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Roland V1HD's Back on Board

Roland V1hd back in stock at the streaming guys

The Roland V1HD's are back on board - whilst we are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Roland V1SDI we will have to make do with the V1HD (which isn't a hard task really!) as we have just recevied some more stock today. We do have limited stock that is available though as they are super popular and don't last long.

The V1HD is a beautifully made video swicther that you just have to have - it has 4 HDMI inputs so you can use a combination of video cameras, tablets, smart phones and computers to produce a professional event. If you are after SDI inputs never fear the Roland V1SDI is on it's way and we should see stock late October so place a pre order by emailing us if you are keen as they won't hang around for long.

Roland V1HD

Roalnd V1SDI

Roland V-1SDI - Coming October

Roland V1SDIRoland have just announced a brand new video switcher with SDI connections allowing connection and switching of 3G SDI cameras. It also allows HDMI inputs meaning you can connect cameras, smart phones, computers etc with HDMI connections as well as SDI connections.

Expected late October this is another fantastic addition to the affordable video switching market adding to the Roland V1HD which has been super popular amongst The Streaming Guys' customers selling out almost faster than we have been able to get our hands on them.

So we are just as excited to hear about the Roalnd V-1SDI switcher, being practically the same size as it's sister the V1HD means it is super compact and portable but given the addition of the SDI inputs allows you to use it for professional events and allows you to take advantage of the longer cable distances SDI cables allow.

Other features include support up to full HD 1080p along with a quad input multi-viewer with source labelling and audio metering, composition effects including DSK (Downstream Keyer), PIP (Picture In PIcture), full 14 channel audio mixer and more.

We have limited stock available for pre order so get in touch if you would like to secure one today with as little as a 10% deposit.

Roland V1SDI

Free Livestream Broadcaster Mini

Free Livestream Broadcaster Mini with Livestream HD550For a limited time when you purchase a Livestream Studio HD550 you will receive a FREE Livestream Broadcaster Mini.

The Livestream Studio HD550 is a feature packed portable live production switcher, which we use for our live streaming production jobs so we know they work! We use the HD550 for single camera and multi camera jobs, big and small. It fits into it's own carry-on bag so we know we can keep it safe when we travel interstate.

With 5 x SDI/HDMI inputs, built-in bonded transmission, built-in chroma-key and a range of graphics tracks it is well worth a look if you are looking at producing professional live streaming events. And for a limited time we are throwing in a Livestream Broadcaster Mini FREE so why not give us a call to book in a personalised demo - call Grant on 0411 098 338 or email

Livestream HD550

Inogeni Share 2

Inogeni Share 2The Inogeni Share 2 has hit the market in Australia and we are excited! This little beauty allows you to embed 2 video inputs (HDMI, VGA or CVBS) and output via USB 3.0 into one single stream. The Mixer allows you to switch between the two videos or use one of the three mixer options (see below)

Inogeni Share 2 Mixer Options

This Mixer feature can be a valuable asset if your application only supports one video interface such as Skype or GoToMeeting etc. Removing the video conversion from your computer reduces the burden on your hardware and saves expasion slots and connections to your computer.

Inogeni Share 2 connections DiagramYou can control the video mixing either manually using the keypad on the Inogei Share 2 itself or remotely by using the Inogeni app. The unit Retails for $2114 but we are offering it for the special price of $1999 for a limited time!

If you have any questions about the Inogeni Share 2 please email or give us a call on 0411 098 338 - we have just received stock so look out for a video soon where we will show you how good this unit is!

Buy Inogeni Share 2

Facebook Live with Cerevo

Cerevo Products to Facebook Live

Looking for more professional ways to go live to Facebbok - Cerevo now support live streaming to Facebook with their range of live streaming products.

The LiveShell 2, LiveShell Pro and LiveWedge now all support Facebook Live - just follow these instructions to go live today.

LiveShell 2 Instructions 

LiveShell Pro Instructions 

LiveWedge Instructions

Our Mevo Has Arrived

Livestream Mevo Arrived at The Streaming Guys

As you would have heard the Livestream Mevo has been on our radar for some time now and we have tried to keep you up to date with any updates we receive....well this morning we received our stock...finally!!

We are still testing the Mevo and working out the best settings for different environments but what we have used it for so far we have been very impressed wtih. As some of you may know we produce live stream events right around Australia and to have this piece of equipment that you can crop, zoom, pan and cut all from an iPhone app or in our case the HD550, it sure is a handy addition to our kit.

Whilst we do have these for our production services we did order a few extra units if anyone is interested get in touch but be aware they probably won't last long!

NewTek TalkShow VS-4000

NewTek TalkShow VS 4000 workflowNewTek have announced their latest TalkShow - the TalkShow VS-4000 which allows you to connect up to 4 remote skype calls. Combine those guests all at once or in a live sequence to produce a professional real-time live conversation. This is compared to only 1 input on the TalkShow VS-100.

The TalkShow VS 4000 has impressive independent controls allowing colour correction of the Skype caller's video as talk back off air, optional picture in picture views plus most importantly minimal latency allowing your guests to have a flowing conversation that is able to be easily understood by the audience.

The TalkShow VS 4000 is now shipping and available here at The Streaming Guys - get in touch for further information - RRP is $13080

Buy TalkShow VS-4000

Live Streaming the Prime Minister of Australia

This week was another action packed week for us here at The Streaming Guys - we were travelling up and down the east coast like a yo-yo and loving every minute of it! One of our jobs for our client CEDA took us to the Grand Hyatt Melbourne to live stream the Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull in an address to CEDA members and delegates. (The Prime Minister's address starts from 5m 15 secs)

A two camera set up with a dedicated camera operator and Streaming Technician allowed us to have a tight shot of the Prime Minister as well as a wide shot including the audience to switch between. A small hiccup with the uninvited crowd meant we had to react quickly and make some last minute adjustments so as to deliver a professional stream for our cient, nothing like keeping us on our toes!

CEDA's live streams are a great way for them to reach not only more of their members but also a wider audience in general as they not only stream to their website but also to their YouTube channel.

The Endless Possibilities with Facebook Live

Matt and Mike Show on Facebook Live

The Matt and Mike Show (Matt Hollywood and Mike Goldman) went live to Facebook Live last night as the world's first variety shot to be broadcast to Facebook. It is yet another example of what you can achieve when you pair the power of live video and Facebook.

The streaming equipment used was supplied by The Streaming Guys and we are proud to be a supporter of the Matt and Mike Show. With over 6000 views for their first episode (so far) it was a great show with lots of prizes for both the online audience and the studio audience.

Facebook Live gives you another channel to reach your audience, many businesses are getting on board with live video streaming and streaming to Facebook is a great add on to normal live video streaming or just as powerful as a stand alone option. 

If you too have an idea for an online video production - give it a go! There are plenty of affordable options available to help you produce professional content. Below is some of the equipment that will get your video onto Facebook or feel free to give us a call on 0411098338 or email

Plus some Software options:

Mevo Pre Orders Have Started Shipping

Livestream Mevo Live Event Camera Pre Orders Shipping

The Livestream Mevo has started it's journey to our shores...pre-orders started shipping on the weekend and we can't wait to get our hands on them!

In case you havent heard the Mevo is a 'live event camera' that has a Sony 4K sensor with a 150° wide angle lens allowing you to  edit on the go with the iPhone and iPad app. The app alows you to zoom, cut and pan meaning you can use the Mevo to capture multiple camera angles and cut between shots creating a beautiful, professional video. The app even features some automated editing with people detecion and movement tracking.

PLUS it streams to Facebook Live, which means you can produce high quality videos without the need for additional equipment unless of course you want to so your videos look even more awesome!

Find out more about the Mevo at and don't forget to register your interest today so we can keep you up to date on all of the Mevo happenings.

International Champions Cup on Facebook Live

International Champions Cup at the MCG

What an exciting atmosphere to be a part of! Last night we had the privelege of producing the Facebook Live video showcasing the Tottenham Hotspurs players arriving at the MCG for their match against Juventus. The crowd were super pumped, the players were excited and we were excited to be there as no doubt Audi Australia would have been with over 120,000 views of their video on Facebook in under 24 hours.

Our live streaming kit included the Livestream HD550, Teradek Bolt Pro 300 Wireless Transmitter and our trusty Teradek Bond II Transmitter, these pieces are our go to equipment for such jobs and we never leave home with the HD550 and Teradek Bond II.

If you are interested in streaming live to Facebook yourself these are some of the options that we recommend otherwise we are available to come and produce events such as this one for your business.

Plus some Software options:

The Livestream Platform - Enterprise Level

Livestream Enterprise LevelWe sell everything you could possibly need to get yourself up to speed with live video streaming or webcasting. This includes cameras such as Canon XA35 (we even have some ex-demo stock available which can help you save a bit of coin) or Canon XF100, streaming transmitters and productions switchers such as the Livestream HD550 which is a rock solid piece of machinery. We use them everyday along with the Teradek Bond II to produce events right around Australia for companies such as Westpac, Donna Hay, the Penrith Panthers, CEDA, The Fair Work Commisson and many more.
The Livestream Platform Enterprise level is another key component we use to deliver video content to viewers around the world. There are plenty of CDN options out there and it really does depend on your individual requirements, if you are only doing a few shows to a limited audience there are options such as Wowza or DaCast however as we are producing 2-5 shows a day for potentially hundreds of thousands of viewers each time we like the reliability and unlimited viewers capability of Livestream Enterprise Level. Other features of the Enterprise level include:

  • Password protection
  • White Label Player & Embeds
  • Geo-Blocking
  • Hide Account and Events on

The Basic and Premium Level platforms from Livestream offer great features as well depending on your needs. If you would like to find out some more information about the Livestream platforms or anything to do with live video streaming send us an email

Vidiu Solutions to Facebook Live Streaming

We have been getting lots of enquiries about how to stream to Facebook Live so here is a quick video showing some options from Teradek - the Vidiu and Vidiu Pro. Both of these products provide a professional and affordable solution to live streaming to Facebook as well as other CDN's.

Watch the video to learn how easy it is to stream to Facebook.

Teradek Vidiu Pro Bonded Streaming Tutorial

Watch ShareLink TutorialTeradek ShareLink

Learn how to use ShareLink with your Teradek Vidiu Pro and take advantage of cellular bonded technology allowing you to live stream in otherwise challenging situations such as crowded sports fields or busy venues. ShareLink allows you to combine the bandwidth of up to four iPhones therefore boosting your signal to get your webcast out to your audeince. Utilising technology otherwise reserved for the professional streaming transmitters such as the Teradek Bond II you will be blown away at the difference it will make. 

Streaming Media Producer and Video Guys in the US have put together this great tutorial with a video and easy to follow instructions so you too can start using bonded streaming for your events - it is pretty amazing stuff! 

Watch ShareLink Tutorial

Buy Teradek Vidiu Pro

NewTek TalkShow and Livestream HD550 Steal The Show

We were proud to be a part of the team that delivered this coaching clinic live from ANZ Stadium to the country town of Wallancarra as part of a promotional campaign for the NBN.

Delivering an almost zero latency live HD feed between ANZ Stadium with Wally Lewis and Brad Fittler and Wallangarra State School so it could be an interactive experience was no mean feat! Featuring the technological prowess of both the Livestream Studio HD550 and the NewTek TalkShow we had both locations staffed with our live production experts to ensure both feeds were working seamlessly.

Seafolly Spring 2016 Launch on Facebook Live

A short and sweet live video stream of Seafolly's 2016 Spring Campaign Launch was the highlight of this week's events. Organised by Max Media Lab and hosted at North Bondi Fish, it was a beautiful location to stream the event from. The live video feed not only went to a dedicated micro site but also direct to Seafolly's Facebook page creating excitement and anticipation for all of their fans.

With special guest Shanina Shaik it was a great event with lots of fun had by all the guests in attendance and the thousands of viewers online.


If you are interested in streaming to Facebook Live you can use any of these products to produce a professional looking event:

Alternatively some Software options:

Wirecast 7 - The New Features

Telestream have announced the release of Wirecast 7 with some nice new features which add new powerful production capabilities, GPU-accelerated encoding and a streamlined user interface which allows you to effortlessly create and stream high-quality live broadcasts from your computers to dozens of popular destinations, such as Facebook Live and YouTube, as well as to custom streaming servers.

The main features of Wirecast 7 are:

  • Faster performance for Mac & Windows
    • GPU-accelerated encoding
    • Lower CPU Usage
    • Tools for monitoring
  • Dynamic Editor
  • Output Statistics
  • Video Sync
  • Global Hotkey Manager
  • Audio Mixing
  • ISO Recording (Pro only)
  • New Ways to Configure Text
  • Color Correction
  • 3D Animated Titles by NewBlueFX

Buy Wirecast 7

The Mevo Is Almost Here...

Livestream Mevo to start shipping soonWe are very excited to learn that the Livestream Mevo is getting closer to being shipped to our shores....

Livestream have announced that mass production is underway and has been for almost two weeks now meaning they are on track for late July delivery. If you haven't heard much about the Mevo you can watch and learn more on their Facebook page and right here at The Streaming Guys you can register your interest so we can keep you up to date.

Basically the Mevo is a small 4K camera that is designed for llive event streaming, with the 4K sensor combined with the iPhone editing app you can zoom, pan and cut on the fly....beautiful and exciting!

Live Streaming of Penrith Panthers Gala Dinner

Penrith Panthers Gala Dinner

The Streaming Guys were proud to be the streaming partners of the Penrith Panthers 50th Season Gala Dinner on Saturday night - streaming live from the Panthers Leagues Club.

The night was focussed around celebrating the history of the Panthers club as well as being part of four greats being inducted to the Panthers Hall of Fame and was streamed to the Panthers website as well as Facebook Live with the help of the Livestream HD550 and Teradek Bond II.

With the host Tim Gilbert the event was an entertaining and inspiring event appealing to all generations of fans of the Panthers.

View a snippet of Greg Alexander's speech after being inducted into the Hall of Fame.

If you are interested in streaming to Facebook Live you can use any of these products to produce a professional looking event:

Alternatively some Software options:

Defence Leader's Debate on Facebook Live

Streamed live from Adelaide Oval to Australian Made Defence's Facebook page we were proud to stream another successful event. The debate was a presentation between Senator David Fawcett and Senator the Hon Stephen Conroy followed by a 'fireside chat' debate between the two senators.

The Livestream HD550, Teradek Bond 2 and Livestream platform all made it possible to stream to both Facebook Live as well as a dedicated webpage.

You can see our ever expanding Facebook Live portfolio over at our Production site. Feel free to contact us on 0411098338 or if you would like to learn more about how we can assist you with your Facebook Live streaming requirements.

Stream starts at 15m 35s

ECA's Federal Election Forum on Facebook Live

The Streaming Guys produced another Facebook Live Event on Monday, this time for Early Childhood Australia who hosted a Federal Election Forum with representatives from all the major political parties including Kate Ellis MP, Senator Sarah Hanson-Young and Senator Sean Edwards. It was an informative, educational and lively debate all made possible with the use of the honourable Livestream HD550, Teradek Bond II and the Livestream Enterprise platform and of course Facebook Live where we were able to go live to with the potential to reach Early Childhood Australia's 76,000 Facebook followers.

Teradek Vidiu and Roland V1HD Bundles

Facebook Live Bundle - Teradek Vidiu Pro and Roland V1HDThe Streaming Guys have put together some streaming bundles to help you get set up to create professional Facebook Live videos. We have bundled the Teradek Vidiu and Teradek Vidiu Pro with the Roland V1HD Video Switcher.

The Facebook Live Bundles include:

You will save precious pennies by bundling these products even more than if you were to buy individually with our already discounted prices. 

If you have any questions about any of these bundles or how to create a professional Facebook Live production then please get in touch via email or call 0411098338

Teradek Vidiu Bundle

Teradek Vidiu Pro Bundle

The Roland V1HD is Back!

The Roland V1HD is back in stock at The Streaming Guys! After going MIA for a short while the Roland V-1HD HD Switchers are now back in stock and available for immediate delivery. Below is a quick overview video from the guys at the DVeStore so check it out and prepared to be suprised at how powerful this compact HD switcher is.

Buy Now


Headspace Live on Facebook from Southern Cross Station

The Streaming Guys were proud to be involved in yet another successful Facebook Live stream, this time for Headspace and 'The Big Stigma' event at Southern Cross Station in Melbourne. Involving multiple cameras including one roaming camera utilising wireless Teradek technology we were able to stream from all corners of the station. 'The Big Stigma' is a campaign spearheaded by Headspace aimed at breaking down the 'stigma' related to mental health issues by allowing the public to literally 'breakdown' the stigma that has been erected at Southern Cross Station. The stream involved a roving reporter interviewing people from Headspace, mental health workers and the public to help promote the cause. It was a great event to be involved in and was great to be a part of such a valuable campaign that can potentially help so many lives.

NRL State of Origin Preview Show on Facebook Live

Facebook Live is finally here and everybody is getting on board including the NRL who debuted on Facebook Live with a live stream State of Origin Game 1 Preview show to their Facebook page. We were there to provide the streaming service and loved every minute of it. The show was a multi-camera production with crosses to Sydney Olympic Park from the flagship Telstra store in Sydney. With guests and hosts including Brad Fittler, Shaun Timmins, Adrian Lam, Steve 'Blocka' Roach, Ruan Sims and more it was a fantastic show with some great insights into the upcoming game. With over 30,000 views in the first hour this has been a great way to reach and excite the already excited Origin audience.

If you are interested in learning how to produce a professional video for streaming to Facebook Live for your business or would prefer to leave it to the experts and want The Streaming Guys to produce an event for you then please get in touch via email or call 0411 098 338.

Or if you are interested in creating a professional Facebook Live event for your business then check out this blog post or any of these Facebook Live ceritified products:

Donna Hay & Jamie Oliver on Facebook Live

The Streaming Guys were proud to be involved with Donna Hay and Jamie Oliver's recent Facebook Live event to help promote Jamie's Food Revolution. With over half a million views online already we were very proud to be streaming partners for Donna and her team.

Check out the Facebook Live stream below for some tasty Zucchini and Fetta recipes along with the her crispy egg rolls.

If you would like us to produce your Facebook Live event then please get in touch or 0411 098 338

Or if you are interested in creating a professional Facebook Live event for your business then check out this blog post or any of these Facebook Live ceritified products:

Atomos Shogun Inferno with AtomHDR

Atomos have recently released the Shogun Inferno - a beautiful monitor and recorder capable of 4K 60p HD240p RAW recording over Quad-SDI on a 7 inch 1500nit 10-bit HDR panel. There isn't too much else you could ask for in a monitor-recorder in this price bracket. Atomos have a range of quality monitors and recorders on the market and the Shogun Inferno only enhances that range, including the Ninja Flame, Ninja Blade and Samurai Blade just to name a few.

If you are after a high quality monitor and recorder for your video production work then the Atomos Shogun Inferno is definitely worth a look, you can check out a quick video from the guys at Cinema 5D with the head honcho of Atomos talking about all the cool stuff they put into the Shogun Inferno.

Buy Shogun Inferno

The Roland V1HD's Are Back

The Roland V1HD's are back! After another hiatus from our shelves due to such a high demand Roland has pulled through and delivered us some more if you are after a beautifully crafted HD video swicther with HDMI inputs we highly recommend the Roland V1HD but you better be quick as they don't last long...

Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions about how the V1HD functionality or how it can fit into your workflow.

Great Savings on Livestream and More...

Clearance Sale - May 2016Looking for some great deals on live streaming equipment? Look no further than The Streaming Guys...we have a variety of products that we are clearing at great prices.....some are ex demo and some are just clearance items. All products come in thier original packaging (except the Miller Air tripods, which come with their carry bag but not their original box - we accidentally threw them out!).

So what do we have to sell at crazy prices?