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Beatport Will Remove Tracks That Have Never Sold

Par Dan White
Beatport is removing unsold tracks

Everyone in the electronic music industry knows there’s dramatically more music being released than there is music that people want to listen to or DJ with. But what happens when one of the biggest online stores for digital music starts pruning their collection? Starting late this year, Beatport is starting a “yearly storage clean-up procedure” […]

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Round Table: Three Film Composers Converge on Sundance

Par Paula Goldberg

This meeting of the minds is all about composing for film, going to Sundance, and sharing insights about the craft.

Discover Cinema-Quality Royalty-Free Music with Masterworks

Par PremiumBeat

As a busy storyteller, you don’t always have time to listen to thousands of music tracks to find the perfect royalty-free music for your video project. Over ...