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NDI Central Management for Private Content Live Streaming Online

Par : MylesOSS
We have successfully managed to get NDI working on Zoom by sending the output from an offline Avid Media Composer system to a streaming pc running Zoom. Great solution for people wanting to preview their content during a meeting. :) Audio isn't so great though, even with 'Original Sound' active, it still sounds kind of underwater, as if Zoom is up to some sort of signal processing we have no control of.

Moving forward I would like to achieve the following:

- Centralize all NDI Outputs to a single live streaming device
- Host multiple live streams simultaneously from the streaming device
- Ability to view the live streams within a web browser from anywhere

I'd be interested to hear about free, low cost and also the premium solutions that can handle this. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

Avid Media Composer to Streaming PC to Zoom

Par : MylesOSS
Hi All,

I am very new to NDI, and so far cannot see a way to get the audio from Avid Media Composer routed into Zoom via a streaming PC. On the editing PC, I have the HW/SW button on the avid timeline broadcasting over OpenIO_NDI, and the streaming PC receives A/V through NDI Studio Monitor without issue. However, Virtual Input seems to only allow the video to go out onto zoom. Is it possible for Virtual Input to also do the same for the audio? Choosing to run 'Audio Only' in Studio Monitor and then sharing the audio in Zoom results in out of sync issues.

The only options I have within Virtual Input are:
Audio Only
NVIDIA Quadro K2200 1

username@hostname.AVID is what i use to get Studio Monitor working perfectly on the streaming PC, but i simply cannot get the both video and audio out onto Zoom via Virtual Input. I can only get video only. Am I missing something?

Big thanks to all who are involved in what is clearly a brilliant piece of software.