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NDI Working on one Machine but not the other.


I am really at loss with how to proceed here, so asking for a little help as it beyond my ability to find a solution.

My setup is machine One with AMD 2600x CPU, 16g Ram and, Radeon 580 GPU.

Machine Two is AMD 3700x Cpu, 32g Ram and Nvidia 1080ti GPU.

I am trying to stream from one PC to another, I have Cat 6 cabling with a non managed switch between them. They can log into each other and see each other on the network and ping each other. Both are Running Windows 10, and I have installed NDI runtime and NDI Tool kit on both and Restarted both machines many times in install.

Here is weird thing, I am using Virtual Input and Scan Converter, When I run Scan Converter on Machine Two it works and I can see it on the Virtual Input on both Machine One and Machine Two, but when I run Scan Converter on Machine One, I cannot see it either Machines Virtual Input. So it can't even see it's self running on the machine, Which has me utterly confused. I have checked the firewall and Anti virus/Malware settings, and disabled them all to see if that was problem which it was not. I have created exactly the same firewall rules for Machine One has I have for Machine Two. I have uninstalled and Reinstalled Tools and Runtime Serval times, Restarted many times and tried everything i can think of. I have disabled my Router Firewall just incase to check but nothing seems to fix the problem.

I am really confused to what is causing the problem and why Machine Two works perfectly fine to Machine One, but Machine One won't work at all and I have done nothing different. My thoughts are its something to with GPU? All my drivers are up to date, including motherboard, GPU and Windows and using the latest version of both Tools and Runtime, Does anyone have any suggestions to why its not working? or workarounds I can do? thanks