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  • this is the most expressive robot we've ever seen
    le 15/08/2018 à 14 h 19 min

    read more on designboom here:Cast: designboom […]

  • Mediate: A Spatial Tangible Interface for Mixed...
    le 15/08/2018 à 14 h 19 min

    By Daniel Fitzgerald and Hiroshi Ishii 2018 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing System Recent Virtual Reality (VR) systems render highly immersive visual experiences, yet currently lack tactile feedback for feeling virtual objects with our hands and bodies. Shape Displays offer solid […]

  • genius_loci_2018_trailer1
    le 15/08/2018 à 14 h 18 min

    Cast: MXWendler […]

  • Turkcell Technology Summit 2018 I Real-time...
    le 15/08/2018 à 14 h 18 min

    Direction, Animation, Design: BİŞEYLER New Media Works Directors: B. Ece Okuyucu, Gökhan Okuyucu Creative Director: Tiber Ergür Project Director: Alican Yılmaz Script: B. Ece Okuyucu Stage Design: Gökhan Okuyucu Look Development & CG Artist: Muhammet Altun Motion […]

  • Ganglion
    le 14/08/2018 à 7 h 09 min

    Motion capture experiments using x particles and Redshift render. Music: christ. - Vernor Vinge.Cast: AUJIK […]

  • VYV demoreel 2018
    le 14/08/2018 à 7 h 08 min

    Cast: VYVTags: CDS, cirque du soleil, Roger Waters, cité mémoire, VYV, Montréal, Han show, Adèle, dragone, wuhan, PQDS, Totem, NDP, Singapore, Lido, Photon, Tachyon, Xenon and tracking […]

  • FORMAT 3
    le 12/08/2018 à 10 h 30 min

    Foo/Skou. Spring Break Art SkouCast: FOO / SKOU […]

  • Hype Cycle: Smart Matter
    le 11/08/2018 à 7 h 14 min Hype Cycle ­is a series of futurist films exploring human-machine collaboration, combining performance and emerging technologies. These human-machine interactions from Universal Everything are inspired by the Hype Cycle trend graphs produced by […]

  • Freedom ballet AM:PM
    le 11/08/2018 à 7 h 14 min

    Created by Konstantin Gordienko Camera Yevgeniy Sakhno Edit Konstantin Gordienko Post Maxim Rozumnyi Color Olga Domashenko Gaffer Denis Shevchenko Style Tanya GordienkoCast: GORDIENKO PRODUCTIONTags: dance, contemporary, art, twin peaks, freedom ballet and ballet […]

  • Cinema 4D Multi-Instances test
    le 10/08/2018 à 7 h 21 min

    I created this little test animation in order to test the new multi-instance functionality in Cinema 4D r20.Cast: Simon F A Russ […]