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  • Decadence system 2017
    le 15/10/2019 à 8 h 52 min

    Decadence system[데카당스 시스템] project Mup X NOVAXP / 현대무용과 미디어아트 /Cast: novaxpTags: dance, Decadence system, projectiomapping, performance, live, show and mapping

  • 21st century guitar, Ottawa
    le 15/10/2019 à 8 h 51 min

    It has been a pleasure and an honor to contribute with my projections to these amazing contemporary guitar music compositions at the 2019 Ottawa conference. Sorry Christopher Mayo, Craig Visser, Drake Andersen, Derek Cooper, Yu-chun Chien, Max Grafe and Ben Wylie for cutting your pieces appart in […]

  • Celebrating the Friends 25th Anniversary on the...
    le 14/10/2019 à 9 h 05 min

    WB Worldwide Television Marketing commissioned BARTKRESA studio to turn the World's Largest LED Screen on the Burj Khalifa, into a memorable celebration of Friends. BKS wove Warner Bros' own iconic symbols from the show into a high energy dance back in time, set to the show's theme song, "I'll Be […]

  • CONVERGE - Sensitive Installation -
    le 11/10/2019 à 11 h 59 min

    "Converge" Création Originale Installation sonore & visuelle O Cavalié / Insula-prod 2019 Regard atomisé, intérogatif, introspectif, peinture organique d'une époque épique. Converge intérroge, laisse la place … (O Cavalié )Cast: […]

  • Zimoun : 225 prepared dc-motors, 720 m rope,...
    le 11/10/2019 à 11 h 59 min

    225 prepared dc-motors, 720 m rope, wooden discs ø 100 mm Zimoun 2019 Installation view: Saasfee* Pavillon, Frankfurt, Germany. - Website & Vimeo Video -Cast: ZIMOUNTags: zimoun, studio […]

  • Amoeba AR Apps Showreel
    le 03/10/2019 à 8 h 52 min

    A selection of Seven Augmented Reality experiences made in the studio. amoeba_design/motion/broadcast/vr/ar/av amoeba

    le 02/10/2019 à 12 h 42 min

    “Press Enter” is an abstract story where we dive in a virtual world. This film explores the notion of digital technology through a network that invades urban space, but also raises the question of artificial intelligence and its impact on reality. Better with headphone ! Go see the […]

  • Showreel Desilence 2019
    le 02/10/2019 à 12 h 41 min

    At the core of Desilence are the love for painting, for the captivating motion, for the beautiful and well thought idea. The diligence to go the last mile to find the balance. We are obviously passionated about what we do. When we start a new project it is because we really burn for giving our […]

  • LASERSPACE at Festival Světel Valašsko 2019
    le 02/10/2019 à 12 h 40 min

    Laserspace by Patryk Lichota Patryk Lichota - concept, music, programing, design Maciej Klocek - laser animation, design Hashimotowiksa x Katarzyna Kulmińska - dance Maciej Mendyka - technical support, dmx hardware ( Jacek Nowaczyk - electrician, design support (Fabryka […]

  • Modulo Kinetic features real-time tracking...
    le 01/10/2019 à 18 h 34 min

    Modulo Kinetic now features real-time tracking capabilities. Watch the video and get a quick overview of what you can achieve (medium version). More info → MODULO PI