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New to After Effects? Here Are 10 Must-Know Keyboard Shortcuts

Adobe After Effects is a versatile piece of software. Here are ten useful keyboard shortcuts you'll need to get started with this app.

Jeremy Higham’s Advice on How to Become a Better Interviewer

Jeremy Higham provides several valuable tips about how to become better at interviewing. Explore his recommendations and our takeaways here.

Three Side Hustles That Are Perfect For Video Editors

From writing to starting your own YouTube channel — diversify your stream of revenue as a video editor by trying these three side hustles.

6 Must-Have FCPX Effects Presets for Video Editors

Use these effects presets to save time in FCPX. Create an effect once, add it with a click forever!  FCPX allows editors to create their own video ...

6 Game-Changing FCPX Keyboard Shortcut Customizations

Get your edit wrapped faster with these FCPX keyboard shortcut customizations.   Since turning to FCPX,  I have grown to absolutely love using keyboard shortcuts. Each new one ...

How to Establish a Location by Using Color Grading

Creative color grading can change the storyline and create a clear visual juxtaposition between good and bad, rich and poor, success and failure.