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5 Secret Ingredients of Deliciously Engaging YouTube Cooking Videos

From setting your lights up to choosing the right focal length, here's everything you need to know about filming a cooking video in five pro tips.

5 Keyframe Animations Every Video Editor Should Know

As video editors, playing with keyframes is absolutely essential for producing better videos. Let's look at some of the key animations to try out.

Fix It in Post — Four Ways to Save Your Film in Post-Production 

Relying on any aspect of post-production to repair your project is a bad idea. But there is a right way to "fix it in post." Here's what ...

The Best Lens-Gimbal Setup for Your Next Project

Is it the Gimbal or the Glass? Today, we'll discuss the importance of lens choice when implementing a gimbal in your video project.

Color-Matching Footage from Different Cameras in Premiere

In this video tutorial, we go over how you can color-match the profiles of a GoPro, an a7III, a cellphone, and a Mavic 2 Pro.

Action, Reaction, Reveal — How to Create Better Documentaries

Creating a compelling documentary means elevating emotions and drawing the viewer into your subject. Here's a three-step strategy for how to do just that.

Stylistic Goodies and Grit: A Film Grain Footage Tutorial

In this tutorial, I’m going to share my secret cinematic weapons that give your footage character, without costing you a ton of time.

Top Equipment Investments for Working Filmmakers

When it comes to working as a filmmaker for a living, what are the best gear investments to make money rather than lose it? Here are a ...