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How to Composite Shots Together to Pull Off HDR

Let's look at how to successfully pull off the HDR look by shooting multiple clips, then piecing them together in post-production.

A Quick Guide to Showing Text Messages on Screen

With text message integration onto the big screen becoming the big norm these days, here are a few ways filmmakers can make this a little more interesting.

How to Create Digital Crowd Duplication in Premiere Pro

Need to have a crowd in a scene? Here's a tutorial on how you can duplicate small groups of people to create a crowd in Premiere Pro ...

How to Capture Professional-Grade Stunts Safely with a Long Lens

Safety is the first concern when dealing with stunts on set. Let's look at various ways to pull off a professional-grade stunt via a long lens.

Removing Logos in Adobe After Effects

After Effects makes it easy to remove unwanted logos and trademarks from your footage. Here’s how it’s done. There are lots of reasons to remove logos from ...

3 Ways to Store and Share Grades in DaVinci Resolve

Today, we’re going to take a look at the three ways to store and load looks in DaVinci Resolve, along with the advantages and disadvantages of each.

How to Create a Retro Sci-Fi Disintegration Effect in After Effects

Always wanted to create that sci-fi disintegration scene? It's easy. Follow these steps to create your own disintegration effect scenes in After Effects.

Cleaning and Mastering Audio in Premiere Pro with Audition

Let's take a look into how sound quality can be improved in Premiere Pro with the help of Audition. Follow these steps to clean your audio.

Speed up Your Editing with a Keyboard-Only Workflow in Premiere

Want to speed up your editing in Premiere Pro? Move to a keyboard-only editing style and improve your editing speed by twenty percent.

How to Remove the Boom Mic in Resolve and Premiere

Let's take a look at two different programs, Adobe Premiere and DaVinci Resolve, and how you can use them to get rid of unwanted objects.

6 Reasons for You to Upgrade to Resolve Studio Today

DaVinci Resolve is unique among post-production applications in that it’s free. But, here are six reasons why you'd upgrade to its paid version.

Untethered Territory: How to Shoot Films Like Quentin Tarantino

Today, we’re going to take a look at what makes Tarantino so distinctive, and the elements he combines to form his director's style.

How to Replace the Sky in Premiere Pro and DaVinci Resolve

Sky replacement is an easy and quick way to make your shots look more dynamic and interesting. Let's see how to replace the sky in Premiere and ...

Industry Insights: Shoot Like the Coen Brothers

So, what goes into a Coen brothers' film that makes it so distinctive, and their style so admired? Let's look into the brothers' filming techniques.

Why the Upcoming R5 Will Be a Bad Filmmaking Camera

With the upcoming release of the much anticipated Canon R5 camera, we are looking at its specs, advantages and inconveniences. Let's see where it fares well.

Industry Insights: How Christopher Nolan Shoots a Scene

Very rarely has a single filmmaker’s style transformed Hollywood with such force, or achieved such consistent success, as Christopher Nolan.

Lighting a Scene Without Breaking the 180-Degree Rule

Today, we're going to explore the intricacies of lighting a scene using natural light, geography, and the 180 Degree Rule.

Cinematography Tip: Lighting Techniques for Villains

We're going to survey some of cinema’s most iconic villains and learn how lighting and color grading has contributed to their aura of menace.

Industry Insights: What Makes a Successful Cinematographer

From politics to storytelling to great sets, today we'll discuss what it takes to become a successful cinematographer, at any level.

The Fundamentals of Full-Frame: Is It Worth All The Hype?

Today, we'll discuss the fundamentals of the full-frame camera, as well as the quality, versatility, and general worth in terms of cinematography.

5 Things You Need to Know About Filming with iPhone Gimbals

From footage to safety: Myths and facts concerning the capabilities of the iPhone gimbal, and how to incorporate it into your next filming endeavor.

A Beginner’s Guide to Shooting Coverage for a Film Project

Coverage is a deceptively simple term that encompasses a wide range of factors — how a film is staged, blocked, lit, and performances are captured.

Learning Curve: How to Properly Use the Leko Light

Leko lights are a great way to capture natural-looking pockets of sunlight, or to cast light where no other light will go.

How to Capture The Narrative Power of Shutter Speed

In this tutorial, we'll look at what shutter speed is and how to set it — as well as its potential to influence the actual narrative of ...

Industry Insights: Cinematography the Emmanuel Lubezki Way

Emmanuel Lubezki only accepts projects that give him the opportunity to do what he does best — create images unlike anything you've seen before.

3 Ways to Modify Your Lighting for a Cinematic Look

Almost any light can create a cinematic image if you modify it correctly. Here's an introduction to the three primary ways to modify your lighting.

The Hallmark of Comedy: Making Your Talent Pop with High-Key Lighting

In this video tutorial, we take a look at high-key lighting — what exactly it is, when should you use it, and how you set it up.

What Film Technologies Will Define the Next Decade?

Let's look at what the current state of technology will mean for the future of film and the people who make it, distribute it, and consume it.

Learning Curve: Getting Started Using a Light Meter

A light meter is still a powerful tool for getting a correctly exposed image. Here's what you need to know to get started using one.

Learning Curve: The Mysteries Behind the LUT Box Unveiled

In this installment of Learning Curve, we take a look at how to use the software and hardware combination known as a LUT box.