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  • Zimoun : 510 prepared dc-motors, 2142 m rope,...
    le 20/01/2020 à 7 h 42 min

    510 prepared dc-motors, 2142 m rope, wooden sticks 20 cm Zimoun 2019Cast: ZIMOUN

  • Future Sound of Aveiro
    le 20/01/2020 à 7 h 41 min

    Future Sound of ” is a site specific interactive installation which explores the audiovisual landscape of a specific city. The inhabitants of [insert city] are invited to enter in a dark room where the characteristic sounds of their city life. Through the exploration of the space, they may […]

  • Earthsatz - AV show
    le 20/01/2020 à 7 h 40 min

    Teaser of the 2020 version of Earthsatz AV show. The world, as it is shown to us by Google Earth, is intriguing... The shapes’ imperfections, the textures’ distorsions, the suspended time, are all attributes of a new kind of universe, an hybrid one, looking more like an algorithmic […]

  • Jérémy Oury | PRISM | NAPA lighted art festival...
    le 15/01/2020 à 19 h 21 min

    Mapping "PRISM", NAPA Light art festival, USA, January 2020 Visual & Sound - Jérémy Oury arcaancollective.frCast: jerem ouryTags: NAPA, videomapping, video, mapping, oury, jeremy and prism

  • Color Factory Thought Bubbles Installation
    le 15/01/2020 à 19 h 16 min

    Cast: Harvey & JohnTags: installation, colour, art, color, factory, levitating, balloon, experiential, floating, air and interactive

  • Atelierkonzert LUX und DEZIBEL Silvester 2019
    le 15/01/2020 à 19 h 16 min

    After tremendous art projects last year it was a pleasure and a joy to entertain friends and audience for new years eve ...Cast: kurt laurenz theinert

  • Digital_Grid
    le 15/01/2020 à 19 h 15 min

    Digital Grid is an interactive surface. The grid detect human movement and react with physics simulation. Digital grid is an experiment to create new digitaf space. Music: Alwa by OdakaCast: Vision Nocturne

    le 11/01/2020 à 10 h 24 min

    Thankyou to all the Artists, Collaborators, and Clients who have made this magic happen. When we first started this we had no idea where it would lead or what would be possible in this medium. Now a decade into the exploration of large-scale audio visual installation we are proud of the […]

  • Earthsatz - teaser
    le 11/01/2020 à 10 h 22 min

    Scruter la planète en référençant chacune de ses facettes, c’est chercher à l’épuiser, tout dire d'elle, désenchanter l’idée d’un ailleurs inconnu en la remplaçant par une vision rationnelle et immuable. Google […]

  • dyebirth_observation
    le 09/01/2020 à 9 h 37 min

    ライフゲームアルゴリズム(生命の誕生、進化、淘汰などのプロセスを再現する簡 […]