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iPhone NDI Camera Capture Camera Switching Between Lenses?

Hello NewTek Team (and everybody else reading),

I just discovered your NDI app on iPhone and it's awesome to be able to use this in OBS Studio as a source with audio and everything. I also love the fact that you are actively developing it and making improvements.

I am using the latest iPhone 11 Pro Max with 3 back cameras and one front camera and would like to request the possibility to switch between the back cameras.

1) Switch between back cameras (most iPhones have 2, the latest 11 Pro have 3)
2) Make "speed meter" clearer to indicate which resolution is being broadcasted (I feel the simple speed metering is a bit unclear and if I would not have found out about what it means on a support article here, I would have not known.
3) a way to "center" the exposure dial (in most applications I know, simply double tapping something like the exposure dial would recenter it there, that'd make the use a bit easier).

Other than that, thank you again for providing this and I look forward to these (and other) updates.

To be clear, the most important question is about #1 here and the option to be able to switch between the back cameras of the iPhone which has 3 on the iPhone 11 and 12 Pro versions.

Thanks again,