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Multicast in NDI across subnets

Par : tcomerma

I have some questions regarding the use of multicast in NDI enabled devices that I've been unable to verify by myself.

We've been testing some NDI devices (BirdDog, Magewell, NDI Tools) before deploying into our network. We are a quite large broadcaster and the network covers several buildings, so routing traffic is a must, and multicast is desirable

While testing it seems that transmiters and receivers switch from multicast to unicast when they are on different networks. Even though I selected multicast, with TTL=10 in Access Manager. Support from Magewell said “Please kindly be aware that multicast is not supposed to cross subnet”. Is this true? There is a way to force multicast? I guess it has to be possible, because you can specify a TTL for multicast, and that is only necessary to allow routing.

We’ve set up a Discovery Service. Also Magewell support saig “when a Discovery Serive is enabled, it would force unicast for transmission”. Is this right?

I’ve been unable to find documentation to verify these.