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NDI Scan Converter - Virtual Desktop - Google Cloud

Par : simond83
So, i've got a cloud cluster setup with various NDI machines running and working. I'm taking a video call (Google Meet) and using the Scan Converter app to capture the audio and video. On another machine, running vMix, i get that NDI feed coming in no problem. However, when i close my remote connect to that machine (either PCoIP or RDP), the video seems to freeze and stop. Virtual display is turned on. As soon as i log back in, everything is fine. Everything points to the Scan Converter app and the Microsoft basic render driver. If there's no one logged in, is the render driver working? Is there a way to force this on? Any other ideas?

Scan Converter - Resolution settings

Par : simond83
I can't find anything in the documentation. I can see the frame-rate options, but not the resolution. If my PC is plugged into a HD monitor and i capture that screen, do i get 1920x1080? What about the ROI? Is that pixel for pixel? Are there any scaling options? So 1920x1080 to UHD 3840x2160?

10bit NDI options

Par : simond83
The official documentation around NDI is very vague.

"NDI fully supports all resolutions, frame rates and video streams, with and without alpha channel. In practical terms, resolution and frame rates will be determined by the capabilities of endpoint devices. The most common implementations are expected to utilize 8-bit UYVY and RGBA video, however support for 10-bit and 16-bit is available. The internal pipeline of the codec is maintained entirely at 16-bit or better."

It's based on 16bit, or 16 bit is available? 16 bit or better? So it's 32bit now?? What 10bit options are currently available (i know BirdDog has released their 10b encoders) but how does this fit into the SDK? Is 4.5 10b, 16b or 32b?!