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Industry Roundup: Top Destination Jobs for Videographers

Par Lyndsay Knecht

Interested in seeing the world with your camera? Here are several videography markets for those who prefer to keep moving. 

The 6 Best Filmmaking Cameras Under $1,000

Par Jack Roberts

Shopping for a great low-budget video camera for under $1000? Check out the following six noteworthy options — and their predecessors.

Stop Telling People to Shoot Their Films on an iPhone

Par Todd Blankenship

Filmmakers often hear that gear doesn't matter — that they should just get out and shoot, even if that means using an iPhone. I disagree.

SPACE KIT: Download 40+ Free Space Textures and Elements

Par Todd Blankenship

Want to create convincing space scenes with practically created elements and effects? Download these 40+ free space textures and elements and get to work.

Six Videography Tips for Shooting in Bright Sunlight

Par Jourdan Aldredge

In this roundup, check out some tips for keeping your cool and shooting quality footage in bright sunlight for your next video project.