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  • Membrane - Scoptione
    le 15/10/2018 à 6 h 36 min

    Membrane Algorithmic Performance for Transparent Materials “Membrane” is a generative audio-visual work that merges installation with live performance. Volumetric projections hover between the performers, caught between rising smoke and an invisible material. The membrane vibrates with […]

  • Behind the Scenes: 2018 AICP Title Sequence
    le 12/10/2018 à 7 h 14 min

    As part of The Mill's partnership with AICP, The Mill Design and Emerging Technology teams broke the boundaries of traditional motion graphics and design by developing custom software that generated the 2018 Title Sequence live during the AICP Next Awards and the premiere of the AICP Show: The Art […]

  • Black Tiger Sex Machine | Tour Visuals
    le 11/10/2018 à 8 h 49 min

    BTSM is a Canadian electronic music trio from Montreal. For the last 3 years, they mandated us to create the visuals for their Music is Religion Tour presented everywhere in North America. The aim was to feel the dark electro and apocalyptic universe of the band into video loops while placing the […]

  • Realtime pix2pix VJ system
    le 11/10/2018 à 8 h 49 min

    This is an attempt at building a VJ system with pix2pix feedback animation (next-frame prediction models). It runs at about 26 fps on GTX 1070. Keijiro TakahashiTags: graphics, vj, unity, vjing, pix2pix, neural net and machin learning […]

  • disorder3dFull3
    le 11/10/2018 à 8 h 49 min

    Recording in a 20 m dome in Montreal at la SAT. Dance : Kevin Ramseier Video : Francois Moncarey Sound : Thomas Koppel contact : francois@mysquare.chmysquare.chCast: Francois Moncarey - MySquar […]

  • Video Mapping Festival #1 : ATRIUM DU PALAIS DES...
    le 10/10/2018 à 9 h 21 min

    Video Mapping Festival #1 Soirée d’ouverture / Opening night 23.03.2018 MUE Robert Seidel Atrium, Palais des Beaux-Arts Lille / France *************** Video mapping immersif réalisé au cours d’une résidence de création à Arenberg Creative Mine, […]

  • M2-L3: Layer Composition Basics Demonstration
    le 10/10/2018 à 9 h 19 min

    For more information visit VIDVOX […]

  • Friction
    le 10/10/2018 à 9 h 16 min

    Interactive Audiovisual Installation. Braga 2018Cast: OPENFIELD CreativelabTags: laser, interactive, leap and leapmotion […]

  • A1E5
    le 10/10/2018 à 9 h 16 min

    Cast: EFREN MUR […]

  • Succulent Machines
    le 08/10/2018 à 8 h 04 min

    Belly of the beast, an interactive art installation at the heart of the Burning Man festival. A collaboration with Will Atwood and Bent Stamnes and a part of IAMAI project. Following the I, Robot theme of Burning Man festival, this project is a mix of mechanical and organic, robotic and natural. […]