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Scan Converter crashes with EOS webcam utility

Par : 4xStreamer
When I select the EOS webcam utility in scan converter it crashes. My camera works fine when I run it directly in OBS without using NDI.

Is this a known issue?

Scan Converter Duplicating Streams (OBS or NDI problem?)

Par : 4xStreamer
I am using scan converter to send video to a capture computer. In the OBS scene collection there are multiple references to the same source. It seems each reference is using individual streams from scan converter, each about 150Mb. The number of references I have is causing my network link to DDoS, because scan converter is going over the capacity of the GbE link. It occasionally shows it using 900Mb+. Is this an OBS or NDI problem? If the same source is being requested, shouldn't NDI send it a reference?

Scan Converter using a lot of CPU resources

Par : 4xStreamer
I am getting about 22-30% CPU usage from Scan Converter on my PC. What can I do to drop the resource requirement? It also has the same level even if I use region capture. I thought this was supposed to only use ~6%.

PC stats:

i7-7700K @ 4.2ghz
GTX 1070
3 - 1080p monitors
1 - 1080p webcam

I'm capturing at 60fps. Also, is there some way to make it only capture from one monitor? ROI doesn't capture the whole screen.

Note: On one of my older computers, which has an i5-2400, it uses 30-40% CPU.