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  • Controlling Ableton Live and Notch with a MIDI...
    le 16/08/2019 à 7 h 21 min

    Controlling Ableton Live and Notch with a MIDI Controller. I converted midi to osc in Ableton using connection kit. And then sent the osc to Notch.Cast: Tetsuya Kubota / Chef GrafixxTags: Notch, Notch vfx, Real-time and Motion Graphics […]

  • Cashmere Cat 'Emotions' | Behind The Scenes
    le 16/08/2019 à 7 h 21 min

    Editorial: The Mill Editor: Rauri Cantelo Production: Mill+ Director of Photography: Rauri CanteloCast: The M […]

  • construction / deconstruction
    le 14/08/2019 à 14 h 01 min Dirk Koy […]

  • Volumen - Genius Loci Weimar 2019
    le 14/08/2019 à 9 h 30 min

    Volumen (Latin word for volume – quantity of three-dimensional space) is an audiovisual installation that revolves around three-dimensional forms contained in a defined space. Their nature and behavior unfold through the fusion made of light and sound, generating optical illusions and unknown […]

  • Illuminated Art Zurich: Opening 2019
    le 13/08/2019 à 10 h 00 min

    08.08.2019 - 19.09.2019 / MAAG Halle Zürich lichtmuseum.chCast: PROJEKTIL […]

  • Lost in the Forest
    le 13/08/2019 à 9 h 58 min

    Égaré dans la forêt, de la série Manœuvres (2017-2018) Lost in the Forest, from the Manœuvres video series (2017-2018) François QuévillonTags: Forest, Lost, […]

  • Artez - Balance - Street Art Projection Mapping
    le 11/08/2019 à 9 h 15 min

    "Balance" mural by Artez in Jesenice, Slovenia, brought to life with projecton mapping.Cast: Limen Visua […]

  • Sophie Le Meillour & Fabrice Starzinskas...
    le 11/08/2019 à 9 h 15 min

    Video records by Sophie Le Meillour & Fabrice Starzinskas from the shooting "BEYOND" Sound by Julie August 2019, Geneva | Atelier 309 Ressources Urbaines - Zurich - SwitzerlandCast: SOPHIE LE MEILLOURTags: julie semoroz, sophie le meillour, […]

  • Freelance
    le 08/08/2019 à 10 h 07 min

    A glimpse into the isolating world of a freelance motion designer. - Motionographer interview discussing Case study available James TupperTags: freelance, motion design, animation, […]

  • Live Paintmapping Ozora 2019 - Microbes &...
    le 06/08/2019 à 14 h 00 min

    This is our second Live Paintmapping at O.Z.O.R.A. Festival 2019 featuring jonathan Ouisse, J-A Dupont, Jumu Monster, ilhack and Wally Pearce. The composition is a tribute to Cesar E. Giraldo Herrera's book Microbes & other Shamanic Beings.Cast: Jacques-André Dupont […]