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Hardware Accelerated Encoding Coming to Premiere and After Effects

GPU hardware acceleration within Adobe Premiere Pro, Media Encoder, and After Effects could be right around the corner for PCs.

Record and Catalog Sound Effects While Stranded at Home

While we all have some down time, this is the perfect opportunity to start creating your own library or catalog of sound effects — right in your ...

Kickstart Your Pre-Production with These Simple Apps

Here are a few awesome applications that can help you do some great pre-production planning before you dive into your next project.

Video Tutorial: How to Create Cinematic One-Light Setups

Don't let the limitations and constraints of the filmmaking process deter you. You can still get a great-looking, cinematic image with a single light.

Step up Your Audio: 3 Tips to Improve Your Projects

In this tutorial, we take a look at three important considerations to keep in mind to improve the audio for your next video project.