recognizes significant and promising new products and technologies that were set to be displayed for the first time at the canceled NAB Show 2021. Instead, the award ceremony was held virtually during NAB Amplify, a digital platform for the industry to continually connect, and is available to watch on-demand later this week.

“Millions of viewers are tuning in weekly to catch up with their favorite sports teams. These numbers have increased significantly due to the pandemic, especially as feeds stream across multiple platforms to reach home and mobile viewers. Because of these changes, there’s an urgent need for sports video storytellers of all sizes to produce high caliber, excellent quality content. Our solution is 3Play 3P2, as it brings 4k replay capabilities, for the first time, to any sports production no matter where it’s being broadcast, or how big it is, at a fraction of the cost of traditional replay systems,” says Barbara Spicek, president and GM, NewTek.

The awards won by NewTek, NDI, and Vizrt include:

Asset Management, Automation, Playout: NewTek: 3Play® 3P2

NewTek’s unmatched sports replay solution, 3Play 3P2®, won for its unparalleled connectivity, efficiency, and enhanced operator-centric workflow that breaks the play down to immerse audiences deeper into the game in real-time and 4K resolution.

IT Networking/Infrastructure and Security: NDI 5

NDI 5 is a true revolution in video storytelling that turns the whole world into a studio. NDI 5 was awarded for its innovation by enabling creatives, for the first time in history, to connect to any device, in any location, anywhere in the world, and share live, high quality, low latency video.

Graphics, Editing, VFX, Switchers: Vizrt: Vizrt XR Set — Viz Engine 4.3 and Unreal Engine

Extended reality and virtual sets are an everyday occurrence in creative output. With the latest update to Vizrt’s XR Set, combining the power of Viz Engine and the creative freedom of Unreal Engine, creatives have more choice, with less effort and complexity without compromising quality to bring the most engaging graphics to audiences. This recognition demonstrates the exceptional standard of Vizrt graphics.

Remote Production: Vizrt: Vizrt Live Production in the Cloud

More so now than ever, content is coupled with the need for flexibility in deployment, production, and delivery. Vizrt’s Live Production in the Cloud Solution offers an unmatched end-to-end live production workflow from source to delivery to empower the modern storyteller. As it’s also NDI® 5 native, it’s the first production system built that leverages the transformative technology – both of which are now award-winning.

“As a company, our mission has always been to allow anyone with a story to be able to tell it. We strive not just to make the next versions of our products but more importantly how we can innovate and challenge the status quo as we do this. I am so proud to be part of the most amazing R&D team in the industry who are helping push the software-based future of live video,” adds Dr. Andrew Cross, president of product development, Vizrt Group.

For the full list of winners from the NAB 2021 Product of the Year Awards, visit here. For more information about Vizrt Group, visit the website here.

Storytelling-Backed Partnership Between World Literacy Foundation and NewTek Keeps Mission-Critical Awards Show Live and Engaging Across the Globe

SAN ANTONIO, Oct. 14, 2021— The World Literacy Foundation recently announced the winners of its World Literacy Awards – honors given to those who proactively foster literacy skills among the 773 million people across the globe who, according to UNESCO research, still cannot read and write.

The Awards took place online as many locations around the world still struggle with the effects of the global pandemic. This required a creative and unique live stream that brought in participants across multiple time zones. Luckily, one of the World Literacy Foundation’s partners is Vizrt Group, the world’s leading provider of visual storytelling tools for media content creators seeking to provide more stories, better told.

“When we first partnered with World Literacy Foundation in 2020, just before the effects of the global pandemic set in, we saw a philosophical alignment where the Vizrt Group could harness its technology and expertise in order to help children from disadvantaged backgrounds access stories and learning resources,” said Petter Ole Jakobsen, Founder and Chief Innovation Officer at the Vizrt Group.

Jakobsen continued: “The fact that we have spent the past 18 months working on ways to keep content in production during the challenges of the pandemic meant we were able to offer an innovative solution for the WLF Awards, a key awareness raising event for the organization. We felt honored to be in the position where we could assist in making that happen.”

Creating and operating an awards show on a global scale is no small challenge, but was made possible through just two NewTek products. The ground-breaking TriCaster 2 Elite and Talkshow VS4000 devices were connected through NDI(R) on the home network of Liam Hayter, Senior Solutions Architect at NewTek. From his home, Hayter brought a total of six Skype TX channels in for the host and guest presenter judges.

Through TriCaster 2 Elite’s Live Call Connect feature, Hayter brought 50 nominees for the awards into the production as “virtual awards attendees.” Through producers based in Luxembourg controlling Zoom, it was possible to spotlight the winners as they were brought on air.

“This kept the awards experience intact by offering the exciting element of surprise that is so often lacking with online ceremonies,” Hayter said. “As a single operator at home, the TriCaster was automated using a combination of our powerful Macro engine and LivePanel custom web GUI to sequentially run graphics, switching, and M/E layouts to run the show in a simple, repeatable manner for both rehearsals and the live event itself. It was a very exciting setup and a really thrilling outcome for all involved.”

The WLF Awards were live streamed to YouTube through the on-board streaming encoders available on every TriCaster.

“We were able to provide a professional and engaging broadcast to our global audience thanks to the Vizrt Group team, and we feel the charitable partnership has been made even stronger in the process,” said Caroline Burkie, COO at The World Literacy Foundation.

The event can be seen on-demand here. The focus of the 2021 Awards was on the need to bridge the digital literacy divide highlighted by the pandemic in the world’s poorest communities. Children from low socioeconomic backgrounds, with limited access to books, technology, and the internet, have been most seriously affected during this global education crisis.

Thus, the World Literacy Foundation continues to ask for support as it addresses this new challenge. For more information on donating, visit

NewTek Announces Powerful NC2 Studio I/O Module, Offering 12G-SDI Support and Unprecedented Connectivity With NDI® 5

SAN ANTONIO, August 19th, 2021— NewTek, the leader in IP-based video technology and part of the Vizrt Group, today announced the NewTek NC2 Studio Input/Output Module, delivering connectivity solutions for media production professionals and broadcasters alike.

Supporting 12G-SDI and 10 Gigabit Ethernet connections, theNC 2 Studio I/O Module breaks down barriers to visual storytelling by uniting traditional SDI equipment and infrastructure with the flexibility of IP networks. The turnkey design of the NC2 Studio I/O Module offers up to 8 channels of dynamic I/O including media file playback and recording in a 1 RU chassis - all underpinned by its connectivity with the revolutionary NDI 5.

The all-new module is far more than the conversion of source types, as it connects multiple video and audio formats including NDI®, SDI, and other IP formats. The NC2 Studio I/O Module also provides a unified interface including selectable multi-viewers, and professional video scopes. This offers users greater control of their signals through built-in precision color correction. The feature set makes the module a perfect drop-in solution for interconnecting video signal types with a complement of audio formats, creating adaptable workflows through Dante, AES-67, and ASIO/WDM software audio drivers*. Management of each channel can be harnessed locally, through integrated NDI KVM technology, or a web-based API.

“Connectivity is a central function of any production and we’ve witnessed an increased demand from customers looking to use 12G-SDI based devices in combination with NDI based infrastructure,” said Will Waters, head of product management at NewTek. “To meet this need the NC2 Studio I/O Module gives producers and broadcasters tremendous power in managing their signals. The increased bandwidth capabilities of both SDI and network components combined with NDI makes the NC2 Studio I/O Module the perfect vehicle to integrate many source types to the flexibility of IP video production.”

This new edition offers a module optimized to work with all the latest features of NDI 5. NDI 5 makes it possible, for the first time in history, to connect to any device, in any location, anywhere in the world. Combined with the NC2 Studio I/O Module, it creates a game-changing future for producers seeking to expand their productions. The union removes the restrictions of productions bound to their physical location by offering efficient, secure, and reliable workflows on a global scale.

Availability & Pricing
NewTek NC2 Studio I/O Module is available now and is priced at $11,995 USMSRP - International pricing may vary.

*Compatible audio drivers and/or virtual sound card licenses may be required and sold separately.

For more information, please visit

Miami Video Director and NewTek Dealer Unite to Rescue Acclaimed JazzAid Live at the Banyan Bowl

SAN ANTONIO, TX–June 23, 2021— For the past eleven years, the Pinecrest Gardens has been home to one of south Florida’s premier jazz concert series: JazzAid Live at the Banyan Bowl. But due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the series was in serious danger of cancellation for the 2020-21 season. “I can’t describe the panic, the disappointment, the disillusionment, the sheer terror of living through a pandemic,” said Alana Perez, Director of Pinecrest Gardens, the botanical park that contains Miami’s famed Banyan Bowl. “I knew our concerts, our park, our recreation programs, our festivals; everything, was going to be affected.”

Thankfully, video producer and director Daniel Sell, also a musician who’s performed at the Banyan Bowl, had a solution.

“Daniel Sell, a long-time friend of Pinecrest Gardens who has performed many times on our stage, came to us and said, ‘I can help pull this together for you,” Perez said. Key to Sell’s solution: the NewTek TriCaster® and NDI®.

The NewTek TriCaster puts an entire suite of media production capabilities at a creator’s fingertips. The TriCaster Mini – which Sell initially used in his production – is also easy to transport wherever needed and powerful enough to handle even complex productions.

Meanwhile, NDI is a revolutionary software standard developed by NewTek that enables videocompatible products to communicate, deliver, and receive high-definition video and audio over standard IP networks in a high-quality manner suitable for switching in a live production environment.

The combination of TriCaster’s impressive price point with NDI’s free-to-use – and costly cable reducing – infrastructure allowed Sell to quote the venue a price that would enable them to test the waters on how many patrons would pay for remote viewing.

Further helping the cause was Jesse Miller, General Manager of Midtown Video in Miami, who offered a deal on the rental of PTZ cameras in return for a sponsorship. Midtown Video is one of the largest resellers of NewTek equipment in the southeast, and Miller is more than familiar with the advantages of NewTek products and TriCaster in particular. He agrees with Sell that it was the perfect tool to produce the concert series’ live streams. And, according to Miller, the decision to offer a sponsorship was an easy one.

“The Banyan Bowl is a cherished local monument,” Miller said. “TriCaster is the perfect tool to produce any streaming event. When you’re fitting your gear into a small footprint for a control space, TriCaster, in its do-everything role, is a solid choice.”

According to Miller, the fact that TriCaster allows users to switch multi-camera feeds, record, livestream, incorporate additional cameras, and external computers for graphics and monitors, all in one box is a huge advantage.

“If you need to get all those different components and functions into your productions and you’re working with a constrained budget, TriCaster really gets it done for much less than it costs to add all those components individually,” Miller said. “TriCaster is great for any production, but particularly multi-camera virtual events. That’s where it really shines.”

Meanwhile, NDI allows for seamless connection of all cameras over the local IP network. It also allows for video inputs of all types to be quickly brought into the production. In Sell’s case, this included a computer he uses to create graphics and titling using NewBlue FX Titler 4 software.

“I started the series using a TriCaster Mini with HDMI inputs, so I only had four hardwired inputs. The four manned cameras are all SDI, but I needed more,” Sell said. “So when I wanted to add some PTZ point-of-view cameras, those had to be incorporated into the TriCaster through NDI. When I look at all the things that are being done as livestream events in the era of COVID, the large-scale productions that are the most polished are all being done with NDI and TriCasters, they’re using different cameras and different streaming devices and software, but the guts of those systems all seem to be the same. They’re all built around NDI and TriCasters.”

The result, according to the venue, has been impressive – and it’s in no small part thanks to the professional grade quality offered by Sell and his skill with the TriCaster.

“We have a 500-seat theater and we used to fill those seats for every concert,” Perez said. “Our base is very loyal. But my litmus test for the success of the livestream was the additional single tickets that seem to be coming in. We’re getting more and more with every show. We have zip codes in California, in New England, in Canada. We’ve had viewers in Europe. We’ve had Italy, we’ve had Germany, we’ve had England, we’ve had Portugal. We’re down in Brazil. It’s the Banyan Bowl’s roll-out to the world. I can’t be more excited about anything than having people beyond our next-door neighbors knowing who we are. It’s been our coming-out party. I am just blown away by the quality of the production. It’s as good as any concert I’ve seen on television. It’s Broadway. It’s Hollywood.”

NewTek Expands Distribution in Central Europe Adding Exertis Pro AV as Distributor

SAN ANTONIO, TX—June 4, 2021— NewTek, the leader in IP-based video technology and part of the Vizrt Group, announced today expanded distribution in central Europe by adding Exertis Pro AV as a distributor to strengthen NewTek’s position in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Exertis will be distributing the full portfolio of NewTek products. Exertis is a leader in the Pro AV space in the region. NewTek’s software-defined visual storytelling tools will be an excellent expansion of their portfolio of products to serve customers better in the region.

“The partnership with Exertis means NewTek and NDI® solutions will now be in the hands of more creators in the so-called DACH countries to enable more stories, better told,” said Barbara Spicek, President of NewTek.

“With NewTek, we have gained an established specialist for IP-based software in the video production segment. NewTek fits perfectly into our Media Solutions portfolio and amplifies our product range thanks to many features and possibilities. In addition, existing camera and signal management solutions perfectly align with the TriCaster workflow,” said Carsten Steinecker, Managing Director Business Development, Exertis Pro AV.

NewTek’s line of live production systems including the renowned TriCaster® family, will allow more individuals, businesses, sporting organizations, schools, houses of worship, streamers, and broadcasters to quickly expand their business with a complete solution for the video control room. Complementary solutions such as the 3Play® 3P2 video replay system, NewTek’s line of NDI-native PTZ cameras, NDI converter units, and other software-defined visual storytelling offerings will ensure a broadcast-grade quality is brought to every production.

Exertis Pro AV (formerly COMM-TEC) has been for more than 30 years one of the largest and most renowned value-add distributors for AV media technology in Europe and has been part of DCC Technology Trading/Exertis since 2019.

NewTek™ Saves eGaming Producer LocalGames From COVID Disaster

SAN ANTONIO, TX–May 25, 2021— In 2020, Latin American video production company LocalGames realized their traditional workflow for producing live broadcasts of eGaming tournaments was completely unworkable during COVID-19 restrictions. Gaming tournament broadcasts, which are the company’s lifeblood, would continue, but all competitions would be virtual. No spectator-packed venues, no competitors on-site, international borders closed. The company was given just over a week to adapt to that change.

“Because all our content is on network, we require a workflow that allows us to efficiently stream video to the network,” says Bernardo Pizurnia, CEO of LocalGames. “And that’s why we chose to go with NewTek. Their products are designed with livestreaming in mind.”

Enter NewTek - The Ultimate Streaming Solution

To accomplish their post-pandemic goals, LocalGames purchased a TriCaster® Mini 4K live production system. The TriCaster puts an entire suite of media production capabilities at a creator’s fingertips. The TriCaster Mini is easy to transport wherever needed and powerful enough to handle even complex productions. For LocalGames, purchasing their TriCaster was more than just a workflow efficiency decision. It also made financial sense.

“We are competing against traditional production companies with traditional workflows for these production jobs,” Pizurnia says. “With their old technology, their end-product is very expensive compared to ours, and ours is much more versatile because the workflow is already designed to stream. That’s one reason we’re as successful as we are.”

Many staff members at LocalGames came from that legacy world of broadcast production, but as Rodrigo Cotiart, broadcast engineer and Chief TriCaster Operator for LocalGames said, “I found the TriCaster to be very easy to learn. And I’m not the sort of person who likes to read manuals. I’m much more of a doer. That’s the way I learn. So, I just got in there, sat down at the TriCaster, and got my hands dirty. I found it to be very intuitive. That’s how I learned to record macros, create camera pre-sets, modify the Multiview, and build buffer animations. I can’t stress enough how important it is to get your hands dirty. I still haven’t read the manual.”

3Play® Makes Replays Easy

Just like any other sports broadcaster, replays are an important production tool in LocalGames’ production arsenal, and the company has made use of NewTek’s 3Play® to produce instant replays for their eGaming programs. The reliability and versatility of the 3Play was one of the reasons LocalGames felt so comfortable turning to NewTek when the pandemic hit.

“I was used to using EVS or K2 for replays back in my broadcast days,” Cotiart says. “The transition to using 3Play was extremely simple. The only thing that changed was the location of the buttons. And honestly, I find the 3Play to be much more versatile and dynamic than those other machines, and all at a much smaller price point. Our experience with the 3Play has been nothing but positive.”

Spark and NDI®: A Unique Use

LocalGames makes extensive use of NDI® (Network Device Interface), a revolutionary software standard developed by NewTek that enables video-compatible products to communicate, deliver, and receive high-definition video and audio over a computer network in a high-quality manner suitable for switching in a live production environment.

“Even before we bought our first piece of NewTek gear, we were using NDI under the free protocol,” Pizurnia said. “And since we knew the power of NDI, it made sense to go with NewTek products when it was time to make upgrades.”

The company also owns four NewTek Spark Plus units, which play a vital role in their redesigned productions. Spark Plus converters allow producers to capture video from digital cameras and other devices wirelessly or over an Ethernet network. The Spark unit converts HDMI or SDI video sources to NDI making it available as a video source.

While many Spark owners use their units to integrate remote cameras anywhere on their network into a TriCaster, LocalGames found a unique way to use the versatile devices. After purchasing their TriCaster Mini 4K, the company had legacy, non-NDI equipment they needed to continue to use. Plugging that legacy equipment into a Spark device allowed LocalGames to continue to use this old equipment and still utilize all the technological advantages their TriCaster offers.

Continuing Growth in the COVID-19 Era

Just a few short days after their world had been turned upside down, LocalGames’ first redesigned broadcast, powered by a new TriCaster Mini 4K, went on the air.

“That first broadcast was accomplished with video boxes over a graphic background,” Cotiart said. “Then we realized we could do more, and that’s when we started adding virtual sets using NewTek’s Virtual Set Editor.”

That capability was easily accomplished as it’s natively built into the TriCaster. The next week, the broadcast featured its hosts sitting on a freshly designed virtual set. The clients liked what they saw and pushed LocalGames to expand their productions even more.

“It seems strange to say this, but COVID actually made us a stronger company,” Pizurnia tells me. “It pushed us to find new tools, to use virtual sets, to incorporate Unreal Engine. It pushed us into the future and forced us to make the most of the latest technologies.”

“The growth of our company has been exponential. I don’t honestly know where we can get to in the future, but we are rolling at top speed and a whole new world of possibilities has opened up to us.”

Damn Good Productions Goes Global for Pitney Bowes with TriCaster® and NDI®

SAN ANTONIO, TX–May 12, 2021–Damn Good Productions, an Australian-headquartered video production company known for its high-profile clients in the corporate and entertainment markets, was hired by American technology company Pitney Bowes to reimagine its 2021 annual live kick-off meeting as a live virtual event for its, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand region.

Because of Damn Good’s long experience with NewTek TriCaster® and NDI® -based products, the company was able to seamlessly pull together a live broadcast-quality virtual meeting that featured simultaneous English and Japanese program feeds together with real-time multi-lingual translations. The event included presenters in studio, multiple pre-recorded playouts, supers, graphics, a host in a green screen studio with a custom designed virtual set, and sessions with up to six Skype panelists.

“We had no idea how our first region-wide virtual event would work—and we were thrilled with the end result,” said Aye Verckens, Marketing Communications representative at Pitney Bowes. “Our event was like a television broadcast rather than a virtual meeting. We were impressed with how easy it was to join presenters from the US, Japan, and New Zealand with our hosts in Australia, and we also appreciated how seamless it was to produce simultaneous streams in English and Japanese. Most importantly, the audience was engaged throughout.”

Ben Alcott, Damn Good’s Managing Director agreed, “The event was a huge success with participants calling it ‘particularly engaging.’ Due to the complexity of the production components, it simply wouldn’t have been economically possible without NewTek products. This event has opened up production possibilities from Pitney Bowes businesses globally, at a tenth of what they were spending previously.”

Seamless Integration of Multiple Programming Streams NewTek technologies were critical to making the integration of live video and streaming work together seamlessly. The main program presented in English, was anchored by an MC in a green screen studio using TriCaster’s virtual set technology. Corporate presenters were in another studio covered by three NewTek NDI PTZ cameras. All inputs were fed to a TriCaster TC1 that switched and streamed the main program. NDI is a free-to-use software technology developed by NewTek that allows video, audio, and metadata signals to be shared bi-directionally over standard Ethernet IP networks. NDI was used extensively for the project.

NewTek 3Play® 3P2 Delivers The Best Plays, Played Better: Replay in Affordable, Stunning 4K

SAN ANTONIO, TX–April 20, 2021—NewTek, the leader in IP-based video technology and part of the Vizrt Group, today announced the NewTek 3Play® 3P2 video replay and telestration system that delivers unmatched instant replays for sports productions. 3Play 3P2 ensures that broadcasters and venue operators never miss an angle or unforgettable sporting moment with unparalleled connectivity and efficiency across the entire production workflow at a fraction of the cost of traditional replay systems. New 3Play 3P2 features include increased inputs, sharable playlists, pan-and-scan areas of interest, built-in NewTek NDI® Telestrator capabilities, clip publishing and more, giving sports producers more capacity and opportunity to maximize the value and impact of live content as it plays out – in pristine 4K.

“3Play 3P2’s operator-centric workflow breaks the play down to bring your audience deeper into the game in real time and in stunning 4K,” said Barbara Spicek, president of NewTek. “3Play 3P2’s built-in features bring access to those vital plays within a game to fans faster, from more angles for unmatched viewing experiences.”

Zoom & Tracking – Areas of Interest
The built-in playback zoom and tracking feature allows operators to select multiple points of interest and zoom in and out to capture an all-important play. The key-frameable feature allows you to scrub clips, pinpointing desired timecodes of crucial plays.

Spicek continued, “Zoom and tracking is about getting those ‘areas of interest,’ like a toe touching out of bounds, by zooming and scanning. It is keyframe driven, giving you even more accuracy during fast action plays. With 4k60p recordings this can be very useful. Breaking it down in granular detail with keyframes will produce better results and better replay.”

The flexibility of software-driven, network-based replay system is unparalleled. This intuitive and feature-rich 10 channel replay solution offers 8 external inputs and 2 outputs. Inputs can be any combination of NDI sources with 4 convenient SDI connectors built directly into the chassis. The outputs can be independent or work together in a preview/program workflow including live animated, 3D-warped visual transitions delivered to both SDI and NDI destinations.

Playlist Sharing
Operators also benefit from sharable playlists, allowing NewTek TriCaster® live production systems to work collaboratively. 3P2 and TriCaster operators can sync 3Play playlists over the network via NDI to create a unique collaborative experience for increased speed and flexibility in sports production workflows.

“We made the relationship between the 3P2 operator and the TriCaster operator feel seamless, as if they are working on the same system,” continued Spicek. “This is where collaboration between two different operators comes into play. It makes it much easier to get the best clips out to broadcast.”

Free Training for 3Play 3P2
Purchasers and resellers of 3Play 3P2 can take the NewTek University 3Play course for free. The offer for free 3Play training with the purchase of a 3Play 3P2 is good until September 30th, 2021.

Availability & Pricing
NewTek 3Play 3P2 is available now and is priced at $24,995 USMSRP including purpose-built control surface. International pricing may vary.

For more information about NewTek and these new products, please visit

Chico Church uses NewTek TriCaster® to Offer Live Video and Connect Community During COVID-19 Restrictions

SAN ANTONIO, TX–April 8, 2021—Bidwell Presbyterian Church in Chico, California has many digital offerings, including a mobile app and live video of its worship services available to all – offerings that went from impressive to critical during the COVID-19 global pandemic.

“About two years ago we looked to video to enhance what we’re already doing, and start being more relevant to younger generations and integrating our services with technology,” said Miykael Goodwin, Director of Technology at Bidwell Presbyterian Church. “When the pandemic started, we were in lockdown and it was a little bit of a growing pain like everyone else had. But we also knew we had this resource available to us that we could take advantage of.”

That resource is NewTek’s TriCaster®live production system.

Reducing the burden with NewTek
NewTek’s line of TriCaster live production systems offer powerful and affordable tools to help craft more stories, better told. TriCaster systems put an entire suite of media production capabilities at a creator’s fingertips. The systems offer native Skype integration – perfect for bringing remote callers into a video. TriCaster live production systems also offer many social media integrations, allowing live streaming to Facebook Live, Microsoft® Azure® , Periscope, Twitch, YouTube Live, and more.

Further, when combined with NDI® – the free–to–use, video–over–IP protocol that allows video signals to be made instantly available over the network – the TriCaster can make use of NDI PTZ cameras. These cameras require only a single Ethernet connection for setup, power, operation, and signal flow.

Remote production, fully flexible
The video control room sits in a building across the street from the church. This helps meet social distancing requirements, and as the two locations are on the same network, there is no issue with taking complete control of the production remotely thanks to NDI. “It’s been very convenient to where if we need to adjust cameras at the main campus, we don’t have to walk across the street or phone somebody to make those quick adjustments,” Goodwin said. “We can do it all on the fly. Or if we do see a problem, we’re able to address it quickly.”

NDI allows individuals and organizations to access the benefits of IP–based, software–defined visual storytelling for a fraction of the cost of other IP protocols or traditional video transport methods. Many manufacturers have adopted NDI, and many free–to–use NDI tools are available for download. With NDI, nearly any video source can be utilized for creative storytelling.

Easy to use, powerful connections
Goodwin praises the user–friendly layout of the TriCaster system and said the support offerings from NewTek have helped Bidwell Presbyterian with its broadcasts. Further, he says the system has been mission-critical for the church during COVID–19 restrictions.

“Using NewTek Technology, and using this equipment, allows you to reach more than just your immediate community,” he said. “It allows you to reach the hard–to–reach or the hurting…they can access it from their phone, they can access it from their computer.”

Goodwin said those results – coupled with the ease–of–use and flexibility of the system – make NewTek solutions easy to recommend.

“If you’re on the fence, or you’re looking for a solution to bring your house of worship into a digital world, then I highly recommend looking into the NewTek products and their offerings,” he said. “They have so many solutions that could help enhance what you’re already doing or help expand to people you are trying to reach.”

Read more and watch the video about Bidwell Presbyterian Church here.

Thai Monastery Wat Na Pa Pong Relies on NewTek TriCaster® and NDI® To Broadcast Timeless Buddhist Teachings

SAN ANTONIO, TX—March 24, 2021—Wat Na Pa Pong is a Theravada Buddhist monastery located northeast of Bangkok in Thailand’s Pathum Thani Province. The venerable Ajarn Kukrit Sothipalo leads the monastery and believes in learning, practicing, and proclaiming exclusively from the words of the Buddha – a practice known as Buddhawajana. To assist with outreach, Wat Na Pa Pong uses many modern technologies.

Websites, mobile applications, and video content allow for followers – and those interested in the monastery and its teachings – to quickly connect online. That said, analog systems for recording and broadcasting video had the monastery struggling with image quality. To repair that situation, Wat Na Pa Pong turned to NewTek and NDI®

The Best Thing
The head of Wat Na Pa Pong said the NewTek system had a high standard to meet as the monastery refuses to settle for anything but the best medium to share its teachings.

“When we do something about the Buddha, we choose the best thing,” said Ajarn Kukrit. “When we print the book, we only use the best paper. These teachings will be passed down to people using advanced technology. We think NewTek has the best device with the best technology at this moment.”

“I am not an expert in IT and gadgets, but I can connect to the NewTek system easily,” Ajarn Kukrit said. “NewTek’s design makes it very convenient to broadcast from anywhere, any time. I can give a sermon from anywhere in the world.”

ICamplus Co., Ltd., NewTek’s partner in Thailand, worked collaboratively with the monastery to design a workflow based on the NewTek TriCaster® TC1 and NDI PTZ cameras. TriCaster TC1 live production systems enable creators to switch, stream, and record in HD and 4K UHD 60p while offering native Skype integration – perfect for bringing remote callers into a video. It also enables dual-channel live streaming to Facebook Live, Microsoft® Azure® , Periscope, Twitch, YouTube Live, and more.

The Shift to IP
Meanwhile, NDI PTZ cameras require only a single Ethernet connection for setup, power, operation, and signal flow. The camera pairs perfectly with TriCaster for a configuration-free NDI experience and a better than broadcast feel.

The NDI video–over–IP protocol ties the system together, with all video signals being sent between devices over the network. Free–to–use NDI allows individuals and organizations to access the benefits of IP–based, software–defined visual storytelling for a fraction of the cost of other IP protocols or traditional video transport methods.

The monastery also utilizes many free–to–use NDI Tools, which are downloadable from Tools such as NDI Scan Converter, NDI Studio Monitor, and NDI Virtual Input allow for integration between the TriCaster and personal computers – allowing creators to quickly and easily add additional media content or external video to productions.

The monastery uses the NDI–HX Capture app – which is available for iOS or Android devices – to allow live screen capture screen from mobile devices and the NDI–HX Camera app to quickly add additional, high quality video sources to a production.

The full NDI setup allows Wat Na Pa Pong to stream content to three Facebook feeds, three YouTube channels, and one RTMP feed each day.

Read the full story about NewTek, NDI and Wat Na Pa Pong and watch the video here.

For more information about NewTek and these new products, please visit

NewTek Introduces ProTek, Product Support Tailored to Customer Needs

SAN ANTONIO, TX–February 2, 2021—NewTek, the leader in IP-based video technology and part of the Vizrt Group, today announced the introduction of ProTek, an all-new tiered support program that allows customers to choose between 4 distinct levels of coverage, to include; Basic, Standard, High, and Ultra. Each tier incorporates support elements under Warranty, Software Maintenance, Technical Support, and Extended Services.

Key to this new program is the ability for customers to tailor their support package to their individual needs – ensuring their all-important live productions will receive the support they need from in-house NewTek subject matter experts.

“ProTek is our commitment to customers to ensure that their investment is supported in whichever way they feel is best,” said Barbara Spicek, President and General Manager for NewTek. “In the spirit of partnership, the higher tiers of our ProTek program also offer the ability to provide feedback and input into future product development. Few people, other than our customers, are in a better position to help us shape the future of our products than the people using them day in and day out.”

Pricing and Availability
ProTek is available to purchase with any NewTek product across 4 tiers, each of which carries a different price depending on the product being supported.

For more information about NewTek and these new products, please visit

NewTek Spark Plus IO Converter Sends 12G-SDI Over Ethernet

SAN ANTONIO, TX––January 26, 2021—NDI®, NewTek, the leader in IP-based video technology and part of the Vizrt Group, today announced a new addition to their existing range of Spark Plus IO converters. The NewTek Spark™ Plus IO 12G-SDI encodes and decodes 12G-SDI sources to and from IP-friendly NDI® at up to 2160p ultra high-definition for greater resolution, frame rates, and color fidelity catering to the most demanding of media workflows.

“With Spark Plus IO 12G-SDI we are able to support the full spectrum of video production needs with the groundbreaking benefits of NDI® to save producers time and money while opening up new creative possibilities,” said Barbara Spicek, president of NewTek. “This new product serves to cement the NewTek and Vizrt Group commitment to build products that allow our customers to make more stories, better told.”

NewTek Spark Plus IO 12G-SDI offers video and media production professionals a quick and easy solution to convert 12G-SDI UHD video into an IP-based media production workflow. It easily connects to 12G-SDI cameras or devices, converts the video signal to NDI and shares it with any compatible system, device, or application anywhere on the network including UHD screens, monitors, projectors, or video walls. It can also turn any legacy 12G-SDI-enabled output device like a screen or monitor into an NDI signal on the network by using the decode functionality. Setup requires just one Ethernet cable. A web-based interface allows easy configuration and monitoring from a desktop or mobile browser as well as tally support via NDI and the option to mount onto cameras.

The Spark family of converters are compatible with hundreds of systems, devices, and applications that support NDI technology. Sparks pair perfectly with the TriCaster® Mini 4K and TriCaster TC1 for a configuration-free NDI experience and the flexibility to route NDI to screens.

Pricing and Availability
NewTek Spark Plus IO 12G-SDI converters are available now and are priced at $1,095 USMSRP. International pricing may vary.

For more information about NewTek and these new products, please visit

New NDI® Tool Optimized for NVIDIA GPUs Replaces Need for Video Capture Cards

Bergen, Norway and San Antonio, Texas—December 15, 2020—NDI®, part of the Vizrt Group along with the NewTek and Vizrt brands, today announced the NDI® Screen Capture HX app for NVIDIA GPUs. NDI Screen Capture HX works in collaboration with NVIDIA GPU–based PCs to capture screens and make them available as an NDI source on the network, eliminating the need for expensive video capture cards when sharing or streaming content from another computer.

NDI Screen Capture HX is optimized for NVIDIA GPUs, thereby removing all reliance on a PC’s CPU when capturing a screen. This delivers pristine video over the network, at resolutions up to 4K and frame rates up to 120Hz without compromise.

“Our mission is to make IP video easy to use and fun for anyone to make a great show,” said Dr. Andrew Cross, Head of R&D for the Vizrt Group. “Offering full NVIDIA GPU-accelerated support for NDI allows gamers to use applications like OBS Studio, XSplit, TriCaster®, or any of the thousands of applications that support NDI.”

“NDI is helping gamers, creatives and enterprises tell stories online using the ground–breaking capabilities of NDI Screen Capture HX,” said Gerardo Delgado, Senior Product Manager at NVIDIA. “Using NVIDIA GPUs, Screen Capture HX delivers a real–time, no–compromise solution for network–driven content creation.”

NDI Screen Capture HX also allows users to run a PowerPoint presentation on one machine with embedded transitions, animation, audio, or movies included and use it on another machine as part of a live presentation, production, or web stream. The tool will also allow users to remotely control one machine using another on the network with full frame–rate video, even on 4K displays, with full support for moving keyboard, mouse, touch surface, clipboard, audio and video between machines.

The capabilities of NDI Screen Capture HX include:

  • Full resolution screen capture up to 4K and above, at frame-rates up to 120 Hz or higher
  • End-to-end hardware accelerated implementation of NDI®|HX including screen capture, color conversion, and video compression
  • Using the high–quality dedicated encoding pipeline on NVIDIA hardware. With full control over the video bitrate, it is possible to have perfect image quality while using almost any network – including wireless!
  • Incredibly low latency screen capture
  • Support for capturing audio from any sound device – input or output – fully synchronized with the video signal
  • Full remote KVM solution, allowing remote control of keyboard, mouse, clipboard and even touch from a remote machine
  • Full control over the video bandwidth, resolution, and frame–rate being used

NDI Screen Capture HX is provided as part of the free NDI Tools and is available as an installable option when the latest version of NDI Tools is installed on a machine utilizing an NVIDIA GPU.
NDI Tools can be downloaded from here:
For more information, please visit

NDI® Integration with Microsoft Teams Opens Up Production Opportunities

Bergen, Norway and San Antonio, Texas—October 1, 2020—NDI®, part of the Vizrt Group along with NewTek and Vizrt brands, today announced that NDI technology is integrated with Microsoft Teams, making it a key part of any video production workflow. With video dominating communication on a global scale, the addition of NDI to Teams allows for versatile video workflows through a Teams meeting. Broadcast engineers can access the video feed of the Teams meeting participants, the screensharing feed, and Together Mode. NDI and Teams offers the ultimate in production flexibility, allowing video content producers to move video – and move the world.

“Microsoft Teams is the forerunner of video conferencing technology globally. Integrating NDI into Teams dramatically expands the visual storytelling power of the platform,” commented Michael Namatinia, president of NDI for the Vizrt Group. “As we all seek to expand and refine our video capabilities, NDI combined with Teams gives storytellers a new frontier of creative possibilities waiting to be explored.”

NDI is the most widely adopted IP-based video delivery standard in the world. The integration of NDI into Teams offers a high quality, seamless transition from any video stream. Single or multiple Teams meeting attendees can easily be added into any production, each as unique a camera source.

Learn more about using NDI with Microsoft Teams by watching the episode dedicated to this integration For more information please visit

TriCaster® 2 Elite Showcases Live Production Power with IBC’s 5G Accelerator Innovation Programme

SAN ANTONIO, TX––Sept. 8, 2020—NewTek, the leader in IP-based video technology and part of the Vizrt Group, is proud to announce that IBC is using the recently launched TriCaster® 2 Elite as its live production system of choice for an upcoming panel discussion on the cutting edge of broadcast technology.

Announced today as a special event during the live 5G Remote Production Accelerator panel – the ten project broadcaster ‘Champions,’ including the BBC, BT Sport, TV2, Yle, ViacomCBS, and Olympic Broadcasting Services, will rely on TriCaster 2 Elite’s unique remote production offerings and powerful, integrated live production capabilities to explore use cases for 5G-enabled remote broadcast.

NewTek will also participate on a panel with key vendors including AVI West, LiveU, Mobile Viewpoint, and Sony, followed by a live proof-of-concept showcase incorporating a series of key use case demonstrations from Amsterdam – back hauled and produced on the TriCaster 2 Elite from Viacom London. The event is being live streamed at 5 p.m. CET, on Sept. 10 with registration at

Creative Freedom Through Technical Responsiveness
The 5G Remote Production Accelerator team chose TriCaster 2 Elite for its ability to bring in a number of unique and dynamic live feeds from around the world. The TriCaster family has proven to be a resilient live production system thanks to its remote production offerings. When the global pandemic required social distancing, many pivoted to remote live video – including individual entertainers, schools, houses of worship, and corporations – and TriCaster live production systems lived up to the demand to provide high quality content wherever the sources may be.

The world-first 5G proof-of-concept IBC event will bring in a number of unique elements, including AI enabled cameras, drone shots, a live performance from a boat, and the RAI in Amsterdam. These will be transfered via IP to Viacom London for final mixing and delivery via TriCaster 2 Elite.

“TriCaster is designed to enable creativity through technical responsiveness,” said Liam Hayter, senior solutions architect at NewTek. “When people have a brilliant idea for live video, TriCaster is the enabling production hub device. TriCaster 2 Elite is the true definition of creative freedom, so when the IBC 5G Accelerator came to us with bold ideas for a production, we knew we had the solution that would enable those ideas to become reality!”

TriCaster 2 Elite
TriCaster 2 Elite sets a new standard for production in today’s multisource world, with a unique mix of core functionality unavailable in any other system. Nearly every web conferencing tool including Skype, MS Teams, Zoom Meetings and Discord is supported, as well as all IP video sources including NDI®, SRT, RTMP, RTP, HTTP, SRC, and smartphones. These, along with almost unlimited traditional SDI sources, can be accessed and used simultaneously, meaning show producers will be able to connect with in-studio guests and remote video callers without compromise or worrying about connectivity. To learn more about the storytellers already using TriCaster solutions today, visit

For more information about the TriCaster® 2 Elite and its comprehensive list of features, please visit

NewTek Launches Official Product Training And Certification; Online, OnDemand, 24/7

SAN ANTONIO, TX––July 16, 2020—NewTek, the leader in IP-based video technology and part of the Vizrt Group, today announced exclusive learning and certification opportunities through NewTek University. Available to resellers and end users alike, NewTek University courses range from operating guides to classes on selling NewTek solutions.

All learning materials are available online and on-demand, connecting users with an unparalleled learning opportunity no matter their location or time zone. New team members can be brought right up to speed in no time with new content being added to the existing library throughout the rest of 2020.

    Currently available courses include:
  • Live Production with NewTek TriCaster® Class & Exam
  • NDI® and Performance Media Networking Class & Exam
  • Selling NewTek Technology Class & Exam
  • NewTek Product Automation Class
  • NewTek 3Play® Operation Class

"NewTek University provides our resellers and end user communities with comprehensive training available no where else in the market. Certification in using, demonstrating and selling products from the very people who make them is truly valuable," said David Paige, senior director of Professional Services for NewTek. "We recognize the unique challenges of the way people are having to work now and our online courses and certifications are designed to ensure users remain at the forefront of our newest technology without having to leave their home."

NewTek will continue to add more courses to the online learning area throughout 2020 and will resume in-person, onsite courses as soon as it is safe to do so.

NewTek University is also a fundamental part of the Global Channel Program that was launched in April this year. The program’s three tiers; Plus, Premier and Platinum are gained by NewTek’s valued resellers achieving levels of education and competency with NewTek University courses and certifications as well a range of other key requirements. This is a further demonstration of NewTek’s commitment to maintaining a high quality, well-trained reseller network.

Pricing and Availability
Class fees start at $895 and exams at $249. Free sample classes are avaliable. All courses are available 24/7 online on-demand. For more information visit:

NewTek Unleashes TriCaster® 2 Elite – Better Than Broadcast

SAN ANTONIO, TX––July 7, 2020—NewTek, the leader in IP-based video technology and part of the Vizrt Group, today announced TriCaster® 2 Elite, the most powerful and complete live video production system on the planet. The new flagship TriCaster 2 Elite provides video producers, visual storytellers and system integrators with ‘better than broadcast’ functionality and uncompromised flexibility. In addition to cutting edge video production capabilities, TriCaster 2 Elite enables studios, broadcasters, large scale campuses and enterprise facilities to harness nearly every major video calling application in use today, delivering them a myriad of creative options. To further amplify the flexibility and scalability, both future-proofed video over IP and more traditional SDI are supported by the platform.

“Serving the needs well of those who make visual storytelling a key part of their business is made possible by combining IP networking, software-defined solutions and a focus on the customer experience. TriCaster 2 Elite currently has no equal in terms of capability and value and I believe that it is the best product we have ever made,” said Dr. Andrew Cross, president of R&D for the Vizrt Group. “More than ever, businesses, governments, schools, houses of worship and other organizations tell us they are adopting broadcast techniques to communicate their message to their world more effectively as they seek to stay relevant in a rapidly changing environment.”

Setting New Standards
TriCaster 2 Elite sets a new standard for production in today’s multisource world, with new core functionality unavailable in any other system. Nearly every web conferencing tool including; Skype™, MS Teams™, Zoom Meetings™, Slack is supported, as well as all IP video sources including NDI®, SRT, RTMP, RTP, HTTP, SRC, and smartphones. These, along with almost unlimited traditional SDI sources, can be accessed and used simultaneously, meaning show producers will be able to connect with in-studio guests and remote video callers without compromise or worrying about connectivity.

Uncompromising Flexibility
At the heart of TriCaster 2 Elite is a high speed 60x45 video crosspoint that includes 32 external inputs that automatically determine video format and resolutions up to 4Kp60. Unlike conventional routing switchers, where creative limitations are the norm, each input includes proc amp tools, independent keying and cropping for crisper video, as well as triggers for automation. No tradeoffs are required with 8 configurable mix outputs in HD or 2 in 4Kp60, direct NDI outs of media players, multiple streaming encoders, continuous NDI conversion of all 8 SDI inputs, and 8 independently selectable recorders for immediate replay. The flexibility of the platform allows content creators to produce simultaneous mixes, deliver multiple 4K streams to different places at once, feed video walls and accommodate separate branding and language packages, record program and line cuts, and much more.

When it comes to integration, the TriCaster control API and automation tools deliver creative video production and IP workflow solutions that are highly interoperable with existing equipment, such as control room systems, video walls, multiviewers, media platforms and the like. Combining these capabilities into one simple and fully integrated platform makes TriCaster 2 Elite better than broadcast for everyone with a story to tell.

Better Than Broadcast Features
TriCaster 2 Elite, the most complete video processing system in the world, affords 8 mix/effects (M/Es) with 4 layers each to ensure unlimited creativity, enhanced by strong integration with Adobe® Creative Cloud® tools. Reducing risk and effort, visual storytelling automation tools with simplified teleprompter-based scripting with Microsoft Word® document files are included. Virtual and augmented reality scenes can be rendered in real time from Adobe® Photoshop® files while non-standard framerate and aspect ratios such as 9:16 make it easy to deliver engaging content to a plethora of modern media screens. Other features include frame sync on every input, animated GIF support in buffers, social media publishing, audio mixing and routing, including support for DANTE™ and AES-67, among others.

Pricing and Availability
TriCaster 2 Elite is now available at $27,995 USMSRP. International pricing may vary. Please consult your NewTek Reseller for packages and pricing details.

For more information about the TriCaster® 2 Elite and comprehensive list of features, please visit