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NDI Scan Converter conflicting with HDMI Capture Device

Par : SBC2012
We use 2 NDI sources for our church's livestream. One is from a Blackmagic Ultrastudio Scan Converter receiving a HDMI signal from a camera. The other source is a screen capture with the NDI Scan Converter of our presentation. Both are running on the same iMac running the latest version of Big Sur, 11.1. Both sources are running the latest, non-beta, firmware/software.

When we livestream using Ecamm Live, the video feed is not smooth. The video from the camera may freeze for a moment and then "jump" to catch up or "slow down" and then suddenly everything goes into "fast motion" to catch up to the current live video feed.

Through diagnostics we have found that if we quit the NDI Scan Converter app; everything returns to normal and the video feed does not freeze or slow down. There seems to be a conflict between the 2 sources in NDI. Any thoughts or suggestions on how to correct this?

This same question has been presented to Ecamm Live and Blackmagic hoping to find a solution together. Thank you in advance for your help!