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Rekordbox 6: Now With Cloud Library Syncing

Par : Dan White

As we predicted earlier this year, a new Rekordbox version has been released. Rekordbox 6 has a new functionality, Cloud Library Sync, which allows the ability to upload tracks and playlists to Dropbox and sync them across multiple devices. Cloud Library Sync: Tracks, playlists, and track metadata are able to be synced across four different […]

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Syncing Traktor with Resolume 6

During a Facebook livestream on Zero To VJ someone asked a question about setting up Traktor with Resolume. …I was trying to get some video to auto-sync with Traktor through Ableton. I’d MIDI clock out of Traktor into ableton, and have a clip with 1/4 notes that would then BPM into arena. But, now, it […]

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