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From Security to Accessibility: The Best Sites to Host Your Reel

The demo reel is a filmmaker's business card in the film industry. So, how you choose to present it can make a difference.

Roundup: The Best Office Chairs for Video Editing

Working from home and need some comfort? We have you covered with our review of the best office chairs you can buy, to deck out your home ...

Streaming on OBS with the Blackmagic Web Presenter

Using the Blackmagic Web Presenter, learn how to stream on the OBS software — with a few quick and easy steps — to get you online in ...

Blackmagic Announces New ATEM Mini Pro and Other Updates

Blackmagic Design announces the new Blackmagic ATEM Mini Pro switcher, updates to the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Cameras and the HyperDeck minis. Today, the team at Blackmagic Design ...

Hot Takes: The Questionable Future of RED Cameras

We asked some of our content creators about their thoughts on RED cameras — accessories, investments, and the company's future — and they didn't hold back.

Should You Carry a GoPro (or Two) in Your Filmmaking Kit?

GoPros have been around forever, but now you can use them for so much more than shredding slopes. Here are a few reasons to consider adding one ...

The Best Microphone Setups for Every Type of Podcaster

Tips to help anyone looking to start a podcast by covering audio basics, studio setups, microphone reviews, and input for different styles of podcasts.

The Exposure Fundamentals Behind Great Filmmaking

From aperture to shutter speed to frame rate — in this tutorial, we'll look at the basic building blocks of great filmmaking.

Recreating the Look of Oscar-Nominated Film “The Lighthouse”

With the Academy Awards approaching, we decided to honor the Oscar-nominated film The Lighthouse by recreating a scene from the movie.

On Set: How to Operate the Fisher Model 10 Dolly

The Fisher Model 10 dolly is an industry standard for good reason, but you can't buy one — you can only rent it. So what can it ...

Industry Trends Retrospective: The Most Popular Gear of 2019

Take a look at the most rented and purchased gear of 2019, and get a sneak peek at how the trends are looking like for 2020.

What to Buy for a Green Screen Kit (and Where to Buy It)

Here are some helpful tips on finding the right green screen kit — what kind of kit you should buy, what to look for in the kit, ...

Finding the Focal Plane: Tips for Mastering Manual Focus

Focus is a major cornerstone of successful cinematography. Learn how to find the focal plane manually in every situation that might arise on set.

The Future of Browser-Based Creative Review with ftrack and cineSync

Browser-based creative review is already a staple for collaboration in the industry, so what does ftrack's acquisition of Cospective mean for filmmakers?

Cinematography Tips from Watchmen DP Gregory Middleton

Gregory Middleton shares some behind-the-scenes stories about the cinematography behind Watchmen — as well as some insights for aspiring filmmakers.

Department of Justice To Remove Landmark Theater Restrictions

Removing the Paramount Consent Decrees could change the cinema experience as we know it. Here's what the future may hold with the Decrees out of commission.