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New Larger Cases From NANUK

Par Andres Benetar

  NANUK, with more than 35 years designing and developing world-class waterproof protective cases for valuable gear, announced the addition of two (2), new and large-size cases to their product line-up here at the 2020 NAB Show. The addition of the NANUK 968, and NANUK 970 brings their case count to 30 in total with ...

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⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣#repost @asker⁣ ⁣__________________⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣Il drago...

⁣#repost @asker⁣
⁣Il drago Tarantasio riemerge dall'ex lago Gerundo, grazie ad uno spettacolare ologramma sull'acqua che ha tenuto migliaia di persone col fiato sospeso!⁣
⁣The spectacular water hologram of Tarantasio dragon’s legend!⁣
⁣#ologramma #hologram #drago #dragon #show #waterscreen #waterscreenprojection (at Canonica d'Adda)

Displuvium – Simulating natural and rigged meteorological phenomena

Par Filip Visnjic
Displuvium – Simulating natural and rigged meteorological phenomena
Created by Fragmentin, ‘Displuvium‘ is an artistic research that examines the human desire to control our natural environment, particularly meteorological phenomena. The installation, developed with Designer Renaud Defrancesco, takes the form of a pool filled with water and placed directly on the ground. On the water surface, the visitor can observe rainfall: