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Is it possible to use NDI HX to connect an iPhone to a PC by cable?

Par : Thresher

I'm a newbie to NDI HX. I downloaded it to try to use an old iPhone 6 as a webcam with my Win 10 PC (older Dell with Intel i5).

After much trial and error I was successful in using the phone as a webcam with Google Meet. The issue is there is significant lag between the audio and the video; the latter is way behind.

I am sure the issue is related to my network setup: the iPhone is using WiFi to connect to my home LAN, while my PC is connected via Ethernet. The PC does not have WiFi capability.

When I turn off WiFi on the phone, and connect it to the PC via a Lightning to USB cable it no longer works. The PC still sees the drivers, and the NDI app on the phone still runs, but they do not communicate.

Is there a way to connect the iPhone directly to the PC and still have NDI HX function? I am hoping that if I can do this, I will lose the lag.

Thanks in advance for your assistance.