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The Canon Experience Store Opening

Canon Experience Store Opening

The launch of the Canon Experience Centre in South Melbourne was hosted by Matt Vandeputte, with the help of The Streaming Guys. The production showcased the new 320 sqm store which houses this unique Canon environment. 

Our team was able to bring the launch to life using the Livestream Studio HD550 4K. Audio was provided using the Sennheiser AVX Digital Wireless Handheld and Lavalier Combo Kit and transmitted via the Teradek Bond 757 - Cube 755 + Bond 318 (HEVC). We use  Canon XF205 HD Video Camera’s which were both stationary, using the Miller AIR Solo 75 2 Stage Carbon Fibre tripod and mounted wirelessly using Teradek Bolt XT 500 SDI/HDMI Wireless TX/RX. Please click the links for further production and purchase information. 

The new Canon Experience Centre provides a personalised experience to its visitors using their own images and caters to all levels of visual creative. Tailored demos, consultations, lesson and guides are provided to help people take their next step with confidence.

The Streaming Guys are able to put a production together in conjunction with a market leader such as Canon by using our industry expertise and the aforementioned production equipment.


Price Blitz on Newtek

Newtek NDI PTZ Camera and Spark

If you're looking to get into NDI then we have the perfect starter for you! 

We have the Newtek NDI PTZ Camera and the NewTek Connect Spark SDI to NDI Converter on a super dooper special!

NewTek NDI PTZ Camera usually retails at $4692 and we have it on sale for $3600 inc GST

NewTek Connect Spark SDI to NDI Converter retails for $1329 and it's now on sale for $1000 inc GST

Get in fast as there is limited stock of these items! Eek! 

$20 000 Instant Asset Write-Off

Instant Asset write off

Get Streaming today by purchasing before the end of finanical year and take advantage of the $20 000 instant asset write-off for businesses with a turnover less than $10 million.

Make the most of the instant asset write-off by purchasing any of this equipment and more:

Get in touch today if you want to learn more about how to get your business live streaming.

Your business is eligible to use simplified depreciation rules and claim an immediate deduction for the business portion of each asset (new or second hand) costing less than $20,000 if:

  • you have a turnover less than $10 million (increased on 1 July 2016 from $2 million), and
  • the asset was first used or installed ready for use in the income year you are claiming it in.

Read more about the instant asset write off over at

New Live Streaming Product Videos

The Streaming Guys Product Video Example

We promised they were coming and here they are....we have covered many of our popular products in these videos covering key features as well as some hints and tips for getting the most out of your live streaming. Some of the products we cover include:

Here's a taste of the product videos and you can see all of these live streaming product videos and more over at our YouTube channel

Livestream Studio 5 Beta - Now Here For Mac

Livestream Studio 5 Beta Mac

Livestream…..Studio…..5 is here in beta and it’s here for Mac OMG! Livestream Studio has been around for Windows for years and years and years and finally it is here for Mac. Now you can turn your Mac (or PC of course!) into a live production switcher with the Livestream Studio software.

We use Livestream Studio on all of our productions on the HD550 and on our custom-built-launch-a-satellite PC’s and we love it. And we are now super stoked that Livestream Studio is here for Mac.
You can download the beta version of Livestream Studio 5 at and when you’re ready to purchase (which you will be) just come on back to The Streaming Guys

Livestream Releases at NAB

New Livestream product releases NAB

Livestream have released some very cool new products at NAB 2018:

  • Studio 5 Beta - now available for Mac
    • this is very exciting for Mac users, you can now use your Mac for your live video streaming using Livestream
  • Studio One - encoder
    • the newest encoder from Livestream
    • stream up to 4K resolution
    • 2 x 4K inputs OR 4 x HD inputs (HDMI or SDI)
  • eCDN for Corporate Communications Streaming
    • Enterprise Content Delivery Network
    • allows enterprise level customers to stream company announcementsusing per to peer networking technology that won't overload their internal servers and networks

Newtek Connect Spark Pro 4K

Newtek NDI Spark Connect Pro 4K

Newtek have announced the Connect Spark Pro NDI encoder module. The Connect Spark Pro is a great solution for converting 4K UHD video for IP workflows. It combines the benefits of NDI with powerful and professional features for modern video production all within a super compact and portable case. With the capability of converting video of any compatible format to NDI, including 4K UHD, with native support for resolutions up to 2160p at 60 frames per second this is a great piece of equipment if you are looking to utilise the powers of NDI.

Some of the features include: 

  • 4K UHD - Convert video of any compatible format to NDI®, including 4K UHD, with native support for resolutions up to 2160p at 60 frames per second.
  • NDI Output - Translate video from the connected camera or device to IP, delivering to the network as a full-bandwidth NDI® video source.
  • HDMI 2.0 Input
  • Ethernet Connectivity
  • Power over Ethernet (POE)
  • Audio - Present high-quality sound, with support for embedded HDMI 2.0 digital audio, with adjustable volume control.
  • Tally - Receive tally notification from compatible NDI® devices via physical LEDs when video output from Connect Spark™ Pro is visible on Program and/or Preview.
  • Web-Based Interface - Monitor video, manage login credentials, access controls, and configure audio, video, and network settings from any supported Web browser on any compatible networked device.
  • Virtual PTZ - Create multiple shots from a single, full-resolution video signal—determining areas of interest, then storing as full-frame presets, with support for live virtual zoom and pan control.
  • Multicast Mode
  • Optionally allow multiple destinations to receive the Connect Spark™ Pro video source without individual point-to-point connections to conserve network bandwidth.
  • NDI Virtual Input - Designate Connect Spark™ Pro as the video input source in popular desktop video applications like Google Hangouts, GoToMeeting, Skype, Zoom, and many more.
  • Network Identification - Easily identify Connect Spark™ Pro on your network with the ability to apply custom device and channel names.
  • Network Visibility - Access Connect Spark™ Pro devices connected to other networks via IP address 
  • Camera Mount - industry-standard, threaded screw camera mount.
  • Free Firmware Updates

Head on over to Newtek to check out more features and we will keep you posted when these little beauties are in our hot little hands.

New Blackmagic Product Releases

New Blackmagic Products

Blackmagic have released a plethora of new products at NAB this year including new micro converters, cameras, production switchers and much more. The highlights for live video streamers include:

The Micro Converter BiDirectional SDI/HDMI is like having two micro converters in one, allowing you to convert SDI to HDMI and at the same time converting HDMI to SDI in any combination of SD and HD formats up to 1080p60 all at the same time.

The Pocket Cinema Camera 4K is a pretty cool camera by the looks of it, due for release in September it looks like it is high performing in low light situations with 13 stops of dynamic range and dual native ISO up to 25,600, we are keen to see how this camera performs but from all accounts it sounds like it should do a great job.

And last but not least the ATEM Television Studio Pro 4K which has all the features of the ATEM TVS HD plus Ultra HD capabilities and some additional SDI inputs. It features the all new ATEM Advanced Chroma Key and the Fairlight audio mixer that includes pro audio features such as 6 band parametric EQ, compressor, limiter, audio channel split to dual mono, expander/noise gate, pan, stereo simulator on analog and mic inputs and an audio delay on analog inputs.

We are excited to get out hands on all of this new Blackmagic gear!

New Product Videos Coming Soon

Shooting New Product Videos

We have been busy shooting some new product and demo videos in our studio so keep your eyes posted for these videos coming soon! Products we are shooting include:

These videos also include demonstrations on how to use the equipment in a range of live video streaming situations including Facebook Live, Skype, Livestream Studio etc. so keep an eye on at The Streaming Guys and on our YouTube channel.

New Teradek Releases at NAB 2018

Teradek Bolt New on Camera

Teradek have announced an array of new products at NAB in Vegas over this past week including:

The Teradek Vidiu Go is the latest Vidiu in the range and utilises the new Node modems released by Teradek (yet to be available in Oz, we will keep you posted!) and encodes using HEVC or H.264 as well as Bonding capabilities.

The Teradek Link Pro provides a bonded cellular wifi access point suitable for live video streaming, checking emails and general web browsing. The Link Pro supports up to 4 x modems includes the Nodes and has a range up to 1000 ft (approx 300m), it is a powerful and rugged little machine that can provide some awesome connectivity in places you wouldn't otherwise have been able to. We love our Teradek Link!

The Bolt LT is an affordable version of the Bolt XT, a zero-delay wireless video system and it's compatible with Bolt 500, Bolt 1000, Bolt 3000, Bolt XT, Sidekick II, Bolt 10K, 703 Bolt.

Some highlights of the Bolt LT include:

      • SDI or HDMI input with matching looping output on the TX
      • SDI or HDMI output on the RX
      • External antennas on the 500 TX and 1000 TX/RX
      • Smaller and lighter chassis with robust mounting points (3/8” and 1/4”-20)
      • Competitive price vs performance ratio with the same wireless technology as the Bolt XT series

These new Teradek products are due to start shipping in May 2018 - we can't wait!

Just Announced - Teradek Vidiu Go

Teradek Vidiu Go

The latest Vidiu is coming and it’s the Vidiu Go. The Teradek Vidiu Go has just been released at NAB in Vegas and it is awesome! The Vidiu Go harnesses the latest technology of HEVC to give you the best quality video compression available but never fear H.264 is also available on the Go.

The Go allows Bonded streaming by combining the built in wifi with either the gigabit ethernet port or the two USB ports, which are made for use with Teradek’s Node modems (optional) - these are yet to be available in Australia but we hear they are coming soon!

The Vidiu Go is a prosumer product so it can easily be used by the professional and amateur alike however we still recommend the Teradek Bond for professional live streams. Despite this the Vidiu Go would be a great complimentary system to have in your kit. With both SDI and HDMI connections the Vidiu Go is highly versatile and will meet the needs of a broad range of live streamers. Facebook Live, YouTube, Twitch and many more can all be streamed to using the Go plus you can take it even further by using Teradek’s Core or Sharelink services. The Vidiu Go is also compatible with the Live:Air Action and Vidiu app’s.

With shipping due May 2018 we will be sure to keep you updated when it’s available here in Australia.

NewTek NDI PTZ and Connect Spark Have Arrived

NewTek TZ NDI Camera In Stock The Streaming Guys

The brand spanking new NewTek NDI PTZ Camera (NDIHX-PTZ1) has arrived and we have Australian stock! These cameras utilise NDI technology so all you need is one ethernet cable and you can connect to your network and have it accessible by all software and systems on your compatible network.

Not only that it's pretty sharp looking too....check it out the first in Australia to own the new NewTek PTZ NDI Camera

The NewTek Connect Spark's have also just landed in Australia and are available right here at The Streaming Guys. Convert any SDI or HDMI signal into an NDI signal for use with any compatible system, application or device.

Show Me More

How To Stream Live to YouTube Live


Wanting to get live on YouTube but not totally sure how to do it? Never fear we have the ultimate guide to getting yourself live on YouTube Live....

The Streaming Guys' 'How To...' Guide covers everything from setting up your event in YouTube including a brief overview of the Advanced Settings like Live Chat, Slow Mode, Video Statistics, Recording, DVR etc, Going Live and then Stopping Your Stream.

We've got hints and tips on the best encoders that we use and love as well as recommended video settings to make your live video look the best.

YouTube Live - Live Now


Plus if you need equipment to get yourself live streaming then check out our huge range of live video streaming equipment. We recommend the following encoders:



How To Guide for YouTube Live

Teradek Serv Pro

The Teradek Serv Pro unit supports up to 10 simultaneous connections, either to the same wireless access point or connected directly to the Serv Pro. The Serv Pro connects to cameras and devices via HDMI or 3G-SDI and streams over 2.4 / 5 ghz WiFi. This allows all feeds to be viewed in 1080p with only a 2 frame delay.


The SERV Pro is simple to use and operate, and you can be up and running quickly. All you need to do is turn the unit on, attach either an HDMI or SDI cable to your camera and then you are ready to go. The VUER application for iOS gives you the tools to become a professional cinemetographer. The highly customizable application allows you to use vectorscopes, false colour, focus peaking and more on each Serv Pro feed you are monitoring. 

There are options to view a single camera, a two-up display and a four-up display. The nice thing about this is you don’t need to be using more than one camera to take advantage of the two-up or four-up display.

All the connectors are on the back of the chassis and the Serv Pro can be mounted horizontally or vertically to your camera.

Teradek Serv Pro on set at Last Chance U 

The Serv Pro gives the freedom to shoot anywhere, anytime and in fantastic 1080p. Its relatively low cost makes it a must for any emerging or professional videographer.

Buy Today

Introducing Wirecast 8!

Wirecast 8 has some fantastic new tools to bring your live broadcasts to a greater audience. These are a few of the new features!

Wirecast Rendezvous allows you to bring up to 7 live guests into your broadcasts. From any smart device, any location you can interview and broadcast live. Great for peer to peer conferencing, remote guests can share video and audio with the host.

                 wirecast 8 rendezvous

Titler Live Express is now free with wirecast 8!  Engage with your audience in real-time on Facebook. With custom animated templates your Facebbok comments and posts can be seen directly on the screen in realtime.


Multi View lets you preview any source or camera angle on any connected display. Customize and configure your layouts to suit your needs. From layouts to see all your contents at a glance to different configurations on diffenrent monitors, Multi view will make your broadcast production easy.

 wirecast multi viewer

Multi Channel Audio Ingest lets you bring in up to 16 channels of audio per source. Avoid unnecessary upstream mixing and get the sound you want. Support for ASIO and WASAPI compatible devices added.

 wirecast 8 audio mixing

Multi track-audio mixing enables you to record or output up to 8 separate audio tracks per broadcast. Perfect for multi-language streaming or isolating audio tracks for post-production. (sorry not yet available in Studio!)

Mevo Super Price Extended

Mevo Bundle - Super Price Exciting News! We have extended our super price on the Mevo's and Mevo Pro Bundle - but only for a limited time and while stocks last!

Mevo Pro Bundle - $940 - includes Mevo (Black) 4K Camera, Mevo Boost and Case

Mevo (Black or White) - $599

The Mevo is a super small and super cool 4K camera that allwos you to go live to Facebook whilsts using the Mevo app (iPhone and Android) to crop, switch, pan and zoom creating a professional looking stream all using a camera that fits in your hand!

Blackmagic ATEM TVS Pro HD Now In Stock

Blackmagic ATEM Television Studio Pro HD In Stock At The Streaming Guys

The much anticipated ATEM Television Studio Pro HD from Blackmagic has finally hit The Streaming Guys and they are not going to last for long! We have the first of the Australian stock and we offer the best Australian price.

Blackmagic released the ATEM TVS HD earlier this year and they have been so popular we haven't been able to keep up with demand. If you were impressed by this previous version then I can guarantee you will be impressed by the Pro version, it has all the features of the ATEM TVS HD plus so much more including an integrated professional broadcast hardware control panel and additional CCU controls.

The ATEM TVS Pro HD features:

  • 8 x Inputs - 4 x SDI and 4 x HDMI 
  • 8 x Outputs
  • SDI and HDMI Multiview Outputs
  • 1 x Upstream Keyers
  • 2 x Downstream Keyers
  • 1 x Chroma Keyers
  • Supports all video formats from SD to 720p, 1080i and 1080p HD up to 60fps
  • Built in audio mixer
  • Balanced XLR stereo analogue audio inputs
  • Built in media storage for up to 20 x stills

With all of these features and more the ATEM Television Studio Pro HD is easily the best value for money switcher on the market perfect for everything from professional broadcast studio shows and sporting events, to video bloggers, gaming videos, internet chat shows, weddings, concerts, seminars and so much more.

If you would like any further information on the ATEM TVS Pro HD or any of the Blackmagic ATEM range then please get in touch with us by emailing

Facebook Workplace Now Supports Live Video Streaming

Workplace by Facebook Live Streaming

Facebook Workplace is now supporting live video streams which means companies can use Workplace to communicate directly with their staff using live video. We at The Streaming Guys had some tricky workaround to get professional video into Facebook Workplace however this update means it is a whole lot more practical and reliable and hence more affordable for companies to produce professional live videos.

The power of live video webcasts is amazing and if you haven't tried it yet you defintely should! The increased engagement you will get from live video will knock your socks off!

We can assist with everything from helping you getting up and running to run live video streams on your own to producing professional live webcasts for your staff and clients. You can chek out some of our handywork on our Portfolio page.

Some of the gear that will help you go live to Facebook Workplace include:

Teradek Vidiu and Vidiu Pro
vMix Software
Wirecast Software
Livestrea Studio Software
Livestream Studio HD550

If you want to learn more about streaming live to Facebook Workplace or to the wider Facebook world then please get in touch with us here at The Streaming Guys by sending us an email


Use Mevo to go to Multiple Destinations Simultaneously

Mevo Plan with LivestreamLivestream have announced the Mevo Plan which allows you to stream to multiple destinations at the same time including YouTube, Facebook Live, Periscope (Twitter) and Twitch - there are a few restrictions such as Facebook which won't allow you to stream to multiple destinations other than Livestream. Regardless of this the Mevo plan sounds pretty cool.

From $10/month (USD) it seems like pretty good value if you are doing regular streams and have the need to stream to multiple destinations simultaneously allowing you to increase your audience reach.

Check out all the details over at Livestream

Teradek Vidiu - Stream Live to Facebook, YouTube, Periscope!

Teradek Vidiu

The Teradek Vidiu is a seriously cool piece of live streaming kit for the prosumer. This new promo video by Teradek shows it's versatility and highlights it's features along with the extra possibilities if you use the Live:Air app.

The Teradek Vidiu Pro in addition to all the features of the Vidiu allows bonding from up to 6 iPhones to increase signal strength and minimise the chance of signal drop outs.

Buy Teradek Vidiu

Mevo Pro Bundle - In Stock

Mevo Pro Bundle - In Stock

The Mevo Pro Bundle is the ultimate bundle to get you up and running with the Mevo Live Event Camera like a pro! Here at The Streaming Guys we have the best prices in Australia! We only sell Australian stock!

The Mevo Bundle includes the Mevo Camera, Mevo Boost (to ensure you don't run out of battery mid stream!) and the Mevo Case (so everything is kept safe and sound on your travels - plus there is even room for the PIXI Tripod or a mic!).

The Mevo Camera Bundle is bursting with value - for under $1000 you can produce professional live video streams direct to Facebook or Livestream. Your followers will think you have a full crew behind you when you start switching from different camera angles, panning and zooming - they'll love it!

Check out Public Access TV's practice session live from the East Village Recording Centre - a bit of extra lighting and an external audio source plugged into the iPhone helped to make this video look and sound awesome!

Check out more Mevo videos here

Buy the Mevo Bundle

Summernats Live

Summernats 30 Live stream

The Streaming Guys were proud to be the Streaming Partners for Summernats30. We simulcast the stream to 4 x Facebook pages, YouTube Live and a Livestream CDN.

With approx 2.5 million views over the 4 days it was a hugely successful live video stream proving the power of live video on social media.

Going live to Facebook or YouTube doesn't need to be a huge video production, you can go live to Facebook with the tap of a button from your iPhone but if you do want to make it look that little bit more professional by using some extra equipment then the Mevo is a great starting point as it allows you to go live using the Mevo's 150° camera and the app to switch between different camera angles otherwise use your own video camera with either the Teradek Vidiu or Vidiu Pro to deliver professional results.

Mevo Now Shipping!!

Mevo Now Shipping

The Mevo's have landed and have started shipping just in time for Christmas! Our first lot of orders are all packed and ready to head out the door today!

The Mevo by Livestream is the the brand new 4K camera that allows you to go live to Facebook or Livestream while editing from your iPhone or iPad making it look like you have a pro film crew behind you.

The Mevo is available on its own or in a Pro Bundle which includes the Boost (shipping soon) and Case and helps you save your precious $$

Mevo - the 4K Live Event Camera Now Available in Australia

The Mevo by Livestream is coming to Australia and we will be amongst the first to get stock. Stock will be shipping from 5th December so if you are keen get your order in quick as stock is limited.

The Mevo is this awesome little (don't be fooled by the word' little' though) 4K camera that can stream to both Facbeook Live and Livestream simultaneously as well as recording to a micro SD card. The iOS app allows for editing on the go - you can set up your Mevo in front of a band and be at the back or side of the room and be editing like a professional with cropping, panning and zooming facilities all at your fingertips. See more below with the unboxing of the Mevo by the Livestream crew.

You can order yours online now - get in early so we can ship them out as soon as they arrive!

Order Mevo


Wirecast 7.2 Update

Telestream Wirecast 7.2 Update

Wirecast 7.2 is out now and has some cool update features, particularly in relation to Facebook Live.

Verified Facebook pages (the ones with the little blue tick) can now share branded content on Facebook allowing cross promotion with sponsors, reposting by your sponsors, logistics sharing and helps to boost your content.

Other updated features include:

  • Support for HIgh DPI Moniors on Windows
  • Auto-Save Recovery
  • User Interface & Control Improvements
  • Customize Shot Duplication
  • Drop Shadows & Improved Text Options

Learn more about all of the updates at Telestream's website

Buy Wirecast

Atomos Cash Back and Trade In Offer

Atomos Trade In and Cash Back Offer 

Atomos have announced a cash back and trade in offer on their Shogun Flame, Ninja Flame and Blade Series. Saving yourself up to $700 of your precious coin.

Basically you can save up to $700 on the Shogun Flame, save up to $560 on the Ninja Flame, save up to $280 on the Samurai Blade or Ninja Blade when combined with eligible trade ins. Refer to the table below for further information on how much you can get for your trade in.

Once you have made your purchase head over to Atomos to make your claim

Terms and Conditions Apply. Trade-in available for the first 500 claims only.

Any questions feel free to get in touch at

Atomos Trade In Table


Live From The Sydney International Women's Pro

Sydney International Women's Pro Surf Event - Sally Fitzgibbon

We are incredibly lucky to be able to stream some of the most amazing events around Australia every day and even right around the world. This weekend we were the streaming technicians for the the Sydney Women's International Pro surfing event live from Cronulla. With temps in the mid to high 20's conditions were great for the surfers over the 4 days of the event.

We were streaming to the offical World Surf League page for the entirety of the event - that's over 30 hours of streaming!

The kit we turn to for such events includes the Teradek Bond II, Livestream Studio HD550, Livestream Studio SoftwareCanare SDI Cables - 30m and more.

Get in touch if you would like any further information on how to stream your event live for the world to enjoy!

New Awesome Live Stream Stuff We Now Do

Drone Live Streaming

We are always trying to improve what and how we do things here at The Streaming Guys including investigating new technologies. One of those new technologies is drones and we are super pumped to now be able to add drone video technology to our list of live streaming services. Please get in touch if you have an event where you think a drone can add another dimension to your video.

Facebook Live streaming is another love of ours and we are excited that with our enterprise level streaming solutions allow us to stream to Facebook continuously. One side note is that if you do a continuous stream for more than 90 minutes it won't save to your time line so just keep that in mind. For many customers Facebook is a way of delivering content immediately and they have a copy of their Video as VOD (Video On Demand) on their own website or a micro site that we have created for them.

If there are any other products, services or ideas you have for us please feel free to drop us a line at

Why The Shogun Inferno Will Be Your Next On Camera Monitor

The Atomos Shogun Inferno is back, but not for long. If you have an Atomos Shogun Inferno on backorder.......good news it will be on its way to you in a matter of days.....bad news if you haven't placed an order you will have to wait a few more weeks before more stock arrives but get your orders in quick as they are going fast!

In case you haven't heard the Atomos Shogun Inferno is the latest creation from the guys at Atomos and with some impressive features it easy to see why it has won several awards already and why you should give it a go, it's just a shame it took so long to get here ;)

Atomos Shogun Inferno 

Just a few reasons why you should get your hands on the Shogun Inferno are:

  • It's HDR monitor with high resolution and high frame rate recording
  • It incorporates HDMI to SDI conversion in unit
  • It can record up to 4K 60p video (HD 240p*), 4K 30p Raw to CDNG* and 4K 60p Raw to ProRes/DNxHR*
  • It has both QuadLink SDI and HDMI 2.0 connections
  • The 7 inch 1500 nit 10-bit monitor is awesome

*features to be available in future firmware updates

So there's just a few exampes of why you are going to want to upgrade to the Atomos Shogun Inferno and make it your next monitor and recorder combo.

Get The Cheapest Australian Price for Atomos Shogun Inferno

Streaming Live From Parliament House

CEDA Live Stream from Parliament House

We had the privelege of streaming from Australian Parliament House over the past two days delivering some key note speakers discussing the state of the nation for CEDA.

Powered by the Livestream HD550, Livestream Studio Software and the Teradek Bond II we were well equipped to deliver a professional live video stream of speeches, panel discussions and debates by some of the nations key influencers. The live video webcast was delivered to Facebook, YouTube as well to the CEDA website via the Livestream platform. Delivering the livestream via a number of different platforms is a great way to reach a wider audience, whilst Facebook Live has a 90 minute maximum video length, which is often too short to deliver many clients' content it is a great way to attract people and direct them to your main viewing page if necessary.

All in all it was another successful live video stream, and with speakers such as Bill Shorten, John Lyndon, Dr Nicholas Gruen, Jason Clare, Greg Hunt, Andrew Bassat, Gladys Berejiklian, Tim Pallas, Tom Koutsantonis, Sussan Ley, David Rohrsheim it was going to be tough for it not to be a cracker of an event.