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Studio Monitor - Black Video from Multicast Streams (Win10)

Par : muzicman82
I posted this on the NDI Facebook Group, so if you've seen this already, I apologize.

Brand new clean Win10 install (it's an Intel NUC8). All drivers up to date.

With NDI Tools installed (downloaded today, so 4.5), I get just a black screen for either of two multicast streams on this network... but they work fine on another system on the same switch (Netgear M4300).

In Wireshark, I can see the IGMP membership reports and leave messages, and all of the UDP packets the same as on the working system. I can also see the querier messages.

Win10 firewall is all disabled.

Just for kicks, the multicast prefixes are different for two BirdDog P200 cameras.

I can get NDI Test Patters from working computer over to the NUC, but that isn't multicast. I can also get Test patterns from the NUC to the working PC... also not multicast.

The NUC does not have any other network connections active... Bluetooth and WiFi are disabled. The Ethernet connection is set to a Private Network. I disabled EEE and low power modes on the driver.

It doesn't matter if I close Studio Monitor on the working system.

The IGMP snooping table for the Netgear M4300 switch shows the same things for both clients.

BirdDog Multiview shows the streams perfectly fine! If I run Studio Monitor at the same time, I don't get extra membership reports in Wireshark, and closing one of them doesn't give a leave group message.

I also installed OBS with the NDI plugin. The multicast streams show up there just fine as well.

As another exercise, I set a BirdDog decoder to decode one of the multicast streams, and hooked the HDMI output to the HDMI input on a BirdDog encoder set to transmit multicast. That stream opens just fine on the working PC but not the other. But, the decode/encode cycle tells me multicast is working OK.

Unicast streams open in Studio Monitor just fine.

I also set up a 3rd PC today and that one also just gives black screen. What am I missing here?

Switch Options with 10Gig / NBASE-T

Par : muzicman82
Hi all,

I'm an AV Integrator and I'm putting together a small NDI network. I've posted about this elsewhere but thought I'd get some ideas from this forum too.

The system is going to have 3x BirdDog P200 cameras, a few computers with NDI output, and a couple BirdDog SDI encoders. The switcher here is going to be a Panasonic AV-HLC100.

I will likely need to connect some NDI sources to one network switch and uplink that to a second switch with decoders and the AV-HLC100. I realize that the uplink should be 10G.

Where else might I need/want a link that's more than 1Gig? I realize the BirdDog equipment and the switcher only have 1Gig NICs in them, so it's not beneficial there. I will have a PC that is running BirdDog MultiViewer, and I'm thinking NBASE-T here may be good, although my understanding is that this uses the NDI proxy streams?

As far as switch choice goes, I'm looking at the Netgear MS510TXPP since it has POE+, 10G uplink, and the other ports offer 5G or 10G speeds. I looked at the Cisco SG350X, but the mGig options don't have PoE, and I don't need a 24-port switch. What are you using where you have a 10G need?